QUESTION: Hi I have type 2 diabetes and wake up with a very high number as high as 300 why?
ANSWER: The reason your morning blood glucose levels are as high as 300 is your "DIABETES", because your body insulin is not functioning well.
Is your Diabetic Heart Killing you softly?Get to know about Diabetes Heart Failure link to more severe complications. Placenta usually starts producing more hormones which raise the level of blood sugar during pregnancy.
Native American, African-American, Hispanic and Asian people usually are at the risk of having gestational diabetes more than others. High blood sugar levels that, even though, aren’t considered high enough to cause chronic diabetes. If you are high risk of having gestational diabetes, the doctor will immediately run diabetes tests in order to confirm. Lowering high blood sugar in the morning may have an impact on the rest of the day for diabetics. The second cause is basically due to problems that pertain to human error, whether it is because of a higher amount of insulin than necessary or the lack of a snack before bed. It will be necessary to evaluate the level of blood sugar during the period of two o'clock and three o'clock in the morning. Inconsistencies with medication can cause swings during fasting periods, which can result in high blood sugar levels in the morning.
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You may be puzzled by a high blood glucose reading in the morning despite going to bed with a good reading the night before.
If you consistently wake up with higher blood glucose levels despite being compliant with your meal plan, this could be a condition known as the dawn phenomenon, states the American Diabetes Association. To rule out if your high blood glucose is due to dawn phenomenon, your endocrinologist may ask you to eat a low-fat, carbohydrate-controlled dinner, maintain your usual physical activities and check your blood glucose around 2 or 3 a.m. When you wake up with higher blood glucose, chances are you will eat less carbohydrate at breakfast or increase your medication to lower your blood glucose.
Blood glucose fluctuation in diabetics is very common, and you can usually solve the problem by checking your blood glucose more frequently and paying attention to your lifestyle and medications.
Alba, What would be the glucose reaction if I eat 2 scrambled eggs with 2 slices of salt-cured bacon and one slice of wholegrain toast?
Good news is that you can keep your baby uninfected from this diabetes by following doctor’s advice strictly. However, not following the doctor’s advice might prompt gestational diabetes to turn into type 2 diabetes. If your pancreas is working fine, it should generate enough insulin that would fulfill the body’s requirement.

However, your sugar tests will be run 36 – 48 hours after doctor’s consultation if you are less likely to have this infection. However, some people are still at high risk of having this diabetes, even though they have normal sugar levels.
But the workout plan should be discussed with physician to make it appropriate while keeping diabetic condition into consideration. This consultation will help you to keep a check on your weight in order to ensure that it doesn’t exceed the limit.
Partnership for People with Disabilities Virginia Commonwealth University 1000 East Marshall Street Room 320 P.O. There is apy is type ii diabetes mellitus is found symptoms coma what are multifaceted and includes exercise weight loss lifestyle changes and a variety of sample diabetes diet living uk medications. With a Master of Science in nutrition, she specializes in weight management, diabetes and women's health. Be very careful when doing so, because your body is usually more insulin-sensitive after you wake up and are more physically active.
Because so many factors are involved when trying to explain an unusual pattern, get a diabetes educator to train you in reading your blood glucose pattern, and check with your doctor before making any big adjustments. High morning glucose is generally due to the liver dumping high levels of glucose while you sleep in response to dropping blood glucose levels. However, there might be a case in which blood sugar doesn’t get sufficient amount of insulin.
If that is the case with you, you will need to consult your doctor more often during pregnancy. Diabetes Type 1 Hypo Blood Sugar Levels Morning High siadh Vs Diabetes Insipidus Vs Cereal Salt Wasting.
I googled Diabetic dessert recipes thinking I was being helpful and thoughtful of one of my guests who is Type 1 diabetic.Not so! Comparatively life expectancy in the general population increased by less than one year during this time period. For a person who has diabetes high blood sugar may be caused by missed diabetes medicine can increase your child’s risk of a high blood sugar emergency. Kang has worked as the editor for a diabetes website and has published several books and articles on nutrition and diabetes. Unusual blood glucose fluctuation can be frustrating for diabetics and is affected by many factors. It is caused by an increased release of hormones such as cortisol, glucagon and epinephrine while your body is preparing to wake up.
Your doctor will help you determine if you have dawn phenomenon and adjust your medications accordingly.
It is better if you do not overload your body with carbs to keep your blood sugar under control.
Simple cases of hypoglycemia can occur when a dog is overly active with too much time between meals or NOTE: If you are taking medication to slow cooking diabetic recipes obesity treatment control blood sugar levels any regular consumption of cinnamon should only be taken after consulting with your doctor.

It is helpful to remember that therapy with insulin is actually hormone replacement therapy.
It is helpful to discuss which meter is best for you with your diabetes educator or pharmacist. Keeping a good record of your diet, medication and blood glucose can often help you solve the mystery. These hormones increase insulin resistance and stimulate your liver to release glucose, causing blood glucose levels to rise. If the fluctuation is due to food, your dietitian may alter your meal plan and may suggest that you skip a bedtime snack or change the type of snack to a lean protein, modify your dinner or add some light exercise after dinner.
For lower postmeal blood glucose at other meals, note if you have increased your activities, because exercise makes your medications much more effective in lowering blood glucose. A Computer Simulation Model of Diabetes Progression Quality of Life and Cost (Citations: Diabetes Type 1 Hypo Blood Sugar Levels Morning High 21).
Therefore drinking in moderation is Diabetes Type 1 Hypo Blood Sugar Levels Morning High recommended. Insufficient insulin or medication, excessive carbohydrate snacks at bedtime or high-fat meals at dinner may also cause blood glucose to be elevated in the morning. Some people have a condition called reactive hypoglycemia, where low blood glucose occurs after a meal. Try to eat at least 4 hours before going to bed to give time to your body to assimilate the calories and nutri-elements in the food you had for dinner.
These people will benefit from meeting with a dietitian to develop a meal plan that regulates the timing of glucose release and insulin secretion.
Thus, it will be easier for your body to keep and wake up with normal blood glucose levels. ANSWER: Hi there,It is good that you are trying to maintain your blood glucose level within normal ranges, especially in the morning. The following are some useful tips to help you keep your fasting sugar at normal level: 1.
In purpose to maintain your blood glucose within the mentioned ranges, you have to do several things.
The most important of them is to have a normal bedtime blood glucose by minimizing the amount of carbs acquired at dinner. Keep in mind that you are not totally excluding carbs from your dinner; but, just minimizing the amount of their intake. If you exclude the food which are containing carbs from your dinner, your blood glucose level will collapse, and you may lose consciousness. In purpose to avoid that, I have prepared a list of foods, which are the most appropriate for dinner as following: - fruits, vegetables and fish.

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