Grant Support: In part by a clinical research grant from the American Diabetes Association (Dr. International Forum on Qulaity and Safety in Health Care Prevention of Surgical Site Infection Liau Kui Hin, FRCS.
Mission Statement To reduce surgical site infections for gastrointestinal and hernia operations in Department of Surgery by 50% over the period of 6 months. 12 Lessons Learned Standardization of workflow enhances the delivery of quality care and patient safety Each individuals contribution has significant impact on patient safety. The European protocol for surveillance of surgical site infections Workshop European surveillance of healthcare-associated infections: theory and practice. Preventing Surgical Site Infections (SSIs): What the Direct Caregiver Should Know Prepared by Ann Bailey, RNC, BSN, CIC Joanne Dixon, RN, MN, CIC December.
PREVENTION OF SURGICAL SITE INFECTION Refueling Your Quality Engine Winnipeg March 3 & 4, 2011.
Shared Learning for Infection Prevention THA Collaborative on Reducing HAIs August 2008 Tori Howk, Director of Risk and Regulatory.
The Basics of Healthcare Associated Infections Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections Ventilator-Associated Pneumonias Urinary Tract Infections. Emergency Department Improvement Intervention Onboarding Webinar June 12, 2013 1 On the CUSP: Stop CAUTI. 1 Quality Health Indicators Brought to you by… Left click mouse or use down arrow to proceed through this presentation.
Q uality I mprovement for MDs The Good Hospital Practice Training Series 2009 The Medical City.
UTI prevention: Implementing Best Practice Theresa Murray RN, MSN, CCRN, CCNS Critical Care Clinical Nurse Specialist President, Critical Concepts, INC. Successfully Navigating the First Year of Surgical Residency: Essentials for Medical Students and PGY-1 Residents.

1 Nancy Carrier, RN, BSN Quality Support Tift Regional Medical Center Tifton, GA PI CME in a Community Hospital.
Patient Safety Research Introductory Course Session 5 Albert W Wu, MD, MPH Former Senior Adviser, WHO Professor of Health Policy & Management, Johns Hopkins.
Preparing for your Surgical Experience at Memorial Hospital West Presented by: Memorial Hospital West Surgical Services. Aseptic Technique, Sterile Compounding: Intravenous and Admixture Lecture #1 IV PREPARATION COURSE. Presentation on theme: "Hormone Replacement Therapy for Transgenders Dos and Don'ts Steven M. Changes which occur in puberty Pre-wired biological clock, probably in the hypothalamus, coincides with practical reproductive considerations Hypothalamus releases Leutinising Hormone-Releasing Hormone (LHRH). Real-Life Test Pros and Cons Pros – HRT can cause permanent changes including sterility and gynecomastia.
Endocrinology provides comprehensive testing, diagnosis, treatment and patient education programs, exhibitions and online education for all endocrinal dysfunctions leading to thyroid, obesity, diabetes and infertility.
The department offers a broad range of services for diabetes, thyroid disorders, and growth abnormalities in children, infertility in males and females, osteoporosis, pituitary disorders, obesity management, hormone replacement therapy and various other hormonal disorders. The support facility has a CGMS (Continuous Glucose Monitoring System), Insulin Pump, Resting ECG, affordable, beneficial and high quality laboratory facilities for all diabetes related investigations.
Screening for diabetes in asymptomatic persons, especially high risks groups and first-degree relatives of diabetics.
Extensive and elaborate monitoring for pre-operative and postoperative in diabetes patients.
Continuous medical education (CME) programs for family physician and updates for consultants. Who we areSterling Multi Speciality Hospital stands to be a monumental step in the direction of offering top notch medical services at affordable cost.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy for Depression in Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus: A Randomized, Controlled Trial. Lustman, PhD, Department of Psychiatry, Washington University School of Medicine, 4940 Children's Place, St.
A greater percentage of patients receiving cognitive behavior therapy (CBT) had remission or improvement at post-treatment and follow-up evaluations.
Forty-two patients (20 in the CBT group and 22 controls) were evaluated immediately after treatment; 42 patients (20 in the CBT group and 21 controls) were evaluated at 6 months. 2.Organisms isolated from an aseptically obtained culture or fluid or tissue from the superficial incision.
3.An abscess or other evidence of infection involving the deep incision is found on direct examination, during reoperation, or by histopathologic or radiologic examination. Quality initiatives are often welcomed when the outcome has significant impact on our patient safety. Foot Imprinter, Bio thesiometry, Vascular Doppler and Color Doppler examination to prevent and treat diabetic foot, Nerve Conduction velocity studies for diabetic neuropathy and for autonomic neuropathy, equipments to assess insulin resistance and serum insulin assays useful for asymptomatic blood relatives of diabetes, Holter monitor to determine diabetic autonomic neuropathy, 2D echo with color Doppler to assess heart pumping (ejection fraction) in a diabetic, ophthalmic examination of every diabetic patient and a well equipped diabetic foot clinic. Griffith: Department of Psychiatry, Washington University School of Medicine, 4940 Children's Place, St. Forty-two patients (20 in the CBT group and 22 controls) had post-treatment evaluation; 41 patients (20 in the CBT group and 21 controls) had 6-month evaluation.

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