With a visit to Trek World we were greeted with hordes of amazing new bikes, it’s a big year for Trek with the new Fuel EX, Remedy and Slash. The Fuel range is massive, starting at an impressive $2999 there are eight models available in carbon and aluminium, including two women’s versions. For 2017 the Fuel goes up to 130mm travel front and back, frame geometry is more aggressive and the frame is a whole lot stiffer. We were fortunate to attend the official launch of the 2017 Fuel EX, Remedy and Slash in Canada, for the story on the new bikes in greater detail head to our launch feature here: TREK’S ALL-NEW REMEDY AND FUEL EX. To make the new Fuel even more appealing, The Fuel EX 9.8 is a part of the Project One Now, for an extra $750 you have an extra three colour options to choose from.
The four-strong lineup of Remedy models available in Australia begins at $3699 for the aluminium version and tops out at the Remedy 9.8 for $6799. For the full rundown on the changes to the 2017 Remedy, click through to our in-depth launch piece here: 2017 Trek Remedy. In contrast to the trend towards 27.5? wheels in the Enduro category, Trek have opted to go for big hoops on this monster. There are two models of the Slash 29 coming to our shores, the 9.9 in glossy red with SRAM Eagle and burly FOX X2 rear shock and 36 fork, $8999.
The adjustable stays also meant this bike can be converted to a single speed and can accomodate a wide variety of wheel sizes too, it’s a freaky wonder of a bike and we like it. The Stache will come to Australia in three variants, starting at $2399 for the rigid version, $3299 for the green one below and $4499 for the slick carbon number. We took the mid range Stache 7 for a quick blast around Stromlo with US mountain bike legend and hall of fame guru Travis Brown and we relished the huge traction but could not believe how short the bike felt. Bontrager unveils all-new Line XXX wheels, new Drop Line dropper post, 35mm bars and stems, flat pedals, and tyres.
Even if you don’t have and can’t have a garden, this can still help you, so tune in until the end! In my family, we aspire to start our day with appreciation for the many blessings in our lives.
When it comes to gardening, no matter your financial circumstance or the size of your yard, or if you have only a pot by a window, it’s exciting to place a seed in the dirt and watch it grow. People who work with plants… who garden and grow things, tend to be more connected to appreciation for the small things in life.

It has been scientifically proven that there is a natural antidepressant in the soil that may contribute to happiness. Studies have found this bacterium to mirror the effect on neurons that drugs like Prozac provide, and helps you feel happier and more relaxed. Ryan Walsch from Trek gives the stiffer and longer Remedy 9.8 a good old shove trough a bermed turn. One our favourite bikes that we took all over the country this year is all-new again, the 2017 model is bigger and burlier. For 2017 suspension bumps up to 150mm of travel and slackens off the head angle, now adjustable between 66.5 and 66-degrees.
With more travel and such aggressive geometry, the Remedy can be ridden harder, so Trek needed to make the bike stiffer.
The Knock Block headset prevents frame damage in a crash from bars and forks spinning around. The wide Bontrager Line rims, grippy XR4 tyres and big 35mm stem clamp give the Remedy a far tougher appearance than the 2016 model, these were the areas we upgraded our long term test bike last year, Trek are onto it! With 29ers on either side of the Remedy in the Trek range with the 130mm Fuel and 160mm Slash, the 150mm travel Remedy is a bike that will enjoy a jump, drop, drift and a tight line on the trail. Nothing makes you look more tired and less attractive than those nasty dark circles under the eyes and no one likes that raccoon look.
We appreciate where Trek are headed for 2017, simplifying the wheel sizes down to one per model.
Travel bumps up to 150mm of travel and they all use RockShox rear shocks, and like the Fuel EX the frame is stiffer and geometry more aggressive. An aluminium frame keeps the price down, but the spec is excellent, RockShock Lyrik, SRAM X1 drivetrain and Bontrager 30mm wide rims. Gratitude breaks are free and yet go a long way toward elevating physical, emotional and mental health. Studies found there’s a microbe in the soil that actually stimulates serotonin, the feel-good hormones. So if you’re suffering from depression, instead of popping prozac, you may just need to dig in the dirt and plant something! Going to a therapist’s office, only to find a raised bed with garden soil and seedlings to plant in the waiting room.

Pursuits in recent years have been more planting seeds of ideas for business growth more than gardening. Reach has been pushed out quite a lot as well, by 11mm on a size 19? (large) frame, and short 50mm stems are employed across the range. The Remedy and the Fuel us the new Straight Shot down tube, the massive, boxy down tube shaves a few grams and gives the front serious stiffness. The brakes are especially nice and Trek are using the I-Spec single handlebar clamp for the brake and shifter to keep the cockpit as neat as it can be. It feels a whole lot more robust and the rear suspension feels more planted, and with the wide rims and insanely good XR4 tyres it feels great at speed. Sometimes dark circles appear because you are truly tired, but sometimes they are simply part of your normal appearance.
Usually around $1500 for a colour option in Project One, the Project One Now is a more affordable way for a little bit of unique individuality of a sweet bike. Well the Slash is designed as an Enduro race bike, and Trek feel that for the job of winning races, a 29er is the best format.
While it was a cool concept that offered huge stability, it was just too big and long to consider for the type of mountain biking we enjoy. Pop a wheelie and you’ll know what we mean, 420mm chain stays is short for any bike, and you can adjust that down to a remarkable 405mm, crazy stuff.
Imagine a scraggly, non-descript vine producing a beautiful watermelon or huge winter squash, or bright red, juicy tomatoes! However, I’ve always been interested in medicinal herbs and getting nutrition and healing from food over pharmacy. You might try to cover them up as a temporary solution, but the goal is always to get rid of them completely. As a family we’re eager to dig more deeply into gardening and edible landscape for the love of fresh organic foods and self sustainability. If you choose the second option,  here are the top 10 home remedies for removing dark circles under the eyes.

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