The following readings on my Glucometer are the results of actual tests conducted recently by me on blood samples drawn from my own finger tips.
I do believe that people showing random blood sugar counts of 300 + can not walk on their own to a hospital but need to be carried in. And to answer a question even before it is asked – NO, I am not taking any medications even now to control this situation.
I know some may consider me a bit insane to have actually allowed things to go this far but believe me when I say that I am not putting my body through any kind of strain and discomfort normally associated with Diabetes. Let me start by sharing a story regarding this middle aged lady who learnt Reiki from me back in 1998 or thereabouts. She sounded hysterical when she called me a couple of years later and reported that her Blood Sugar had gone through the roof. I did know a bit about her family and after calming her down asked her to recount the facts of her life before and after learning Reiki and Crystal therapies. She recollected that earlier she had to literally force herself out of bed every morning at about 8.00 AM and then too with a heavy head and absolutely with neither the desire, nor the energy to do anything. She had two daughters; the elder one already married a couple of years before they all learnt Reiki. After learning the therapies, the same lady was now able to get out of bed by about 6 AM, freshen up and finish her self healing morning routine before taking up the house hold work. The fact of the matter was that while her blood sugar count had apparently increased, the quality of her life had undoubtedly improved.
Yet, this increased blood sugar was a bit disturbing to her and she had come looking for some solutions.
She reluctantly agreed to stop practicing Reiki and Crystals and went for re-tests five days later. The fact of the matter is that I have noticed that both the Blood Sugar and the Blood Pressure levels are known to go up after regular sessions of energy working especially with Reiki.
That the blood pressure level does go up immediately after exercising the body is a known fact but this is actually considered as being good for the human body. But as far as Blood Sugar levels are concerned, physical exercise is recommended for controlling the blood sugar. In the meantime, I am going to take regular measurements with my Glucometer as well as with the Blood Pressure monitor and start posting the findings online regularly. An important aspect, according to me in this study, is also the state of the mind as stress and blood sugar levels are known to be directly linked. The thought just occurred to me, as I am writing this, that I should join a gym for some physical workouts and then record the variations, if any. I will also be posting details regarding how this situation has evolved over the last four to five years or so. Weight, If your body weight is more than your ideal weight by 20%, most probably, this will increase your blood glucose levels.
The best thing you can do is to gamble the right information which will help you to better understand how these factors can affect your blood sugar level.Family History.
If you have high blood glucose levels, then your chances of getting heart and blood vessels disease go higher and higher.
This is the place where you can ask a question about anything related to Diabetes Test and Levels It's free and it's easy to do. Why do I wake up with blood sugar level as high as 300?  QUESTION : Hi I have type 2 diabetes and wake up with a very high number as high as 300 why?
My Mother is not a diabetic, age is almost 45 years old, But due to today pain in her legs, just now I have diabetes readings. I test my blood sugar every day and I see some deviation among the readings: some times i get 97, some times 103, some times 107. What is the benefit of a fasting blood test for a known diabetic in routine annual checks against a non fasting blood test? Blood Glucose Level To Go To Hospital? Not rated yet QUESTION : At what blood glucose level should you go to hospital? Can take a Medrol dosepak increase blood glucose to a dangerous level? Not rated yet QUESTION : Can take a Medrol dosepak increase blood glucose to a dangerous level? What raises blood glucose level and causes insulin response? Not rated yet QUESTION : What raises blood glucose level and causes insulin response? I have a relative that has a high blood sugar that isn't going down even after taking insulin. My blood sugar reads normal at nights but the longer i fast, the higher it reads in the mornings.
Can one have normal sugar level in blood but high sugar in urine? Not rated yet QUESTION : I have done my lab tests and it was high sugar in urine, but blood sugar level was normal? So to get started, one of the simplist methods to monitor just how active you are in an average day, is to get yourself a step counter – known as a pedometer. This is just a simple little low cost device that can clip easily onto your belt, or around your waistline. Easy ways to increase this, is to make sure you start clocking the steps right from the moment you get out of bed in the mornings, all the steps count. For those of you who want a little more of a challenge, it’s really not that difficult to increase that recommended 10’000 steps, to 15’000 a day. If you are someone who takes public transport to work, get off the train or bus a little early and walk the rest of the way.
Go for a walk through the park at lunch time instead of sitting and flicking through that magazine.  Believe me, you’ll feel better for it!
You know that feeling you get when starting out on a new fitness program, you feel alive – you’ve got a fresh injection of endorphins running through your veins!
