What is the normal cholesterol level for women, What is the normal cholesterol level for women?
What your cholesterol levels mean, The american heart association explains healthy cholesterol levels and what your hdl cholesterol level, normal triglyceride levels vary by age and sex.. About Vijaya SawantVijaya Sawant is an exceptional project management professional with a unique blend of business, project management and technology skills. There are many great uncertainties ahead, but simultaneously people around the world can learn from their shared experiences. The rest of people go to mid-price family establishments, casual dining spots and fast-food outlets.

She has more than 25 years of latest technology implementation experience in both matrix and projectile environment. She has a first-rate track record of successfully spearheading and delivering a broad range of high impact, high profile projects, including leadership of multi-national, multi-vendor teams. A thinking whereby we see ourselves as part of a greater whole, and where we actively pursue a global good. It can include loss of higher reasoning, forgetfulness, learning disabilities, concentration difficulties, decreased intelligence, and other reductions in mental functions.
Cognitive impairment may be present at birth or can occur at any point in a person’s lifespan.Some early causes of cognitive impairment include chromosome abnormalities and genetic syndromes, malnutrition, prenatal drug exposure, poisoning due to lead or other heavy metals, hypoglycemia (low blood sugar), neonatal jaundice (high bilirubin levels developing after birth), hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid), complications of prematurity, trauma or child abuse such as Shaken baby syndrome, or oxygen deprivation in the womb or during or after birth.

A healthy, Mediterranean-style diet high in fruits and vegetables has also been shown to reduce cognitive decline. Reducing some bad habits like smoking and drinking more than occasionally can help keep the mind sharp and brain young.

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