What does it feel like to have a low blood sugar?That's a question I've heard countless times over the years, in my three decades of living with type 1. This content is created for Diabetes Mine, a consumer health blog focused on the diabetes community.
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Please note that we are unable to respond back directly to your questions or provide medical advice. The Diabetes Social Media (DSMA) Blog Carnival topic for the month of February asks us to explore the concept of "advocacy."In our diabetes community, the word gets tossed around a lot. We've reached the end of another month, and for September the monthly Diabetes Social Media Advocacy (DSMA) Blog Carnival asks what we people with diabetes would like our doctors and medical professionals to know about social media. Who remembers that classic Seinfeld episode in which Elaine is sitting in her doctor's office waiting, and she peeks into the medical file left nearby and sees the word "Difficult" written in the notes about her? The best way I can describe is:You know that feeling at the end of the day after working a full day plus a few hours of overtime? I think it's so important that you've shared your first symptom and it's not one often mentioned as a low symptom - because it highlights the fact of how different diabetes can be for each one of us! Ok so I'm not a diabetic and haven't been tested, but I suffer from these weird symptoms like in the article above. As the fastest growing consumer health information site a€” with 65 million monthly visitors a€” Healthlinea€™s mission is to be your most trusted ally in your pursuit of health and well-being. It is a major, independent risk factor for cardiovascular disease (CVD, and the chief risk factor for stroke (accounted for about 62% of strokes).
It’s often called “the silent killer” because it can be asymptomatic for many years, and people suffering of this problem can have a sudden fatal heart attack.
Elevated blood pressure levels are a common and important risk factor also for kidney failure. Above-optimal blood pressure levels, not yet in the hypertensive range or prehypertensive, also confer excess cardiovascular disease risk, as it is shown by the fact that almost a third of blood pressure-related deaths from coronary heart disease are estimated to occur in no hypertensive individuals with systolic blood pressure levels of 120 to 139 mm Hg or diastolic blood pressure levels of 80 to 89 mm Hg (approximately 31% of the general population have blood pressure in the no hypertensive, yet above optimal blood pressure range).
More than half of American adult population is included, considering hypertensive together with prehypertensive. Note: on average, blacks have higher blood pressure levels than non-blacks and an increased risk of blood pressure-related complications, particularly stroke and kidney failure.
The prevalence of the disease rises with increasing age: over half the adult population older than 60 years has hypertension.
The age-related risk of high blood pressure is a function of life-style variables rather than just aging.
Studies on vegetarians living in industrialized countries have shown that such dietary habits are associated with a markedly lower blood pressure levels compared with non-vegetarians; furthermore there is a lower age-related rise in blood pressure. According to a study by a team research of Johns Hopkins University (USA), prevention of hypertension begins in childhood. A meta-analyses conducted on studies from diverse population, examining the tracking of blood pressure levels from childhood to adulthood published between January 1970 and July 2006, have shown that childhood blood pressure is associated with blood pressure in later life and elevated childhood blood pressure is likely to help predict adult hypertension (note: recent studies show that increased blood pressure levels among children is related to the growing obesity epidemic). In the last two decades a downward trend of blood pressure has been documented in the USA; the adoption of healthier lifestyle have contributed to this trend and it has given diet a prominent role Moreover, between 1980 and 2000 also the rate of death from coronary heart disease was halved and approximately half the decrease was attributable to changes in major risk factors including reductions in total cholesterol, systolic blood pressure levels (20%), smoking and physical inactivity). These changes need not be made one at a time: the best results are achieved when they are together as shown by two trials in which multicomponent interventions substantially lowered blood pressure levels in hypertensive and nonhypertensive participants. Though all possible measures have been taken to ensure accuracy, reliability, timeliness and authenticity of the information; Onlymyhealth assumes no liability for the same. Imagine one of those old movies where the cavemen are get attacked by a saber toothed tiger, or even a dinosaur. In a life or death situation the body will do anything it can do to live, even at the expense of it's own health. The body will break down, or digest it's own proteins, and convert it into sugar in order to fuel the fight or flight. In addition to the above negative effects of cortisol (increased blood sugar, high blood pressure, poor digestion, poor immune function), it also lowers thyroid hormone. Cortisol inhibits the conversion of T4 to active T3, and increases the conversion of T4 to reverse T3. Lack of energy throughout the day (often a crash between 3 and 4 PM), but energy finally comes up later in the day. Por isso, a DENGUE virou epidemia em Sao Paulo, e avanca pode lugares que nunca tinha frequentado. Ao nao conseguirmos prevenir, o diagnostico rapido e importantissimo para combater a doenca.
