The physical action of blood moving along the lining of your vessels is what creates shear stress, and studies show that shear stress causes cells to produce life-saving anti-inflammatory and antioxidant compounds. 3) Eat More Plant Foods A diet featuring plenty of fresh vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, herbs, and fruits is extraordinarily healthful for blood pressure.
Every now and then, vigorous research continues to show that diets highlighting lots of fruits and vegetables are linked with better blood pressure control and good heart health. 4) Increase Your Potassium Intake Majority of doctors regularly recommend reducing your intake of common table salt to cut blood pressure.
Fifteen years ago, Belgian scientists reported that low serum chloride levels are an independent risk factor for death. A wiser approach to cutting sodium intake may be to stop blaming your table salt shaker, and to focus, instead, the elimination of all of the processed, pre-prepared and packaged foods that tend to host too much amounts of sodium preservatives, as well as unhealthy amounts of sugar, fat and other unwanted chemicals. 5) Boost Magnesium Intakes Like sodium, chloride and potassium, magnesium play an important role in the regulation of blood pressure. The Salt Institute is a North American based non-profit trade association dedicated to advancing the many benefits of salt, particularly to ensure winter roadway safety, quality water and healthy nutrition. Antitrust Policy: It is the policy of the Salt Institute (SI), and it is the responsibility of every Association member company, to comply in all respects with federal and State antitrust laws and the Board of Directors has adopted an antitrust policy to that effect.
Fleming Medical, a Limerick based & Irish owned medical supplies company has recently made a donation of €85,000 worth of medical supplies to FADA or the Fire Ambulance Development Service in Africa.
FADA based in Dublin and led by Fire Fighter, Brendan McCoy is focused on the development and training of a fire rescue service in the Western African country of Niger and specifically to the province of Zinder. Although two and a half times the size of Ireland, in 2011 the area has just one fire engine to service a population of 2.4 million. FADA has sent many shipments of medical supplies & fire engines to West Africa since and has sent crews to teach the local fire rescue teams essential rescue service skills. The charity relies solely on donations of supplies and money in order to ship the goods to West Africa. Mark Fleming, MD of Fleming Healthcare said “We are delighted that we could help out such a worthy cause, all the team in FADA do great work for the people of Niger”. Brendan McCoy, FADA said “On behalf of the charity we are so thrilled to have such a large donation from Fleming Medical, the donation in its entirety will be of such great use to the people of Niger”.
An automated external defibrillator is a portable device that checks the heart rhythm and can send an electric shock to the heart to try restore a normal rhythm can send an electric shock to the heart to try to restore a normal rhythm.
There are many clips on YOUTUBE on the different or in the case of Fleming Medical we have our library of videos to demonstrate how to use the AED safely. Accessible It is imperative that the AED is accessible by anyone, at any time when the facilities of the club are in use. Trained: Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and the use of an AED are lifesaving skills that can be learned in a short timeframe. Home Glucose Monitors or generally known as a glucometer is a medical device used to determine the approximate concentration of glucose in the blood. Insulin Resistance Vs Insulin Sensitivity When it comes to insulin and insulin sensitivity vs insulin resistance, you are always on a continuum of how insulin sensitive your are are and what tissues are most effective at absorbing glucose.
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Not only will bodybuilding help to prevent the onset of adult diabetes, which is one of the most prevalent diseases today, but it will also really play an important role. Not only will bodybuilding help to prevent the onset of adult diabetes, which is one of the most prevalent diseases today, but it will also really play an important role in controlling it in those who are already affected. Bodybuilding Will Help To Prevent The Onset Of Adult Diabetes,Which Is One Of The Most Prevalent Diseases Today. One of the first reasons why weightlifting is helpful when trying to manage diabetes is because of the fact it helps to decrease the total body weight through the reduction of body fat tissue. Unlike cardio training which has a higher tendency to reduce both fat and muscle mass, weight training really helps with the promotion of lean body mass while dieting, thus helps prevent this muscle mass loss. Since having a high body fat level is strongly correlated with the onset of diabetes, keeping this factor under control is extremely important.
Weight Training Really Helps With The Promotion Of Lean BodyMass While Dieting, Thus Helps Prevent This Muscle Mass Loss. Next, bodybuilding dramatically increases your blood glucose control as when weight lifting, the muscle tissues are primed to suck up any excess glucose in the blood.
Furthermore, since carbohydrates are stored in the body as muscle glycogen, an increase in muscle mass means more storage room, reducing the chances these carbohydrates are floating around in the bloodstream or converted to body fat. When Weight Lifting, The Muscle Tissues Are PrimedTo Suck Up Any Excess Glucose In The Blood.
