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If you are already over slow-cooked and now want some crunch to your evening meals, look to snow peas. While they are perfect for salads, the snow varieties are also ideal in noodle dishes or stir-fries, providing colour, fresh taste and great texture when added late.

Loaded with whole and ground flax seeds, naturally providing an excellent source of Omega-3. Gallo Family Vineyards Pinot Grigio is medium bodied and has a vibrant quality. It showcases apple and citrus flavours with hints of orange blossom and peach on the finish. Our Premium Premix recipes allows any business owner to create franchise quality Snow Flake & Ice Flake (Shaved Ice)  without paying the high costs. My other half hates the ends and stringy bits, which can be found on either side of the shell, so top and tail and remove any membrane that comes with it.

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