TweetThere are many constituents of blood and they all are necessary to be maintained at a required level. The symptoms of this disease are paleness, excessive sweating, tiredness, weakness, heaviness in legs, strong sense of hunger, increased heart beat, tremor, nausea, headache, and reduced vision in some cases. In case of low blood sugar person may have attention problem this is because brain cells need glucose and lack of calorie intake is accompanied by a drop in blood sugar. Diabetes is a very serious disease and the first sign of this is dry mouth, thirst, profuse urination, and itching.
When the body is unable of making required amount of insulin dependent cells than diabetes can lead to many different viral diseases, severe stress and genetic disposition. At the onset of diabetes, physical inactivity (sedentary lifestyle) may indirectly affect the condition of the patient. Chronic diabetes is known to affect feet with ulcers. It is one of the most common and major complications of diabetes.
Diabetic glaucoma is a very common complication in patients suffering from diabetes mellitus. This is a result of low levels of insulin or inability of insulin to burn glucose for the production of energy.
High BP and high total cholesterol can synergistically increase the risk for coronary heart disease death. Having high cholesterol plus high blood pressure was worse than having either of them by themselves. Scott Cousland I have never seen mainsteam science ever attribute the root cause of disease to the correct source: emotional trauma Dr. Fanatic Cook by Bix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. The stew is called sma mat because it contains potato, lamb, pork, beef and carrots (among other things) that have to be sliced methodically into tiny, perfect cubes.
Me: Erik, can you illuminate the spiritual basis of hypertension also know as high blood pressure?
Jamie tries her best to imitate Erik by shaking both fists in front of her and grimacing as she translates the following.
Erik: Then, we can sit around and have pow-wows and talk about the shit that we’re about to do, and then we do it. Me: Well it seems like in this case, and perhaps a lot of these conditions, disorders and diseases, it’s all about learning to question yourself. What you’ve come to believe that might not serve your best interest will get more obvious.
On an interesting note… Elisa,I had a dream last night that you were here in my house redecorating my living room! Marla, you could see it as a political statement, or you could see it as data being presented. As a registered dietitian with high blood pressure, I found this discussion very interesting. You suggest “there is no rent to pay, no weight to worry about, no horrible people and all the free travel you want” but what about regrets?
One thing I found works well, if you are willing to give it a try, is to compliment strangers. I think the weight of depression is so great, it does not make for a fulfilled and abundant life.
It may appear that Source or Guardian Angels Spirit Guides are either just absent or incompetent.
And finally, not to cause offense or sound glib, posts by suicides from the other side, DO come across that suicide is a viable option. Anthocyanins are the antioxidant pigments that give berries their  special shades of color – blue, purple, and red.
Furthermore, antioxidant protection of the blood sugar regulatory system, cardiovascular system, digestive tract has been demonstrated in studies.
James Joseph, PhD, director of the Neuroscience Lab at the United States Department of Agriculture Human Nutrition Research Center on Aging at Tufts University, Boston, notes that people become more susceptible to the damaging effects of free radicals and inflammation as they age. Again, various studies have shown that especially blueberries improve blood fat balances, including reduction in total cholesterol, raising of HDL cholesterol, and lowering of triglycerides. As a matter of fact, the antioxidant protective effect reduce oxidation of blood components (like LDL), which reduces the risk of clogging of the blood vessels. Recent studies indicate that the consumption of berries may increase the release of an enzyme, called nitric oxide synthetase (NOS).
A recent study in the journal Circulation suggests sprinkling a few more blueberries in your yogurt or blending strawberries into your morning smoothie, may help reduce heart attack risk. Research on blood sugar balance and berry intake has been conducted on individuals who have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, metabolic syndrome, or insulin resistance.
Just as a reference, berries score between 30-45, while a piece of white bread has a GI of >70 (highest on the scale).
The retina in our eyes is at a higher risk of oxidative stress than most other places in our body. According to a research, published in the Annals of Neurology, Berries can help reduce mental decline. Another study, published in the journal Neurology, found out that people who eat 2 servings of berries a week have 25 percent lower risk of developing Parkinson’s disease.
It is scientifically proven that the accumulation of toxic end products of metabolic pathways in the brain leads to the development of Alzheimer’s. Also, blackberries are rich in vitamin C and contain a bit of iron, calcium, and vitamin A, too. These are natural probiotics, which means that they support the growth of healthy bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract and aid in digestion.