The third reason why there is a strong connection between bodybuilding and diabetes is simply the mindset that those who are very involved with bodybuilding adopt. Due to the nature of their training and the desire to build muscle, they are paying very close attention to their meal frequency. Since one of the big treatment methods of those who do suffer from diabetes is eating in regular intervals to never let blood sugar levels get too low or too high, this fits right in with the bodybuilder's diet set-up. One Of The Big Treatment Methods Of Those Who DoSuffer From Diabetes Is Eating In Regular Intervals.
In addition to paying more attention to meal frequency, bodybuilders are also a lot more likely to take more care in their meal choices. Whether it's limiting the amount of saturated fat they consume or only eating slow-burning carbohydrates apart from the post-workout period, most of the eating habits adopted by the bodybuilding lifestyle are very in accordance with those recommend for preventing or treating diabetes.

Furthermore, those who decide to utilize a lower carb approach to match their workouts take things one step further, as this especially can help manage diabetes. It is important to note though that intense exercise cannot be performed unless carbohydrates are taken in at some point, so make sure you don't write them off completely.
You do need carbohydrates to function and workout properly, so it's important to learn how to do so properly if you are dealing with diabetes. Finally, the last big reason why bodybuilding will help with the prevention and treat diabetes is the increase glucose storage that occurs in the body as a result. Muscle tissue is the storage house for glucose in the body and when running low, will suck it up from the bloodstream. So, the more muscle you are able to build through bodybuilding, the more storage house capacity you'll have for this glucose, hence the more carbohydrates you should be able to eat without having as much of a problem.
The More Muscle You Are Able To Build Through Bodybuilding,The More Storage House Capacity You'll Have For Glucose. Now, while bodybuilding in itself is generally good for those concerned with diabetes, there are some precautions that must be taken to ensure you stay safe while performing your workouts. Depending on the severity of your condition, you may really need to monitor how many carbohydrates you eat during the pre- or post-workout meals. Rapidly dropping blood sugar levels could prove to be very dangerous while you are in the middle of a workout, so you need to be absolutely sure this does not occur. Likewise, don't begin thinking you can really carb load before a workout and those muscles will just suck it up or you could wind up in trouble. It's important to try a variety of different carbohydrate amounts for these meals - or ask your doctor what they would recommend (since they will know more about your exact health status).
Weight training is a form of exercise that demands carbs are present in the body in order for the muscles to contract with enough intensity, therefore make sure you don't try and workout without eating some type of carbohydrates beforehand. Weight Training Is A Form Of Exercise That Demands Carbs Are PresentIn The Body In Order For The Muscles To Contract With Enough Intensity. In this week's show, Dan discusses a special topic of the week - diabetes - and beating it. You can't prevent type 1 diabetes but you can minimize your chances of developing the myriad complications! Shannon Clark is a freelance health and fitness writer located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Even just 10 pounds can significantly lower blood pressure and carry you out of the danger zone. Healthy people maintain better blood sugar control, and have lower body weight and lower blood pressure than inactive people. This, in turn, helps blood vessels remain flexible, elastic and relaxed, preventing blood pressure from rising and causing arterial and heart damage.
The Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension (DASH) diet was developed by the National Institutes of Health to help people control their high blood pressure. That’s because in some-but not all-individuals, excess dietary sodium is linked with high blood pressure. Now, a new study confirms the Belgians’ finding that low chloride levels-not high levels-are linked with increased risk of death among people with hypertension, which suggests that standard advice to limit salt intake may merit reevaluation. Also, enhance your potassium intake from foods like bananas, white beans, dark leafy greens, squash, salmon, yogurt, mushrooms and avocados. As Marchione mentioned, a number of experts note that rather than concentrating on reducing salt intake, it may be more helpful to increase your consumption of potassium and magnesium.
Often the first symptom is sudden collapse where the patient is not breathing and has no heartbeat.
However it is recommended that you receive the correct training from your service provider on how to use the AED.
The G5 battery is one of three AEDs on the market that uses a medical grade battery, but it is the only one that can guarantee minimum of 4 years operational life; the others have a 2 year operational life. Every day, they need to walk through a precarious balance of what is allowed and what is not. It is a key element of home blood glucose monitoring (HBGM) by people with diabetes mellitus or hypoglycemia. Though it contains a sugar alcohol, this is different from the type of alcohol found in alcoholic beverages. While if you have diabetes, getting involved in bodybuilding is not automatically going to cure you - but the benefits of a regular strength training program as far as diabetes is concerned are tremendous. As referred to above, this is good for keeping total blood sugars under control, especially if you eat a meal that is higher in carbohydrates. Exercise plays a vital role with this disease, but many people don't realize just how beneficial getting into bodybuilding can be for managing it. A recent study showed that planned weight loss can reduce blood pressure such that a number of patients who are already taking antihypertensive (blood pressure-lowering) medications may either trim the dose they take, or stop taking the drug(s) altogether (under a doctor’s care). In fact, being sedentary is an up-and-coming risk factor for obesity and cardiovascular disease.
