In an effort to keep blood glucose levels as near to normal as possible, the body will sensitize the pancreas to produce a surge of insulin to take care of the huge increase in blood glucose levels.  This extra insulin then rapidly lowers blood glucose levels, creating a “witches hat” type of graph.
Low GI foods, on the other hand, are digested and absorbed slowly, but steadily, and thus only produce small increases in blood glucose levels.  Please see Graph 2 below. This also means that the body only needs a small, steady stream of insulin to control the small increase in blood glucose levels. Thus a meal containing baked beans would give much better blood glucose control and keep one feeling full for much longer than a meal based on bread. I’ve been taking advantage of the post-Thanksgiving Day lull, when everyone is presumably too tired to email or phone me, to catch up on my reading. We all know that eating fruits and vegetables can lower our risk of certain cancers and heart disease. Just like there are good fats and bad fats in the food we eat, so too is there a caste system of fats in our body.
Specifically, researchers at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center found that for every 10-gram increase in soluble fiber eaten per day, visceral fat was reduced by 3.7 percent over five years. He points out in this video below that half the fat in butter is the same heart-healthy, mono-unsaturated fat that’s in olive oil. This past week there was a flurry of news and commentary about the findings of a recent research study that looked at the impact that certain diets have on lasting weight loss. A low glycemic index diet is made up of minimally processed grains, vegetables, healthy fats, legumes and fruits. Dr Chutkan: There isn’t a cocktail party, yoga class or school meeting that I go to when I don’t get asked about this condition. Why is bloat more common in middle age and why don’t you hear men complaining about it too?
The Environmental Working Group has updated its "Dirty Dozen" and "Clean 15" shopper's guide to Pesticides in Produce. Menopause the Blog has the latest information, presented in an easy-to-read manner, and supported by science and credible resources for women going through “the change.” It’s my go-to blog for great information! Back in medical school we were told that we were given a certain number of brain cells and that was it for life.
I am 67 young and disabled ( psoriatic arthritis) is there anyway to do the exercise without jumping?
I doubt the aerobic part because some people have back injuries and still exercise without aerobic jumping.

What about yoga, particularly inversions that increase blood flow to the brain and backbends and vinyasa that increase cardiovascular fitness?
This summer I went low-carb-high-fat for 2 months, I experienced severe headaches the night after exercise ( long walks). Drinking enough water (sometimes with a pinch of seasalt) is something I pay attention to, my doctor could not find anything.
Keep in mind, though, that aerobic exercise (or resistance exercise) of a long duration can have a negative hormonal impact. Perhaps keeping the duration of aerobic workouts to 45 minutes or less, but increasing the intensity through methods such as interval training (sprints) would be better than low-intensity, high-duration workouts. Free DVD OfferGet BRAINCHANGE when you pre-order The Grain Brain Whole Life Plan!Get Your Free DVD Now! From the graphs, it is clear that the carbohydrate supplied by the bread would only give fuel to the body cells for about 45 minutes, whereas the baked beans would give a smaller, but steady trickle of fuel for  2?  - 3 hours.
In addition, increased moderate activity resulted in a 7.4 percent decrease in the rate of visceral fat accumulation over the same time period. Atkins), calls for 10 percent of daily calories from carbs, 60 percent from fat and 30 percent from protein.
Mary Enig, a biochemist and well known researcher on healthy fats, thinks that no- and low-fat diets have made us lethargic and overweight.
Robynne Chutkan, Gastroenterologist and founder of the Digestive Center for Women, Chevy Chase, Md. Every woman I meet seems to suffer from bloat at some point in her life and there are many causes, besides just constipation, that people don’t know about.
Chutkan: To begin with, the problem is linked to motility (how fast food moves through the digestive tract). But however you want to refer to belly fat, it’s an unfortunate fact of life for most women in mid-life and getting rid of it is, as a friend of mine put it, like chiseling cement.
However, this idea that humans do not grow new brain cells is now fully demonstrated to be wrong.
The answer is yes, or at least probably, according to the findings of two studies I learned about on, a non-profit organization that provides summaries of nutrition-related research in short, easy to understand video segments.
But a study found that the best way to reduce this kind of belly fat is to eat more soluble fiber and exercise vigorously a half hour two to four times a week.
After weight loss, the rate at which people burn calories decreases, reflecting a slower metabolism.

Though there was hardly a difference in actual weight loss between these three diets, they found that resting energy expenditure was increased when the participants were on the very low carb and low-glycemic index diets.
This diet increased participants’ cortisol levels, which can lead to insulin resistance and cardiovascular disease. In her book, (first published in 2005), she makes the case for higher consumption of saturated fats and coconut oil in particular.
That’s because the female colon is 10 cm longer and much like a slinky- all tangled up with lots of redundancy. How exciting it is that we possess the ability to grow brain cells, a process called neurogenesis. The important thing is for an exercise to be aerobic you have to get your heart rate over a certain number (like, maybe 125). Mcguff, Body By Science) that High Intensity Interval Training (HITT) is more beneficial for cardiovascular and other body needs. I have re-introduced a little more gluten-free starches (like rice, gluten-free oatmeal) and the headaches have become less severe but are still there. That’s why only one in six overweight people maintain even 10 percent of their weight loss long-term. It also raised C-reactive protein levels, which may also increase risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition to weight loss, she writes that it can turn around many health ailments that plague menopausal women such as low energy, thyroid imbalance, food cravings, gas and bloating. In addition, there’s no problems with joint damage as there may be with aerobic exercise.
A few months of endurance exercise, good nutrition and breathing (nasal – restricted breathing) and that cancer vanished.
A plant-based diet – peas, soy, lentils and olive oil in particular- seemed to be protective against skin wrinkling while a high intake of meat, dairy and butter appear to have an adverse affect, the researchers reported.
But if it’s visceral fat, located deep in the belly, surrounding vital organs, well, that’s another story.
Thus, a diet that reduces the surge in blood sugar after a meal may be the best bet for those trying to lose and keep off extra pounds.

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