A vida agitada nos grandes centros urbanos, a falta de exercicios fisicos, o estresse, a poluicao, a alimentacao rapida e rica em gordura e acucar e o consumo excessivo de bebidas alcoolicas e tabaco estao causando diversas doencas nos brasileiros.
Advindos destes problemas, sao mais comuns, nos grandes centros urbanos, doencas como o cancer, o diabetes e doencas do coracao. O aleitamento materno e a mais sabia estrategia natural de vinculo, afeto, protecao e nutricao para a crianca e constitui a mais sensivel, economica e eficaz intervencao para reducao da morbimortalidade infantil. O Diabetes e um conjunto de doencas caracterizadas pelo aumento do acucar (glicose) no sangue.
Temos acompanhado centenas de cirurgias e pequenas intervencoes nestes muitos anos de atividades na area da saude. Tem sido comum a ocorrencia de problemas graves, e ate mortes, pela omissao de informacao, por parte do paciente, sobre a alimentacao que fez. Frutas, no geral, sao apreciadas por todos, sao, em sua maioria doces e com sabores completamente distintos.
Entretanto, varias frutas sao terminantemente proibidas para portadores de alguma doenca ou com suspeita de algum mal cronico. Nao. Studies have revealed that there are TWO types of calcium in the pineal gland - the one about which most studies have been done is hydroxyapatite, or brain sand. Journalist Christopher Bryson claims, in his book, The Fluoride Deception, that since the Manhattan project in the 1940s, when fluoride was used for enriching the uranium that was to be used in atomic bombs, a propaganda project was started, to convince workers and locals to the Tenessee nuclear plant, that fluoride was not only safe, but was also good for children's teeth. Now, about 65-75% of the States (USA) have fluoridated water, as well as fluoridated toothpaste, soda drinks, and even some milk. When you add to this that there has been manipulation of data and deliberate obfuscation, delaying and other avoidance tactics by official bodies such as NIDR (National Institute of Dental Reearch - USA), Fluoride tooth decay study, in revealing studies that show water fluoridation does not reduce tooth decay Tooth decay is back - fluorides's no help, then mumblings of conspiracy theorists begin to look real.
With the inference of the research presented on this website, and in Beyond 2012, that we are reaching a time when an environmental trigger, possibly of a magnetic nature, is due to affect our pineal gland and kick off a mass change in consciousness, it looks as if this may be short-circuited by the calcium screen that has now surrounded most of our pineal glands.
Conspiracy or not, when you have looked at the science at Fluoride Alert you will see that not only is fluoride a health risk, but we have been misinformed, and our spirituality jeopardised.
Fluoride attaches itself to calcium, which is why it can theoretically form a protective layer if applied to teeth. There is a suggestion that artificial light and wearing sunglassses could upset pineal function, since light striking the retina causes neurotransmitters to be sent to the pineal, and these may not be triggered properly if the spectrum is altered. In other words, mobile phone signals, wireless phones and Blue Tooth can effect your pineal gland! Effects have already been observed from TETRA radiation at 16Hz, and the discovery of the piezoelectic calcite crystals would provide the mechanism. The continuing studies are concentrating on whether the radio frequency electro-magnetic fields of the global system for mobile communications will affect melatonin production. In March 2010, Graham Hancock published Geoff Stray 's essay about Tortuguero Monument 6. Since the TORTUGUERO PROPHECY UNRAVELLED essay was written there has been a major new development. UPDATE ON THE UPDATE (October 2011): Epigrapher David Stuart has continued the discussion of Monument 6, following Sven and Barb's essay. In a presentation for the Society for American Archeology, in April 2010, John Major Jenkins showed the latest discoveries regarding Tortuguero Monuument 6. Jenkins has made the informtion available online as a paper, and has invited several academic Mayanists and other researchers to discuss it in a forum. When Thompson died in 1975, his colossal calendrical scholarship died with him, and Maya scholars made jumps in understanding reading the other glyphs.