Plants supply dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals, heart-healthy mono- and poly-unsaturated fats, and compounds called phytonutrients. But new information calls into question the wisdom of recommending salt reduction for everyone.
Given that table salt is one of the chief sources of dietary chloride, this seems to oppose advice to lower your intake of salt.

Sodium becomes a health problem when it is out of balance with potassium, so boosting your potassium intake may make all the difference. When a patient is suffering a cardiac arrest CPR and early defibrillation is the only effective treatment for this event.
They need to make sure that their health is still within the bounds of the normal health standard. In the case of diabetes using the home monitors, there is a need to distinguish whether what is being measured is the plasma glucose or blood glucose. Side effects are almost always mild for the occasional individual who does experience them.
One of the means by which exercise helps reduce hypertension has to do with a force within blood vessels called shear stress. Many of these plant-based compounds have potent antioxidant activity that alleviate oxidative stress and dampens inflammation. Salt consists of equal parts sodium and chloride, and promising research suggests that low chloride levels may be just as bad for heart health as high sodium levels.
Dietary patterns like DASH, or the Mediterranean diet, feature plenty of both of these minerals. AED`s work by looking for and treating electrical disturbances that can occur during a cardiac arrest. Their sugar level should be constantly and accurately checked so as not to imperil their lives.
Engaging in exercise puts increased demands on muscles, of course, and that means more blood has to be pumped faster throughout the body to meet rising demands for energy, oxygen, and waste removal. This is the answer, because inflammation is an underlying, ongoing condition that’s linked to the development of chronic high blood pressure and atherosclerosis, the main causes of heart disease. People with the lowest chloride levels were highly probable to die than people with higher levels. Dark leafy greens, nuts and seeds, fish, beans and whole grains are good sources of magnesium. An automated External defibrillator is now a common piece of first aid equipment in sporting venues in Ireland in recent years.
In the United States alone, there are an estimated 11 million diabetics using home glucose monitors. By measurement, according to ISO 15197 blood glucose monitors must provide results that are within 20% of a laboratory standard 95% of the time.  Thus, Food and Drug Administration allows the device to be wrong by as much as 20%. It is important for your club to have a defibrillator due to tragic events of unexpected cardiac arrest.
This tool may be insignificant to some but this is one of the lifeblood of the diabetics.  In 2005 alone sales for this medical device ranged between $5 to $7 billion US dollars.
While this is academically sound, this wide rate of error makes a diabetic susceptible to severe health problems like seizures and coma. Most people can use this sugar substitute with no adverse effects.The most commonly occuring side effects can be linked to any type of sugar alcohol. Having an AED at your sports club is not just important for your sports club but a useful resource for your community which could save someone life or even your life.
But are these home glucose monitors really reliable as to properly guide these patients who are in dire need to have an accurate blood sugar reading? If you experience these side effects, you can usually control them by increasing your intake more slowly.Other side effects associated with using a xylitol sweetener are only found with very large doses. As xylitol is derived from the birch tree, individuals who have a known allergy to birch should avoid the product.Xylitol does not have any known interactions with other medications, but the most common xylitol side effects can cause problems with other drugs.
If you experience severe diarrhea as a side effect of xylitol, the other medications you are taking may not be fully absorbed by your body. If you are experiencing severe diarrhea as one of the xylitol side effects and regularly take another medication, consult your doctor. You may need to adjust the dosage of your medication temporarily to compensate for the effect of the xylitol sweetener.Xylitol in DogsPet owners should be very aware of the possible side effects in dogs. However, if a dog accidentally ingests xylitol, you should take it to the veterinarian immediately.Xylitol can cause dangerously low blood sugar and liver damage in dogs. Left untreated, these side effects can even be fatal.Xylitol and TumorsSome studies indicate that xylitol may be dangerous with long term use and high doses.
For this reason, however, it is recommended that xylitol be used sparingly.Xylitol and DiabetesXylitol sweeteners are commonly used by diabetics as they provide sweetness without the carbs that negatively effect blood sugar levels.
It is important for diabetics to consider their xylitol usage carefully when this product is added to the diet as a replacement for sugar. Individuals who were previously accustomed to accommodating sweets by adjusting their insulin dosages should use less insulin when xylitol is replacing the sugar. Talk to your doctor about the best dosages of diabetes medication when using an artificial sweetener in place of sugar in your diet.Among artificial sweeteners, xylitol is one of the safest choices.

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