For me, the big message was not the state of ketosis on their natural diet, but what happened to their glucose tolerance when there could be no dispute about their deeply ketogenic state. Yet, when I put that post up, everyone was all on about the suggestion that the Inuit are not actually in a state of ketosis on their normal diet, while completely ignoring the glucose tolerance. Well, thanks to Duck, again, we actually get to see what happened to Stefansson and Anderson themselves in similar circumstances, only reversed.
The Effect Of An Exclusive Meat Diet Lasting One Year On The Carbohydrate Tolerance Of Two Normal Men, by Edward Tolstoi (J. And just as I’ve been saying over and over, based on simple intuition, the paper affirms.
In every case a lowering of the tolerance to carbohydrate was noted irrespective of the duration of the preceding diet.
If then a low carbohydrate, low protein, and high fat diet lowers the tolerance to carbohydrate in normal human beings, is it reasonable to assume that a high carbohydrate diet will raise the tolerance? Such experiments and the ones presented above lead to the belief that in normal human beings, the quantity of insulin produced is dependent upon the amount of carbohydrate ingested irrespective of whether this foodstuff is administered as such or derived from the protein fraction of the diet.
What that diet wrought is probably delayed first insulin response, which is what you see when these guys go on VLC diets. So I lost prly 75+ lbs with low carb which I dialed into Paleo and eventually found myself here after stalling.
So I guess my main question is: is there already a protocol or process to get a clean slate and then reinnoculate with the right guys?
John, does it irritate you at all that you were told LCHF was the healthiest diet on the planet, using the I unit as an example, and come to find out, it’s been known since the 1920s that their health had nothing to do with being ketogentic? They also enjoy a privileged position of trust within society due to, at the very least, their credentials. It may be that high-fat diets outcomes may depend on your genetic legacy: some of the genes were inherited from Nea nderthals, and are present in Europeans.
On the other hand Tibetans have their unusual adaptations to high altitudes partially inherited from another archaic humans – Denisovans. Richard, I think there is no need to attack LCHF diets, it’s worked for many people and literally saved their lives.
As far as epilepsy goes, I believe it is the ketones themselves that are thought to be theraputic. An incredible story about the effects of CBD (a non-psychoactive compound in cannabis) on epileptic children. Is there a way (either a test or something experiential) to assess the impact of things on the good gut bugs? And if you aren’t eating many carbs, it tends to shift the pH of the chart to the alkaline percentiles, which is not good. Not only does high pH promote pathogens, it also promotes colon cancer (from the lack of SCFAs). Eddie has shown that it’s possible to eat minimal carbs and ferment a decent amount of SCFAs.
Most people don’t know this, but typically, 20% of the carbs one eats will escape digestion (whether they are resistant carbs or not).
I wouldn’t recommend getting your fiber from hamburger buns, but technically SAD dieters tend to do a better job at feeding their flora than VLCers for the simple fact that they have 20% of their overly carby diet escaping digestion. And the funny thing about fermentable carbs is that they tend to do a better job at getting metabolized into certain SCFAs like butyrate.

