Having low blood sugar could cause you to pass out, have a seizure, it could even be life threatening. It’s important for a person with diabetes to be prepared for low blood sugar and be able to read the signs when it starts.
Once you consume any of the fast acting sugars mentioned above, wait 15 minutes and test again.
However, if you still feel bad and your blood sugar is still low, repeat again with another 15 grams of fast-acting sugars. According to David Wolfe (world’s foremost authority on raw-food nutrition), organic berries can alleviate symptoms of depression .
All materials and information on this website are intended to be used for educational purposes only. To help the diseased pancreas to heal naturally, the patient is required to fast for a few days. The low antioxidant status of pancreatitis patients worsens the symptoms and slows down recovery. Noted for its powerful antioxidant property, resveratrol, a compound that occurs naturally in red grapes, berries and peanuts, is often recommended for treating pancreatitis. Supplementation with 50 to 200 mg of resveratrol helps to improve the antioxidant status of the pancreas, thereby speeding up the healing process. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish oil are natural anti-inflammatory agents that can be taken to alleviate inflammation of the pancreas. You can drink green tea or take green tea extract supplement to alleviate the symptoms of pancreatitis.
The anti-inflammatory effect of anise tea helps in reducing inflammation of the airways that causes asthma. When you start to feel low blood sugar, remedy the situation right away before it gets worse.
If you feel better and your blood sugar is up, follow with a more substantial and healthy snack – ? sandwich, granola bar, trail mix, Greek yogurt, fruit. One needs to eat one or more trays of berries (2-3 cups) in the morning for breakfast daily for 5-6 weeks. The statements and products on this website have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
As the pancreas produces a number of important hormones and enzymes associated with digestion and sugar uptake, pancreatitis causes severe health complications. Most cases of pancreatitis require hospitalization.
Pancreatitis pain can be reduced with antioxidant nutrients, such as carotenoids, selenium and vitamins A, C and E. Pancreatitis patients may need additional CoQ10 to counter oxidative stress affecting the pancreas.

It works by protecting the body cells from the scavenging activities of free radicals produced during metabolism. Rich in vitamin C and other antioxidants, it can provide fast relief from the symptoms of pancreatitis. Adding a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables to the daily diet helps to improve the antioxidant status of the patients.
The antispasmodic activity of the active constituents of anise seed assists in relaxation of the smooth muscles of the intestine, which helps in eliminating gas from the intestine.
Experimental studies have shown that the analgesic effect of anise is comparable to that of aspirin. While the pleasant aroma of anise helps in covering the bad odor, the antimicrobial compounds help in suppressing growth of the odor causing bacteria in the mouth. If you have difficulty in falling asleep fast or sleeping through the night, drink a cup of anise tea before going to bed. It works by improving colonic motility that helps in eliminating the fecal matter with ease. This choice does not work as well as sugar because of the fat and protein in the candy bar. To cover all your bases, consider storing glucose tablets in the console, or glove box, of your car. The information on this site is not intended to treat, cure or prevent any condition or disease.
Pancreatitis triggers intense pain, which is treated with pain relief medications. Mild pancreatitis may respond to natural therapies and dietary intervention.
Oxidative stress resulting from elevated activities of free radicals produced as byproducts of respiration and metabolism harms the pancreas. Alpha lipoic acid supplement can benefit pancreatitis patients by reducing the harmful effect of oxidative stress on the pancreas. According to an experimental study reported in the journal Phytotherapy Research, anise seeds help in suppressing growth of the H-bacteria. By treating the underlying causes of appetite loss, it helps in restoring healthy appetite. However, unlike the non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug, it is not linked to gastric distress.
For better result, clinical trials suggest adding celery seeds and saffron to the anise seed tea recipe. Drinking anise tea also helps in blocking the activities of the immune cells that trigger the inflammatory skin condition.

The herbal tea helps in lowering stress, which helps in improving the quality of your sleep. It helps in loosening and eliminating mucus from the airways, thereby providing relief from congestion in the lungs. Furthermore, the mild diuretic effect of anise tea helps in detoxifying the kidneys and prevents accumulation of toxins in the body. Plus, the choices below are 80 calories and a Snickers bar is 271 calories (and 14 grams of fat!). Snacks should be in your desk drawer at work, in your car, on your night stand, and in your purse.
Berries are an incredibly balanced food and their low sugar content does not jar the nerves. Alternative treatment for pancreatitis primarily focuses on reducing oxidative stress on the pancreas with antioxidant supplements. Multivitamin supplements usually contain the antioxidant vitamins and minerals in appropriate doses. As pancreatitis increases the risk of dehydration, sufficient water should be consumed daily. Furthermore, rinsing with anise tea soothes the irritated skin and reduces the itching caused by the mite infestation.
It is an excellent drink for diabetics and overweight people who are trying hard to control their cravings. Spells of depression are often associated with moments of low blood sugar and poor food choices. It is advisable to take the supplement before bedtime to enable the body to use it effectively. Diabetes patients suffering from pancreatitis usually require higher doses of alpha-lipoic acid. Although CoQ10 is considered safe, diabetics should consult their physician before taking the supplement.

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