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Pro-Stat Sugar Free Liquid Protein can be taken straight, mixed with liquids or stirred into soft foods.
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Intake to be determined by a health care professional and is dependent on age, body weight, and medical condition. Lactose intolerance usually occurs after a stomach infection (gastroenteritis), which causes damage to the cells that produce the enzyme lactase in the small intestine. Using a low lactose formula for 6-8 weeks helps the gut to recover and produce more lactase, and then your baby can tolerate normal formula again.
If there is a family history of symptoms associated with milk; either breast milk, infant formula or cow’s milk, it is far more likely to be due to a delayed cow’s milk allergy (non-IgE mediated). Immediate type reactions (IgE mediated) such as hives and facial swelling are much easier to identify and tend not to be confused with lactose intolerance.
If your baby has a cow’s milk allergy, it means their immune system is over-reacting to the proteins present in cow’s milk. Tests such as reducing substances and low pH in stools, or a hydrogen breath test will tell you whether your baby or child may be suffering from lactose intolerance, but it does not tell you whether the lactose intolerance is due to cow’s milk allergy.

Unfortunately there are no tests available to determine whether your baby or child has delayed cow’s milk allergy (reaction usually happens 2 hours or more after ingestion). The confusing thing is that using a lactose free formula can improve the symptoms of loose stools, nappy rash, abdominal distension and pain. If you take out lactose, you are treating some of the symptoms, but you are not treating the underlying cause. Unfortunately, there seems to be an increasing trend for lactose free formula to be prescribed as an alternative to soya formula, despite no recent history of gastroenteritis. Soya formula is both cow’s milk protein and lactose free but is not recommended for babies under 6 months of age due to the presence of phytoestrogens, which may pose a risk to their long-term reproductive health. If you are concerned that your baby or child may have cow’s milk allergy, please seek advice from a health professional experienced in food allergy. Clinically shown to promote wound healing, Pro-Stat Sugar-Free Liquid Protein is also recommended for people dealing with renal disease, diabetes or other conditions that cause protein nutrition deficiencies.
However you take it, you’ll receive all the essential, conditional and non-essential amino acids your body needs for peak performance with absolutely no sugar. Unfortunately, this may not be the case as lactose intolerance in babies is usually only secondary to another condition.
This enzyme digests lactose, the sugar found in breast milk, infant formula and cow’s milk.
If you are breast feeding, you can give your baby some lactase enzyme before, during and at the end of the feed. In lactose intolerance, it is the sugar in the gut that is not digested properly, and the immune system is not involved.

This is because you can get lactose intolerance due to gut inflammation (intestinal mucosal injury) caused by untreated cow’s milk allergy. Therefore your baby cannot tolerate a normal formula after the expected 6-8 week period, as the cow’s milk protein continues to cause gut inflammation and on-going lactose intolerance. This is likely to be due to a combination of cost, palatability and lack of understanding of the symptoms and management of cow’s milk allergy. There is also a high risk of cross-reactivity between cow’s milk and soya in babies with gut allergy symptoms so that a number of these babies end up having to avoid both soya and cow’s milk products.
Individuals who have experienced bariatric surgery will also appreciate the ability to get 15 grams of easily digested protein in a concentrated one-ounce serving. If there isn’t enough of the lactase enzyme, undigested lactose moves through the gut into the large intestine. Cutting out dairy products from a breast feeding mum’s diet will not change the type or quantity of sugar in breast milk – the sugar in breast milk will only ever be lactose. Lactose and lactic acid attract water, so symptoms of loose, watery diarrhoea are usually present.

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