In 2004, Rebekita published a fascinating account of her 1997 trip to Peru and subsequent apprenticeship to an Ayahuasca shaman - The Shaman's Last Apprentice. In the Diagnosis2012 interpretation, the changes that are starting to culminate in the next months could include increased incidences of kundalini experiences, out-of-body experiences and vision states.

Christina Grof - wife of Stanislas Grof, one of the founders of transpersonal psychology - experienced a spontaneous kundalini awakening during the birth of her first child. John Major Jenkins has immediately found some amazing astronomical facts associated with the inscription, that back up his findings from the Tortuguero monument 6.
Following a blog post by Stuart, in which he yet again stated that the Maya had no interest in 2012, Gronemeyer and MacLeod challenged Stuart to comment on his omission of a glyph component in his drawing and analysis. Kowalick's attempts to support Stuart's campaign against researchers who are not part of academia follows a shocking pattern of double standards that is evident in many representatives of academia.
The first studies of the texts at Tortuguero were by Berthold Riese in German, in 1978 and 1980. In 2002, at the Proceedings of the Maya Hieroglyphic Workshop at the University of Texas, Nicolai Grube, Simon Martin and Mark Zender gave a brief rendition of the text of Monument 6, into its oiriginal Mayan language: "13 B'ak'tun 4 Ajaw 3 K'ank'in Utom ?? When The Mayan and Other Ancient Calendars was published in 2007, Stuart's first translation was still the current version. In April 2008 I covered the latest update from Stuart, including preceding text, on the Diagnosis2012 website (see Whats New item 223). In March 2010, I wrote an essay for Graham Hancock's website (Author of the Month, March 2010) and included a translation of the relevant section of Monument 6 as given in Gronemeyer's German thesis on Tortuguero from 2004 (see the secomd translation listed in this item, above). 7 days, 7 Uinals, 0 Tuns and 8 Katuns previously it happened, on the day 8 Chuen, the 9th of Mak, the Becoming-Ripe-House was constructed(?). This was the second version I had seen, since a previous version had been circulating in discussions preceding the publication of the final version. So, to summarize, there have been TEN updates to Stuart's first translation, over the last 6 years (between 2006 and 2012) excluding my 2010 translation of Gronemeyer's 2004 rendition. The epigraphers have constantly revised their interpretations, through extended study and discussion. But I also get the oven warmth that wakes me in the middle of the night that Jessica talks about. Both of which will support, guide, and inspire you toward the best possible health outcomes for you and your family.
Prehypertensive people have a high risk (90%) of eventually developing hypertension but this transition is not inevitable.
On the other hands, they achieve greater blood pressure reduction than non-blacks from several non-pharmacological therapies (see below). Weight gain, low physical activity, excess in salt, fats and saturated fats, cholesterol and alcohol intakes and low intakes of fresh seasonal fruit and vegetable are responsible for much of the rise in blood pressure levels seen with age.
Effects of comprehensive lifestyle modification on blood pressure control: main results of the PREMIER Clinical Trial.
Type 2 diabetes mellitus is characterised by high levels of sugar build up in the bloodstream, which may happen gradually over the years.
The health plan comprises good eating habits and moderate physical activity to maintain blood pressure and cholesterol levels. If you have or suspect having any medical condition, kindly contact your professional health care provider. Therefore, in that moment, profound changes take place that change individual biochemistry to maximize chance of immediate survival.
Over years this may contribute to diabetes, cardiovascular disease and other health problems. The body won't put energy to digesting food if it thinks it immediate survival is in danger. But In terms of surviving a short term life or death, this response allows people to perform much more strenuous activity then would otherwise be possible.
