Neonatal hypoglycemia is low blood sugar (glucose) in the first few days after birth. Causes Babies need sugar (glucose) for energy. Even the most compliant diabetes patient is likely to experience hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, from time to time. Given the proper education, patients with diabetes can better manage their condition and decrease the incidence of hypoglycemic episodes. The mainstay treatment for mild to moderate episodes of hypoglycemia is glucose.1 There are various nonprescription products available for treating mild to moderate cases of hypoglycemia in the form of glucose tablets, gels, and drinks. At the onset of symptoms, patients should be instructed to immediately test their blood glucose levels if possible.

It is imperative that patients and caregivers be thoroughly educated on the proper use of the glucagon kit in order to be prepared during an emergency. It is essential that patients understand the importance of recognizing and immediately treating any symptoms of hypoglycemia, as severe hypoglycemia may result in unconsciousness, coma, and seizures.
Most of that glucose is used by the brain. The developing baby gets glucose from the mother through the placenta. Recognizing the signs and symptoms of hypoglycemia and the factors that can contribute to it are key components of diabetic care. Patients should be advised to routinely check the expiration dates on their glucagon kits and replace them if necessary.

This is especially true for babies with lower-than-average weight or whose mothers have diabetes. Possible Complications Severe or long-term hypoglycemia may lead to brain damage, affecting normal mental function.

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