Diabetic Ketoacidosis (DKA) is a life-threatening emergency condition that often occurs in patients with type I Diabetes. The early stages of cancer may be asymptomatic, but a malignant tumor will eventually grow–large enough to be detected. Other symptoms include persistent headaches, chronic pain in bones and various areas of the body, persistent fatigue, persistent low-grade fever and repeated infection. Nurses are encouraged to provide as much care and comfort as possible to patients with cancer.
Priorities of care include provision of information about the disease, prevention of complications, promotion of comfort and preservation of optimal physiological functioning. It occurs when the sugar (glucose) in your body is not enough to be used as fuel for cells. The more it grows, the more it presses on nerves, producing pain and interfering with bodily functions. Interventions (CANCER) should be focused on patient’s comfort, altered body image, nutrition, chemotherapy, response to medications and respite for caretakers.

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This can be done by eating a healthy diet getting regular physical activity and taking insulin if ordered by doctors or health care providers. Results of studies into the use of the aromatic spice for diabetes have been mixed and the American Diabetes Association discounts its use gestational diabetes mellitus revisited management guidelines in the treatment of diabetes. We are now taking a harder look at our addiction and realizing that our mid-day crashes and spikes (along with daily irritability) can all be attributed to the amount of sugar we are taking in. I try to not go on my phone or listen to music, or even read a book, because I like conversation.

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