High blood sugar, blood pressure, diabetes, poor immune function, and poor digestion are common problems millions of people live with, and are directly caused by the fight or flight response. As discussed in section 10, when the body is pushed too hard, thyroid hormone and the metabolic rate goes down. People with adrenal exhaustion often have the most energy at night when they want to sleep.
Os polipos sao inicialmente lesoes benignas que crescem na parede do colon e, se associados a predisposicao genetica e habitos nao saudaveis de vida, transformam-se em cancer com o passar do tempo. Enquanto os agentes de saude se matam para erradicar os focos, as pessoas passaram a armazenar agua de chuva e outras em baldes e vasilhas abertas.
Como o paciente perde muito liquido, a reidratacao e fundamental e necessaria.  Deve-se ingerir muita agua, suco, agua de coco ou isotonicos.
Tampem todas as vasilhas de agua armazenada e nao deixem de jogar fora agua de vasos de plantas e outras que possam hospedar o mosquito da Dengue.
Ocorre pela deficiencia de um hormonio chamado Insulina, seja por problemas de producao ou da ma utilizacao da insulina pelos tecidos do corpo. O paciente ou pessoa doente deve sempre informar quando fez suas ultimas refeicoes e do que se alimentou nas ultimas horas. However, it has just been found that there is another type - a recent development - calcite crystals. Roney-Dougal concludes that the calcification at puberty allows the pineal to become sensitive to magnetic fields, but it seems that the calcification actually blocks the pineal interaction with magnetic fields.
In the 1950s, the advertising spinmaster Edwad Bernays used the situation as an experiment in public gullibility, and the AMA started to endorse adding of fluoride to public water supplies. However, if ingested, it will attach itself to calcium in teeth and bones, causing dental fluoridosis and skeletal fluoridosis, as well as other health problems cited above. It works in a similar way to a the early radio receivers or 'crystal sets'- a crystal resonates with the radio wave by being tuned' with organic material - originally a 'cat's whisker'. Monument 6, which is the only Classic Maya inscription known that mentions the end-date in 2012, was erected to comemmorate a pibnaah (a steam-bath or underground shrine), and the essay finds correlations between the pibnaah a kiva - a Hopi ceremonial room, that were originally underground as well. He has given his support to some of Stephen Houston's statements that the monument is not in any way prophetic about the future. When the 13 dates on the monument were studied, Jenkins, (in conjunction with Michael Grofe) found that they correlate to conspicuous conjunctions in association with the Dark Rift of the Milky Way.
She was working in a hotel in Machu Pichu, when she got a telepathic message from an Amazonian shaman - an Ayahuasquero, (who she had never met or heard of) who lived in a village that is a day's boat-ride fron Iquitos in the Peruvian rainforest.
Above 4 Ahau we have what seems to be the 13 baktun glyph (not shown in this pic - see following link); below 4 Ahau is a glyph for 3 baktuns.
Just as in the case with the Tortguero inscription on monument 6 (that references the King Balam Ahau to 2012), Yuknoom's birth date also links in, since on that day, the Moon was conjuncting Saturn. One researcher - Wayne Purdin - has discovered that the predictions closely tally with Alexey Dmitriev's statements that the solar system is entering an area of magnetised plasma (see item 179).
In short, Kowalick, whose hero is epigrapher David Stuart, says that the translation of the right wing of Tortuguero monument 6 given in the book, is out of date, since Stuart provided a later translatrion that removes the prophetic content. And sometimes my body reacts differently depending on the time of day, which is frustrating.
I get extremely tired-to the point of literally falling asleep right then and there, nausea, dizziness, headaches(similar to migraines) and fatigue. Dietary approaches to prevent and treat HTN: a scientific statement from the American Heart Association. If you get low blood glucose and you are awake and able to swallow, eat or drink something with sugar.
Usually HHNS occurs only in people with Type 2 diabetes.In some ways, HHNS is like DKA in people with Type 1 diabetes.
However, in the short term it gets more blood, oxygen and nutrients to the muscles needed for fight or flight.
This is the body's way of protecting itself, like putting on the emergency brakes in a car out of control. Instead of thinking in terms of just hypothyroidism, or just poor adrenal function, it may be most wise to think in terms of a dysregulation of the hormonal system. This is perhaps the most important part of treating adrenal fatigue, and too often left out. Destaca-se que bebidas alcoolicas, diureticas ou gaseificadas, como refrigerantes, nao sao considerados liquidos reidratantes.