If you are looking for natural ways to improve your view, heart health, blood flow, balance your blood sugar and lose some weight without craving sugary foods, you should include berries in your nutrition. As a side note: In recent studies, it has been shown that freezing does not lower the nutritional value of berries.
Knowing some basic human physiology comes in handy: You can impress your doctor and it has been proven that the psychological effects play a great role in healing processes. This website may contain affiliate links, which cost you nothing, but do help to support this site's maintenance and fees. If there level increases in the blood it is harmful for that person and same is the case when there level decreases from the normal. Therefore, even moderate exercise is good preventive maintenance, especially the tendency to excess weight or hereditary predisposition.
High blood pressure is often an indication of dehydration that results from increased urination in diabetic patients. Abnormally low insulin levels result in human body burning fat to release energy to perform daily tasks. Similarly, the adjusted hazard ratios of total cholesterol increased with increases in systolic BP categories (P for interaction ?0.04). They take on too much shit and won’t acknowledge it, refuse, refuse, refuse to tell other people that they’re doing too much because they don’t want to seem like they can’t handle it.
You ain’t doing it right so we’re just going to do this to you.” But when you don’t acknowledge that you’re overstressing yourself or you’re doing something that you’re not taking pride or finding joy in, you can imagine that you’re just adding another blanket on top of you.
They just want to squeeze as much productivity out of us as they can, so there’s that fear of losing a job or a relationship, etc.
We have trained ourselves and adapted our lives so that we learn from other people or other structures when really we should be remembering from our lives in the beyond or our other incarnations on how to listen to what we need, what you need, to ask yourself, “Is this what feels right?
I totally agree that the American corporate world is so focused on getting the most out of their employees and giving them less resources, with little regard to their health and stress level. I love you and I’ll be praying for you tonight a long while till I can finally go to sleep. People who kill themselves are usually shocked and horrified to find that they take all their problems with them and create others because of the enormous pain and grief they leave in their wake. Look away from what bothers you, step outside yourself and look back in for a moment; with all the cowardly, self centered things happening, courage like yours is a valuable thing.
How certain can anyone be there is nothing unpleasant waiting after you’ve gotten the relief you seek? I know a person who pulled free of her depression by volunteering to cuddle newborns in the neonatal ICU or maybe she visited children in the cancer ward.
Some suicides just by sacrifice take their lives so that an insurance policy will payout for the survivors and get them out of trouble.
The issue is that in the absence of help to mitigate the cause of the acute depression makes the relationship with Source adversarial or seen as a punishment or perhaps just derisory.
They are one of the main phytonutrients that are responsible for berries’ health-supportive properties.
Oxidation reactions can produce free radicals, which are involved in the development of cancer.
For example, there is evidence that berries reduce oxidative stress in older adults at risk of neurodegenerative diseases, as well as in younger healthy adults and middle-aged obese adults.
Especially blueberries, containing the highest amount of Anthocyanin, an effective antioxidant, seem to have a protective effect for the whole body. The development of cancer is directly linked to high oxidative stress and mutation of the DNA in our cells. Thus, berries can help to improve conditions for patients with rheumatic diseases, Arthritis, auto-immune diseases and prevent illness. Berries help prevent those effects by turning off the inflammation signals triggered by cytokines and COX-2s, he says, making them an ideal part of your diet.
They have shown that berries have a favorable impact on blood sugar regulation in persons already diagnosed with blood sugar problems. Oxidative stress in the retina leads to death of receptors and important cells that lead information to our opticus nerve. The antioxidants in berries, especially the polyphenols, help to neutralize free radicals and flush out the toxic end products before they can reach your brain. Thus, these are perfect if you would like to lose weight but don’t want to starve yourself.
Also, they inhibit Escherischia coli, a bacteria which can cause many infections, from sticking to cells of the urinary tract. Med school and my own research on sports and nutritional science helped me fight Scoliosis and Underweight. This is because diabetes can affect different organs in human body and damage these organs in a significant way.
The main issue with diabetic ulcers is they do not heal easily due to abnormal blood sugar levels. Cardiac complications of diabetes include arrhythmic heartbeat and patients feeling a tight pressure in the chest. About 5 years ago I bought a dehydrator (not expensive) and so have dried lots of veggies myself. So she was stirring the broth when all of a sudden, to her left, she saw the cabinet (where we store cutting boards and a lot of kitchen junk we forget we even have) open.