In case your blood sugar level does not fall within the normal range, appropriate action should be taken to diagnose the condition. This blood sugar test measures the blood glucose level after staying for at least 8 hours without eating or drinking anything except water. Although the glycated hemoglobin test is not for diagnosis of diabetic conditions, this test shows how well the patient has been managing diabetes for the past 3 months. Managing the blood glucose level  (and maintaining normal blood sugar levels) is a vital aspect of controlling various diabetic conditions.
You know a lot of diseases can be managed and even reversed, by regular exercise, a good healthy eating plan, (monitored carefully by your health care professional), keeping well hydrated and getting plenty of rest. Read on here for more about Diabetes and Diet.
Type II diabetic medications are in abundance and can be found in many different types and kinds as well as styles. Some of the most common type II diabetic medications are Glucophage which can be used before a person has full blown diabetes in order to get their weight down and blood sugar levels as a precautionary measure or during their diagnosis of diabetes in order to help keep their blood sugar levels down. Novolog and Humalog are two widely known and used diabetic medications because they come in insulin form which means that they are normally injected through a syringe or needle as needed. With so many medications out there for diabetics often times it may be hard to understand what all the different medications are and how to use them properly but with the guidance of your family provider or physician they can walk you through the whole process and help you so that you can get the right treatment that you need in order to properly maintain and treat your type II diabetes. When the diabetics body has to little of the insulin it needs to consume foods that are low in sugar.
When it comes to having diabetes, a diabetic patient must know their blood sugar values in order to live a long and healthy life. Diabetes condition is a very serious disease that is currently taking over our nation and the entire world by storm. Diabetes is a serious condition where the person’s body is failing to get the required amounts of hormone called insulin.
Without the proper amounts of this necessary sugar bonding component the blood glucose levels in the blood begin to rise to high levels.

Is there a certain normal blood sugar value? A normal blood sugar value is anywhere in the range of 80mg and 140 mg.
Today’s sugar stuffed and filled food and sweet dessert foods and the ability for diabetics to live longer lives and serves only the fuel to the already massive firestorm.
Once they reach a certain high blood sugar level then diabetic body organs begins to suffer cell damage to most systems. Today’s sugary stuffed filled food and sweet dessert foods and the ability for diabetics to live longer lives and reproduce is only gasoline to the already massive firestorm.
Once they reach a certain high level the body organs begins to suffer cell damage to most systems. There are many different types of best blood glucose monitors on the market and it is up to you to determine which one is best for you and your needs.
With all the many different types of blood glucose monitoring devices on the market often times a diabetic can feel overwhelmed and unaware of all the different types of diabetic monitoring devices to know which ones are the best ones to get or purchase for their needs. For example, not only are their best blood glucose monitors but there are also diabetes watches which are usually worn on the wrist like a wristwatch. The monitor checks blood glucose levels by administering a painless electric shock which draws interstitial fluid from the pores and this is read by the monitor to obtain a blood glucose level. Diabetic watches, blood glucose monitors and many other diabetic supplies which can be found on the market today are a vital part to being able to safely and accurately monitor your blood glucose numbers and readings. Diabetes is a very serious permanent condition for all people ages and is taking the world by storm.
To any diabetic, the magic question still is, “How to lower my blood sugar?” So that they can safely live a long, healthy and productive life a diabetic needs to have a average blood sugar level.
However, I was in complete control of all my faculties even while my body was showing an abnormally high count of 473 just the other day.
As a word of caution, however, please do not blindly try to follow what I have been doing as there are lots and lots of things that need to be learnt, lots of muck that needs clearing especially from the mind before doing something as drastic as going off medications totally.
I know that you know that I am not putting my life out on a limb.] Hopefully something wonderful will emerge from this research too.
This had happened in spite of all the hours spent doing Reiki and Crystal therapy on herself. After pushing her body through the routine of housework, cooking, breakfast and lunch, she had no option left but to take an extended nap in the afternoons before forcing herself out of bed for the evening routine.
The younger one got married later and had also been blessed with a baby at around the time that this story was unfolding. After finishing the duties at her own house, it was off to her younger daughter’s home to take care of the needs of both the mother and the new born. She was much more energetic, to say the least, and was for once happy doing something for her own self too.
In order to allay her fears, and in order to really get to the bottom of this, I told her to stop the Reiki and Crystal therapies for a short period of 5 days only and then go for re-tests from the same lab. She reported back findings in the range of 130 or so from the same lab and this was something that she could live with. I will be doing a bit of video recordings of the tests whenever convenient, for the records. So I will also try to give feedback regarding my mood swings, the tensions and stresses in life etc. There are some factors you cana€™t control, but other factors you can control, and if you realize these factors, you might take some important precautions. As for everything else in our body, the genes determine how much sugar our body has to produce. And on the other hand, you'll keep yourself far away from diabetes complications.Anyway, you must have a strong personality to fight against diabetes.