Myth that grew up around a hasty leap to conclusion on a severely controversial and complex issue. My own experience on extreme carb reduction, like so many others, was rapid and impressive initial success, losing weight effortlessly and feeling good. No offence to Jimmy, but if that’s what ketosis does for you then I want nothing to do with that shit.
His subjects, by necessity, lived on a practically exclusive meat diet for years, before their carbohydrate tolerance tests were made. Both show that a marked rise in the blood sugar occurred after the test meal following the previous high fat, low carbohydrate diet.
They were emphasized by Odin (3), Malmros (4), Stenstrom (5), Staub (6), Kageura (7), Greenwald, Gross, and Samet (8) and others. We’re dealing with a convenient and clever, self-serving confirmation bias on a MASSIVE scale in the VLC communities. They’re still clinging to the progressive beta cell die off theory when gastric bypasses have made it clear that glucose intolerance is multifactorial. Things like the potato hack work for many lucky enough to build back the good bugs which outcompete surviving bad ones. Similarly, some of the salutary effects of fasting may be due to killing all bugs, bad and good.
He clearly is onto a biohack that works, but it does do by directly providing butyrate form butter of whatever rather than feeding gut bugs in cecum the stuff to make it. I’m an ex-type II diabetic, ex-overweight old fart, who ran across paleo ideas and cured both problems in 2010.
Many hundreds have been in my comments over the years and no, I do t believe it’s suitable for anyone. That’s why MCT oil is often used, and why Paul Jaminet suggested Coconut Oil and ketogenic amino acids.
The special diet forces the body to make extra ketones, natural chemicals that suppress seizures. It can work and help Many have seen great success , like me— but you cant stay on it forever or youll end up like the many who fail on it.
I could be fucking up my bacteria, of course, but I’d like to be able to determine that either from a test or as a result of something I can experience.
Unless you’re eating buckets of fermentable fibers, you probably have a fairly alkaline gut, which can activate the growth genes for pathogens and fungal infections. So, eat a hamburger bun, in the context of a meal, and as much as 20% of that hamburger bun may escape digestion and feed your gut flora. I only point that out because what I’m trying to say is that a VLCer basically starts with a disadvantage in that they have to eat a lot of vegetables (as Eddie does) just to equal SAD levels of fiber. So, ideally, you ferment, carbs (as Resistant Starch) and vegetables (as NSP, FOS, etc.) to get a variety of fibers and a variety of SCFAs getting produced. I’ll wait for the iPhone app version to come out in a few years — preferably one with flushable single-use pills.
Say, isn’t that exactly what the LCHF community says was wrong with Ancel Keys’ work?
But after 18 months or so, weight started creeping back on, and I was having trouble concentrating at work. In spite of the fact that their diets were low in carbohydrate, the results of the tests indicated that they assimilated carbohydrate well.

It was believed that during a period of a low carbohydrate, high fat diet, the need for insulin was diminished, with a resulting decrease in its production. They believed that a diet consisting chiefly of protein does not lower the tolerance for glucose as much as a diet consisting principally of fat. This is why these low-carb ignorami still believe such procedures work only by limiting carb intake by reducing stomach capacity. Folks love the initial gains ( or rather losses) and lots feel better and have a lot of chronic shit go away. They rank 3rd to 4th behind investment bankers in income, with investment bankers having the highest professional income on average.
And the mounting evidence, such as this 800-lb gorilla of Inuit glucose tolerance, does not give me confidence that VLC is the right answer as a baseline recommendation for all. Then, upon administration of a large quantity of carbohydrate to a subject subsisting on such a diet, the carbohydrate mechanism is heavily taxed. This inference might be used to explain the difference between the results of Heinbecker (9) and the ones presented in this paper. I think that in addition to less fat tissue to dilute hormonal effects, bad bugs are being starved out in gut.
They make that regardless of their ability to help their clients which definitely kills the profit motive to provide something of worth. I’d been looking for the Clostridium Butyricum bug in a probiotic for well over a year.
Yet I kept hearing from several prominent and distinguished voices how flawlessly ideal chronic ketosis was for human health.
Is it possible that Heinbecker’s subjects derived sufficient carbohydrate-forming substance from the protein in their diet to keep the insulin producing mechanism sufficiently stimulated to handle large quantities of carbohydrate?
The production of insulin cannot keep up with the demand, the result being a hyperglycemia and often a glycosuria as well.
Still pretty moderate carbohydrate, but at least enough that my glucose tolerance now performs as a normal human should. One foundation that used to provide rationale for low-carbing gives way and you see how desperately these people are in denial. He worked with normal human beings who had glucose tolerance tests after general diets as well as after high fat, low protein, and low carbohydrate mixtures. Which is most likely the reason we have had escalating health issues since the beginning of the 20th century. There is also the triage issue: The liver is only going to produce the minimum of carbs needed for immediate survival, not the optimal healthy amount. And Eades looks like he’s rewarded well above average when considering the lifestyle he enjoys. After a mixed diet for the periods mentioned above, both men reacted normally to the glucose tolerance tests, the height and the duration of the blood sugar curve being well within normal limits, and the urine sugar-free.

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