And to seem like we know what the hell we’re doing, we’ll keep adapting instead of stopping and saying, “Wait a second. We would learn how to check in [with ourselves] but, nope, as Americans, we are (air quotes) tools. In other countries, like Norway, they get a whole year off paid and get to stay home and raise their children.

So many times, we take on what other people like to do or feel is appropriate, but you really need to sit down and ask, “Is red really my favorite color?
They also become painfully aware that they just wasted a precious life meant to help them grow and evolve as a spirit.
Do you remember a person in California who recently killed a half dozen people, wounded maybe a dozen others then took his own life, because he didn’t have sex? Unfortunately, many people in the health industry do not full understand the importance of proper nutrition.
This is a signal for your body that you have eaten enough, thus the hunger depressing hormone Leptin is released. For example, it has been shown that the consumption of berries reduces the risk of intestine cancer, esophageal cancer, colon cancer and breast cancer. Foods high in phytonutrients have a protective effect of oxidation in the retina in general. Those with the highest berry intake postponed cognitive decline by about two and a half years. Add some protein, for example greek yoghurt and some healthy fats, like dark chocolate or nuts, and you have your perfect dessert or snack!
I believe that a healthy Lifestyle is the best way to prevent diseases and speed up the healing process. So many people forget about the importance of nutrition on their health journey and either completely neglect it or focus solely on counting calories.
Have I gone past the point that I can’t come back from?” Our jobs aren’t teaching us how to do that.
Because my mom is my best friend, and I love her to death, and red is her favorite color, so it’s probably mine.” Question and challenge yourself and why you believe in what you do because you’re going to find out that more than half of it was learned from somebody else, and it wasn’t even from your firsthand experience.
You would think I was running and they were running along side me taking the blood pressure. Berries are also great to have as a dessert, when you would otherwise crave foods much higher in sugar.
As berries, especially blueberries, are high in Phytonutrients, they have proven to reduce damage to our retina through free radicals.
This might be related to the flavonoid anthocyanin, according to study author Elizabeth Devore, ScD. It effects the memory centers in the brain and improves learning processes.
I was previously under the assumption that watermelon had zero sugar and it’s simply water (very foolish of me)! Can we adopt that really cool Asian thing where we come in and meditate before we come in for work, and we breathe before we do our work? In fact, where Erik is sounds pretty damn fabulous – no rent to pay, no weight to worry about, no horrible people and all the free travel you want. I don’t suggest that and understand the morality BUT how could mass murder be morally superior to hiring a prostitute? This disease is due to lack of insulin which leads to an excess of glucose in the blood (Hyperglycemia). We don’t use our inner compass and explore to create our [inner and outer] awareness of things. I seriously do not want to be alive and the only reason I stick around on this horrific earth is because I have three beautiful cats who keep me here. I’ve seen a lot of things, situations, people, dogs, cats, etc that are both attractive and sad to me.
Maybe a smile to a stranger might lift them from their doldrums and give them hope in humanity. Maybe they were supposed to give birth to a child who would grow up to find a cure for diabetes. My daughter, Michelle, was cooking a Norwegian stew typically prepared for festive events like christenings, New Year’s Eve, Christmas, etc. For me, it didn’t work out so well because I would give anything to just be gone already. If something happened to my cats tomorrow, I know for an absolute fact I would swallow the entire bottle of Ambien I’ve been hoarding just for that very occasion. I’ve even thought of talking to the person in charge and tell him or her I could go once a week and read them stories or novels, poetry, whatever. You know, Elizabeth, I feel you’d be a great companion for some of those aged people who are even more lonely that you are.
Some of our elders are like jewels because they’ve been through lots of suffering and pain. Please, please, pleas get help where you can: a health care provider, mental health resources like suicide hotline, even a past life regressionist to see if your depression is due to a past life issue. I lost every cent in the recession and had to leave the city I loved, only to end up trapped in this awful city completely broke and living on welfare and disability now and there’s absolutely no way out of it. I’m not going to have much internet access while out of the country high up in the tundra so please everyone hold her hand through all of this. One of my cats, my favorite, just curled up into my lap and looking in his eyes, I’m okay for now, but I never know anymore, day to day.
I don’t know, can someone just say something to make me see some kind of light at the end of the tunnel?

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