I find that if you’re actually wearing a pedometer, you tend to make sure you increase your activity.
You might have a nice steep driveway like mine, which also gets the heart pumping even more! Well it’s important to make sure you don’t overdo it to start and get a thorough check up with your doctor first. This variation can be attributed to various factors including the time, type and volume of food consumed during previous meals. Here are some tests to help diagnose diabetes and help diabetics ascertain how to manage the disease in the best way possible. The present blood sugar level is measured first after which a glucose solution (175 gm glucose) is given to the patient.
Moreover, you can test your blood sugar from anywhere by simply using the correct equipment and paying attention to directions.
There are these types of medications that can be found in prescription form or there is medication that can be found naturally and at modern day health food stores.
Many times with a diabetic they will need to monitor their blood sugar levels and amounts several times throughout the day such as first thing in the morning before they eat, around lunchtime and then again at supper or bedtime, during this time if their blood glucose levels are too high or too low they may need to inject themselves with amounts of novolog or humalog in order to control that number or reading. Type II diabetic medications come in all shapes, sizes, forms and kinds and getting knowledge about them is one of the most important things that you can do for yourself and your health! Once they reach a certain high level they begin to cause severe damage to some of the body’s main components. Today’s sugar filled junk foods and the ability for diabetics to live longer lives and reproduce is only fuel to the already massive diabetic epidemic.
Once they reach a certain high sugar level the diabetics’ body begins to suffer major cell damage. If anything falls above 140 mg then a diabetic is considered to have high blood glucose or hypertension and if their readings fall below 80 mg then a person is considered to have hypotension.
Diabetes is a non-communicable permanently damaging disease where the diabetic body is not getting the amounts of vital chemical called insulin. The major cell damage most often happens with high levels is severe nerve cell damage, heart cell damage, kidney cell damage, and severe eye cell damage.
Diabetes is a non-communicable permanently damaging disease where the person’s body is not getting the required amounts of vital chemical called insulin.
The major cell damage most commonly associated with high levels is severe nerve cell damage, heart cell damage, kidney cell damage, and severe eye cell damage. Blood glucose monitors are the key to being able to safely maintain and monitor your diabetes and blood glucose levels safely and effectively. This testing can be done with no pain or other side effects as often as every 20 minutes and the readings are recorded by the monitor, which can also be set to alarm if readings are too high or too low. Why not safely monitor you diabetes with all of the proper best blood glucose monitors that is now offered on the market so that you can safely and accurately test and keep a watch on your diabetes?
For most diabetics they want to lower my blood sugar the proper way without all of the high cost of medications. An average blood sugar level ranges from 80 mg to 140 mg and anything below or above can lead to serious medical problems.
I made a choice of not embarking on the laid down routine of medical intervention, the reasons for which I will be sharing in later posts. Predictably, she used to have no energy left at the end of the day and it was bedtime by about 10 PM everyday. After doing the tidying up, bathing the baby and a bit of cooking for her daughter too, it was back to her own home for her afternoon meal and a bit of siesta.
My breathing rates have been drastically reduced over the years and I am generally breathing in a lot more oxygen than I used to. That's why it is useful to have knowledge on different types of tests and the related diabetes blood sugar levels in order to avoid misunderstanding.So, the blood sugar level you get when you perform a random blood sugar test differs from the one your obtain when you measure it two hours after having your meal and from the fasting glucose.

So, if you are overweight, losing excess weight will help you to beat diabetes, as it decreases insulin resistance and protects you from heart diseases.Diet. If you are diabetic, the genes work is altered and this alternation can be reflected on members of the same family. You can take them as tea or prepare salads.However, in this case, you should know what you're taking to prevent any other complications that probably would come from these supplements. Roland Goldberg and his colleagues in terms of Diabetes Prevention Program.This is especially true in case you have pre-diabetes (impaired blood glucose). Today I checked my hba1c result is 5.2% but am urinating 10 times in a day which quite difficult for me.
It will also help to burn off those extra carbs and fat in the blood, from that sneaky dessert you shouldn’t have had last night, or that extra glass of wine with dinner!
If you find this a little challenging in the beginning, just do what is manageable and increase just a little every day. When you eat foods that are high in carbohydrates, pancreatic secretions of glucagon and insulin regulate the glucose levels.
