An important reason for conducting a blood glucose curve, ie, evaluating blood glucose levels every 2 hours following the morning Vetsulin® (porcine insulin zinc suspension) treatment is the possibility of Somogyi effect or rebound hyperglycemia. In response to a declining blood glucose concentration in the central nervous system, adrenaline and subsequently cortisol, glucagons, and growth hormone are released. These hormones increase blood glucose concentration (through gluconeogenesis, release of glucose from hepatic glycogen, and increased peripheral resistance to insulin). If the morning polyuria is thought to result from an insufficient insulin dose and a higher dose is given, the problem will be aggravated.
The Somogyi effect can occur in both cats and dogs, but cats are particularly prone to develop this rebound hyperglycemia. A blood glucose curve can help detect a Somogyi effect and confirm that a cat’s insulin dose needs to be reduced. Persistently high blood glucose values with no discernible nadir (rebound hyperglycemia can persist for a few days following the hypoglycemic event).

See the following graph for an example of a blood glucose curve in a case of rebound hyperglycemia.
Hyperglycemia due to a Somogyi effect can persist for as long as 3 days after a single hypoglycemic episode.
Important Safety InformationVetsulin should not be used in dogs or cats known to have a systemic allergy to pork or pork products. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. Provides additional carbohydrate energy for those on reduced calorie diets without the Insulin spikes that potentially turn off the body’s ability to burn fat! The appropriate corrective action is to decrease the patient’s insulin dose to prevent insulin-induced hypoglycemia. As a result, blood glucose concentrations do not always stabilize within a few days after lowering the insulin dose.

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Eventually the counter-regulatory mechanisms may become exhausted, resulting in severe hypoglycemia. As with all insulin products, careful patient monitoring for hypoglycemia and hyperglycemia is essential to attain and maintain adequate glycemic control and prevent associated complications. The safety and effectiveness of Vetsulin in puppies and kittens, breeding, pregnant, and lactating dogs and cats has not been evaluated.

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