It took a while, but peeps have submitted to their fate of being eaten in an annual ritual during the Easter season.  In the name of goodness, each year, millions of peeps, travel bit by bit, into the bellies of children around the world.
Mostly consumed by kids, however, some adults will sneak into the closet for a taste of goodness only found in a peep. Most children perform the sacrifice the same; starting with one ear, they gnaw it off a the base of the scalp. As the years passed, peeps once again began to acquiesced.  This was done, in part, due to the sage guidance from The Learned Old Frog. Non peeps are not privy to know how peeps mate.  It is believed by many, they are just born. Noticing their coziness as Luther cajoles Nettie into the water with his playful way, Gladys goes to the water’s edge to make sure there are no casualties down the waterfall. It is well known, peeps that take matters into their own hands will escape down the falls and couple in Mellow Yellow.  Sadly, many a peep was conceived that way.

As The Learned Old Frog reflects on what just happen, he decides to do nothing.  After all, peeps will be peeps. To learn more about Moss and Stone Gardens – Where Moss Rocks!, please visit our website. This entry was posted in Moss Adventures and tagged David Spain, gardening, Ken Gergle, Moss and Stone Gardens, peeps, The Moss Farm on April 24, 2011 by Helen Yoest. This 1992 Mercedes Benz 190E 2.5-16 EVO II is number 473 of 502 final cars built for DTM homologation, the selling dealer quoting only 18,000 kilometers from new.
Having never tried the Peeps before, he was determined to make something like it -immediately- He’s now happily munching on a plate of marshmallows with yellow food coloring on them. The dark intracellular features are vacuoles which contain the remnants of organelles including: ER, Golgi, mitochondria. Further said to be 100% original, the car looks fantastic in photos with its factory-fitted, drag reducing and downforce generating bidykit and is sold with full documentation including a short but detailed maintenance history.

That huge rear wing is fully adjustable, while rear window diffuser, airdam and flares are all equally functional—the latter to help accommodate standard six spoke 17” wheels.
The front splitter seen on this example appears to be an aftermarket add-on, but looks just like the one used by DTM cars and is likely a very high quality piece—we’ll give it a pass. Find it here at in Alkmaar, Netherlands for 149,500 euros (~$175,707 today). Other mechanical upgrades included a four wheel self-leveling suspension with cabin-adjustable ride height.

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