The calcification consists of hydroxyapatite (hydroxylapatite) and calcium carbonate apatite crystal.
All studies that showed results contradicting the supposed benign nature of fluoride on health were effectively censored.

Major schemes are in operation in Birmingham and throughout the West Midlands, and also in Tyneside.
Some people are suggesting that this is an intentional result, and one of many schemes that the elite controllers of the world have engineered.
Regarding water filters, reverse osmosis filters are expensive, but only remove 65-95% of the fluoride. So, avoidance of refined sugars, going to bed between 9-10 PM, getting plenty of sunlight, and eating foods high in lecithin such as soybeans is reccommended. Non-organic produce has residue of phosphates fertilizers and many other chemicals, incuding fluoride. By combining what we know about kivas with recent developments in Maya studies, plus established facts about pibnahs, the essay throws light on possible functions of the Maya pibnaah at Tortuguero, and this in turn reflects on the meaning of monument 6 with its 2012 inscription. They included many other epigraphers in their conversations about how the glyphs should be translated, and have even come up with a translation of the damaged glyphs. This Maximon ceremony happened originally during the Wayeb days (the 5 days added to the (18 month of 20 days each) 360 days in the haab calendar), but due to Chrstian influences, it now happens at Easter. However, Sven Gronemeyer and Barb MacLeod have posted a response following Stuart's article, and they effectively counter his points. However, this position is actually a backward-step to 1915, when not many of the inscriptions with cycles longer than a baktun had been discovered. She managed to find him, and spent several months training to become an Ayahuasquero - a training that is unheard of for non-tribal people - even mestizo apprentices are rare.
HOWEVER, the Mayanists are now having to start admitting that perhaps there IS a 13-baktun cycle after all!
As you can see if you follow the development of the translations below, my use of Stuart's initial translation, with it's implication of the significance of the end of the 13-baktun cycle, may not be the very latest iteration, but it is still valid. And no, I'm not talking about the great 80s movie by that name with an all-star cast about a group of college friends reuniting for a weekend (a movie that's 30 years old this year!).
I also feel like a puppet whose strings have been cut.(My sister knows me well enough now to say, "you need something to eat, don't you?" My impression is that I look to her to appear "haggard" in an instant. When experiencing nighttime lows, my dreams get stuck in a loop, like my brain can't come up with anything new.
Knowing about type 2 diabetes’ life-changing effects, be it short-term or long-term, helps manage diabetes.
If your blood glucose goes too low, you can become confused and unable to eat or drink safely.
High blood glucose over a long time damages the blood vessels, nerves, and other organs like the eyes, kidneys, and heart.
This is triggered by long term factors such as stress, poor sleep, poor nutrition and toxicity and can not be corrected by only taking thyroid medications.
It is very likely that the pineal calcite crystals are also piezoelectric, according to the 2002 study. The study continues into looking at who are the Nine Gods mentioned in connection with 2012, and echoes of these Nine Gods around the world, with a common theme - the Underworld. It is a similar concept to the Green Man ceremonies that still happen in UK on May Day, where a giant figure made of leaves - Jack in the Green - is ripped to pieces at the end of a day full of dancing, drumming and procession, so as to welcome in the Spirit of Summer.
In fact, I have closely followed the developments in the translation of this monument, as people who have seen my talks and this website will realise. No, for me, this Big Diabetes Chill is certainly no weekend getaway.Sometimes it feels weird telling people this, because I don't get the sense that "going cold" is one of the classic symptoms people think or know of when it comes to hypoglycemia. Probably because I don't talk about it a ton, but if they wanted to know they would definitely ask. If my blood sugar goes Low overnight usually the thing that wakes me up is that I get really, really hot and start sweating. If you are not awake, or if you are not able to eat or drink something that contains sugar, you will need help. Although hypothyroidism is much more well known among the lay public and medical doctors, I'm very confident that most holistic practitioners consider adrenal fatigue to be a much larger problem, and something that needs to be treated along with hypothyroidism.
