A: Nearly 20 years of independent studying of fueling and supplementation, with over 10 of those years under the tutelage of Dr. A: I had been using Hammer Nutrition products for about a decade (I was one of their earliest sponsored athletes) and had been advocating their use in my primary sport of ultra cycling, as well as in my secondary sport of Nordic skiing. Second, there is a very low ceiling in terms of how many calories your body can accept from you and efficiently digest.
The beauty of complex carbs (maltodextrin) is that they will match body fluid osmolality, not at a 6-8% solution, but a more concentrated 15-18% solution.
Q: Some of your products (Hammer Gel, HEED, Perpetuem, Recoverite) contain 2g to 7g of sugar per serving. Q: Using the Almond Raisin flavor as an example, Hammer Bars have 15g of sugar, albeit from natural sources, including dates, raisins and agave nectar. A: Similar to the previous question and answer, when the fruit sugar is part of the whole (as it is in dates, raisins, other fruits, and other vegetables), the body responds much more favorably than when it (the fruit sugar) is taken out of the fruit or vegetable, processed, and added as a separate ingredient to an energy fuel. The one time where your body isn’t going to put up much of a fuss regarding complex carbohydrates versus simple sugars is right after a hard, glycogen-depleting workout.
So, assuming you’re sold on the concept, what other products are available that don’t use simple sugars?
Carb-Boom has been making gels for ten years or so, starting out with one flavor that was essentially apple sauce and maltodextrin (it even came in little apple sauce cups with the tin-foil lids!).
Cytosport sells tubs of maltodextrin (CytoCarb II) if you want to mix up your own concoction. These, along with the Hammer Bars, are good between meal snacks or for keeping that empty stomach from driving you bonkers on your longer rides and adventures. The biggest health differences will show slowly over time, primarily in the form of better overall health, improved quality of life and a younger body than the calendar may suggest. Break a sweat with Elite's 2016-17 trainer lineup including most accurate power measurement for a trainer, ever?

Want to Contribute?We’re always looking for enthusiastic, positive and talented writers that know their way around both a bicycle and sentence structure. Bill Misner, PhD, the now-retired head of Hammer Nutrition’s Research and Development.
Throughout this time I was corresponding frequently with company owner, Brian Frank, so even though we had never formally met, we seemed to know each other fairly well. To elaborate on that second point, simple sugars (glucose, sucrose, fructose, dextrose, etc) need to be mixed in concentrations no higher than 6-8% in order to achieve an acceptable absortion osmolar value of body fluids (280-303 mOsm) and be digested with any efficiency. At this time your body is in such dire need of replenishment that it’ll accept just about anything. From everything I’ve read, the science is pretty clear that sugar consumption is bad for so many parts and processes inside your body that just the knowledge of this is reason enough for us to make a permanent lifestyle change.
At a point in my life where I was between jobs I asked Brian if he’d consider hiring me. A number of negative health consequences can be correlated to the intake of sugar; in fact, Dr. In addition, the energy provided by complex carbohydrates is longer lasting and more consistent than what is provided from simple sugars. In other words, as part of its whole, a small percentage of the complex carbohydrate source is naturally made up of one- or two-chain carbohydrates, which are listed as sugars.
High fructose corn syrup is highly processed and recent studies are indicating it to be the leading cause of obesity since it turns off the receptors that tell your body its full and to stop eating. That said, complex carbohydrates still offer a distinct advantage over simple sugars, which is why we strongly recommend using them. Nancy Appleton, PhD, a well-known author and expert on the hazards of sugar, has an article that lists 146 reasons why sugar is detrimental to health. The problem is that a 6-8% solution is a pretty weak mix and will only yield about 100 or so calories an hour, which is inadequate for maintaining optimal energy production.

A similar way of looking at it is when you consider what is arguably one of the healthiest fats that can be consumed – flax seed oil.
Shortly after that I moved from California to Montana, where I’ve been for the past 10 years (I celebrate my 10-year anniversary with the company this April). Some athletes realize that and try to resolve the problem by making a double or triple strength batch of their simple sugar product. This allows them to raise blood sugar levels and spike insulin rapidly, both desirable functions post-exercise. Unfortunately, that solution is now far too concentrated, it’s much higher than 6-8% and, unless more water is consumed or added to the mix (at which point the athlete might very well be flirting with over hydration) that concentrated simple sugar solution will not pass the gastric channels.
You get a longer lasting supply of heat (energy) and when the heat (energy) does die down, the declination is much more subtle and gradual. However, complex carbohydrates allow for a greater volume of calories to be absorbed compared to simple sugars. This is simply a part of the natural makeup of flax seed oil; it naturally contains a small percentage of saturated fat.
In other words, when you consume complex carbohydrates instead of simple sugars after exercise, your body is able to absorb more calories for conversion to glycogen without the increased potential for stomach distress that commonly occurs with simple sugar fuels. The same analogy is true with complex carbohydrates – as part of their makeup, a small portion is comprised of one- or two-chain sugars.

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