After this, the blood glucose level should be measured at 30 minutes intervals for six times. You should also keep a good record of your test results in order to identify potential problems. The common damage that is done includes heart damage, nerve damage, kidney damage, and eye damage. For some unknown reasons to medicine the pancreas organ will stop or slow in the mass production of this vital chemical. The serious cell damage mostly happens with the high blood sugar levels is nervous cell damage, heart cell damage, kidney cell damage, and eye cell damages.
Without the proper food diet and health concern the diabetic’s body will suffer damage and their life may be shortened and very miserable. Without the proper food and health concern the diabetic’s body will suffer damage and their life will be short and very miserable.
But this can all be avoided if the diabetic can drop their high blood sugar amounts and keep it at that lower blood sugar level.
With this kind of continuous sampling tracking and trending changes in blood glucose levels throughout the day is relatively easy with diabetic watches. A diabetic must know that their average blood sugar level is so that if it gets too high they can lower it the safe and proper way.
Diabetes is a serious condition where the person’s body is not getting the required amounts of hormone called insulin. I cleared up my mind to start with and then started observing what was happening to my body and mind. Early evening time was reserved for the crystal therapy before tackling the house work of the two homes again.
This in turn is helping my body produce more and more of energy which then is working to remove the remaining toxic deposits from my system.
So, if your parents are diabetics, most probably, youa€™ll have it, and your children can have it too.Age and belonging to a high-risk population. If you choose the right one, you will be safe to keep your diabetes blood sugar level at a normal range.That's why it is very important to get knowledge of them. So, if you are at risk of having diabetes, but you don't really have it, you can protect yourself and your heart and blood vessels by decreasing your blood glucose level. Let’s face it, being a diabetic is really tough at times, but it doesn’t have to be all bad. However, the main problem arises when the pancreas does not secrete sufficient amounts of insulin to convert the glucose into energy.
This chemical hormone is used by the body to transform the blood sugar glucose in the bloodstream into a fuel that the cells are able to use for cell fuel. But this can all be avoided if the diabetic patient can change their high blood sugar level and keep it at that lower sugar level.
Common Diabetes is a very serious non-communicable disease that is currently spreading over the United States and the entire world.
These foods are stuffed with complex sugar and will drive your blood sugar level to the sky.
In the meantime, I also experienced the various known symptoms of diabetes and then also learnt how to deal with each and every one as they have come up.
Bedtime now was usually later than 11 PM and it was back to the next day’s routine at 6 AM. The generally relaxed state of mind that I have gotten used to will also not allow me to go back to being the old self.
Meanwhile, HbA1C test is one of the tests, which shows the average of blood sugar in a 3 months period.It is good to draw your own blood glucose chart in order to pass it to your doctor and see how well have you been managing your diabetes.
If youa€™re older than 45 years old and part of high-risk population, most probably, you will have high blood sugar levels soon if you dona€™t take the appropriate cautions. Only few minutes of your precious time to get the latest news and it will be easier for you to decide. With regular exercise, as well as making you feel great, you’ll build muscle and overall it will improve how your insulin performs.
The condition of extremely high blood sugar is known as Hyperglycemia which can damage various organs resulting in kidney damage, nerve damage, loss of vision and heart disease.
For some unknown reasons to modern medicine the pancreas organ will stop or slow in the mass production of this vital chemical. The other extreme of low blood sugar is known as hypoglycemia and the patient might lose consciousness in case the blood sugar level is too low. So see about a 1200 calorie diabetic plan and what will fit your lifestyle and make controlling your diabetes better.
This chemical hormone is used by the body systems to transform the blood sugar molecules (glucose) in the bloodstream into a fuel that the cells are able to use for cell fuel. Of course, the background of over a decade and a half of energy working has also proved beneficial.
You can also prepare your log sheet where you keep your blood glucose levels always registered. Bad habits, such as carouse, and smoking, make your diabetes blood sugar go up, and also lead to high blood pressure, heart disease and earlier and severer diabetes complications.Sedentary life.
The main objective of a glucose tolerance test is to assess the reaction of your body the sudden influx of glucose. Without the proper amounts of this absolutely necessary sugar bonding component the blood glucose levels in the blood begin to rise to high levels.
Based on the knowledge gained during this period of time, I can safely conclude that high blood sugar is actually not as bad as it is being made out to be. Being sedentary, have no physical activity at all, is among the risk factors for heart disease. Once they reach a certain high blood sugar level the diabetics’ body begins to suffer major cell damage. Moreover, the physical activity helps you to lose excess weight, lower your diabetes blood sugar level, and relieve the bad energies, like stress. Untreated diabetes and high blood glucose levels can lead to heart attacks, strokes, organ damage and many more health problems and if left untreated for long periods of time can even lead to death.

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