There is some variation according to various studies in different parts of the world - some say it continues to accumulate after that. As well as the hard tissue build-up, the aged pineal also contains more fluoride than any other soft tissue. There is no evidence yet that mobile phones cause cancer, but the fact is that melatonin can inhibit the growth of cancers, and that certain electro-magnetic fields can inhibit melatonin production. Other dates involve a total lunar eclipse in the Dark Rift and Jupiter, the Moon, Venus, or Mercury in, or opposite the Dark Rift. I would recommend this very readable and gripping book to anyone interested in shamanism, for its insights into a fast-disappearing ecological and magical mind-set. As shown below, there have been at least 3 translationms before Stuart's (which was still the most recent when The Mayan and Other Ancient Calendars was published, and a least 11 updates after the first Stuart translation. Heck, sweating is one of the symptoms people talk about most, and this is literally the polar opposite.
Body reactions can definitely be frustrating and it's sometimes hard to know if it's my surroundings or the sign of a coming Low. In 2004, there were 400 million people worldwide drinking fluoridated water, and many more consuming it through products like toothpaste and mouthwash. However, the standard medical view is that pineal calcification is part of the ageing process. Sven Gronemeyer and Barbara MacLeod have made an intense study of the complete text of monument 6 - Gronemeyer has produced a study of all the inscriptions at Tortuguero, and they have discussed it all in detail with many other epigraphers and I followed some of these discussions online. For me, this chill is a sign that I've come to recognize as being a signal for bad things ahead.I feel it coming on slowly, a slight shiver that makes itself known but doesn't completely distract me from whatever I might be doing at the time. How can we describe how it feels to be Low when each time we can have a different reaction?! Therefore, unlike bone, pineal fluoride concentrations are not indicators of long-term fluoride exposure and body burden.
David Stuart was a child prodigy (see his story in the film Breaking the Maya Code), but he is not infallible, and his book, The Order of Days is full of factual errors. I am certain there is a pattern as to which symptoms appear under what circumstances, but I am too lazy to do the data collection and analysis. In other words, our body's magnesium needs can only be met through continuous intake of this important mineral. Since pregnenolone is closer to hormone replace that vitamins or herbs it is important to test cortisol before taking pregnenolone. John Major Jenkins has covered some of these errors in detail in his new book, Reconstructing Ancient Maya Astronomy: The Field of 2012 Studies in 2012.
There might be a winter hat that gets pulled out and worn inside.Eventually, I wonder whether this is a blood sugar or house temp issue.
You have a greater chance of getting other health problems from diabetes.Symptoms of HHNSUsually HHNS happens more slowly than DKA. In the summer, it's a bit easier to tell because it's so warm outside, but this time of year gets a little trickier to determine whether I just need to crank the heater up, or whether diabetes is cranking me down.I can check my blood sugar on a meter or glance at my CGM, but sometimes even those aren't completely accurate and I find that my low blood sugar symptom is more revealing than the D-tech I so rely on (!) Sometimes my body just knows best by experiencing a big chill.Is this normal? There is more information on saliva tests for adrenal function on my general page about adrenal fatigue. So simply put, a magnesium shortage causes an excess of calcium in our system which in turn causes, you guessed it, calcification".
We talk a lot about diabetes gadgets and tech tools here at the 'Mine, and it's great to have access to these devices that can often catch these Lows before they get out of hand.But not always.
With meters being as much as 20% off the mark and CGMs sometimes showing delayed results (especially when sugars are changing fast), current D-tech only takes us so far. And that's when we have to hope that we can rely on our bodies to alert us that something's wrong.So, as much as I sometimes scoff at the idea of relying on the old-school pictures above showing the range of D-symptoms, that's often what it boils down to when describing a low blood sugar to the general masses.
That and maybe I look like Helena Bonham Carter even when it's clearly not cold outside.Because personally, it's usually that Big Chill that's the first sign of heading down fast.What say you, D-Peeps? How do you describe a low blood sugar, and what symptoms do you usually see first? This is our November post in the DSMA Blog Carnival.

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