I mentioned in my previous post on my third pregnancy at month 6 post that I had a bit high glucose reading (8.5mol when normal range should be 6-7mol) and after texting my gynae, he adviced me to do a self-blood sugar test and to report back the results to him before he determines the next step of actions for me. Step 2: Ensure test strip is adjusted into the glucometer properly so that you can straight away push it in when you are ready to smear your blood onto the test strip.
Step 6: Push in the test strip, wait for the sign on the glucometer to indicate it is ready to read your blood test.

Let the alcohol on your finger dry first as it may affect the glucose values shown by the meter. At this moment, I did not slide in the test strip completely as I take some time to gather courage to prick my finger do the blood test. Adjust the lancing device on top of the finger to prick and press the trigger for the needle to prick your finger.

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