Add cornstarch to the mixer or food processor, one teaspoon for each cup of granulated splenda, that is if you are using three cups splenda, add three teaspoons full of cornstarch to the mixer or food processor. Cover the processor and turn it on medium speed for one minute or until the splenda and cornstarch mix together completely. Once you reach the desired texture, turn the food processor off and store the Low Calorie Powdered Sugar in a clean airtight jar. You can use this powder to dust cakes, cupcakes etc, but it cannot be used for caramelizing food or for icing purposes. I got a similar version of this recipe from a friend but had to tweek it for my fiance' who is diabetic.
Another week, another amazing episode of The Great British Bake Off, and another edition of The Great Bloggers Bake Off! Over halfway through this years Great British Bake Off, and time to tackle my first ever technical challenge! A couple of weeks back we were very kindly invited to spend the weekend in a holiday cottage Rob’s parents had rented.

Yesterday was the latest event for Derby Clandestine Cake Club, with the brilliant theme of Enid Blyton, sprung up from a conversation about Mr. This week my parents came over for dinner, providing a perfect opportunity to try out another dessert from The Great British Bake Off, as part of The Great Bloggers Bake Off. A few weeks back I learnt that one of my favourite tea rooms in Nottingham had been taken over and reopened – of course I had to go and see for myself! All good things must come to end – and this week was sadly the last in the series of The Great British Bake Off.
Last week my dad brought round some of the harvest from his allotment – in the form of 3 huge pumpkins, the largest of which weighed a whopping 5 stone!
It is usually not sold in stores so make it in bulk and store in an airtight jar to use over long periods. Using a granulated formulation will make sure your splenda binds well with the cornstarch or flour.
Make sure you stop the processor a couple of times during the process and mix the dry ingredients, as they may cling to the sides of the bowl.

It is not 100% sugar free (less then 1 gram per serving) and very low in fat and calories without sacrificing taste, ENJOY!! I made just one change because I didn't have whole wheat flour; I used King Arthur white whole wheat instead (I suppose you could even use regular AP flour, but haven't tried that yet). This week the bakers tackled one of Paul Hollywood’s formidable recipes – a sweet enriched dough Apricot Couronne – or crown. The carrots give it a little extra boost of healthy, but you don't really know they are there.
As it is I am not a diabetic, but have been asked to make some diabetic friendly deserts for a wedding.

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