Your child has been newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and we are aware that you may be feeling emotional, confused and shocked about the diagnosis and may have many questions about what is happening and where to go from here. Everything that you will need to know about diabetes and managing it will come in time but for now we will be teaching you the basics to manage your child’s diabetes in the next few days. The rest of the information regarding the diagnosis will be done in follow up appointments in the next few days and weeks and you will be in daily telephonic contact with the doctor or your educator. There is a lot to learn about managing your child’s diabetes in the beginning and you cannot possibly learn it all in one day. YOUR CHILD IS FIRST AND FOREMOST STILL A CHILD BEFORE THEY HAVE DIABETES AND DIABETES NEEDS TO FIT INTO THEIR LIFESTYLE NOT THE OTHER WAY ROUND.
You and your child are not alone in managing this condition, of course you have to do all the daily working in managing good blood glucose control, but our diabetes team will help you every step of the way. This manual is designed to help you with all the basic survival tools to look after your child, but each day will be a learning experience. Simply defined it is lack of insulin secreted from the pancreas, resulting in high levels of sugar (glucose) in the blood. When your child has diabetes it means that they have too much glucose (sugar) in their blood. Diabetes is not currently curable; however with proper management such as insulin injections and blood glucose testing, proper meal plans and regular exercise your child can have a normal long happy life, both physically and emotionally.
Your child should be eating meals that are balanced with carbohydrates (sugars and starches), fats and protein (mostly meat).
Carbohydrates are broken down in your child’s stomach, converted to glucose and absorbed into the blood stream as one of the major sources of energy for the body.
The pancreas senses the rise in blood glucose levels and secretes the right amount of insulin to move the glucose out of the blood stream into their cells. Quite simply insulin is secreted every time we eat and a slow release in the background between meals.
As your child does not produce insulin anymore they rely on their insulin injections to provide meal time coverage and the background insulin needs. This is a snap shot of your body during the night when your liver is releasing stored glucose back into your blood stream to supply a constant amount of glucose to the brain while you sleep.
When food enters your stomach, the carbohydrates get broken down into glucose and the glucose gets absorbed into your blood stream and your blood glucose level starts rising. If your pancreas is working, it samples the amount of glucose in the blood stream and produces the right amount of insulin and releases the insulin into the blood stream The insulin opens the cells and allows the sugar in and blood sugar will come down.
If you do not have insulin you have no problem getting the carbohydrate into the blood stream but have no way of opening up the cells to let the sugar in and your blood sugar levels stay high. High blood sugar gets filtered by the kidneys and glucose ends up in the urine, therefore it causes increased urine flow and your child will urinate a lot and therefore drink a lot to catch up. When your body cannot use glucose for energy it will find another source of energy and you will get these other sources of energy from your body breaking down your muscle and you will loose weight and feel weak and tired and you will also break down fat and produce ketones which makes you sick.
There are 5 main food groups that make up a balanced healthy diet in order for your child’s body to get all the vitamins, minerals and nutrients they require to function at its optimum.
The main food groups can be divided into 3 nutrient groups which have individual effects on the body.
Proteins – These nutrients are our bodies’ growth foods and have little effect on the blood glucose levels. Fats – These foods are also energy foods in the body; however they have twice the amount of calories than carbohydrates and therefore are to be kept to a minimum, in order to protect the heart and other vital organs.
The rate of absorption of glucose in and out of the blood stream is called the glycaemia index (GI).
High GI (HGI) foods are absorbed quickly into the blood stream and tend to raise blood glucose levels quickly. Intermediate GI (IGI) foods are absorbed at a gradual rate and have less of a rise on the blood glucose values.
Low GI foods (LGI) are absorbed very slowly into the blood stream and tend to keep blood glucose values more stable for longer periods than HGI and IGI foods. There are different ways to measure carbohydrates and relate them to the effect they will have on your blood glucose level, this concept is called carbohydrate counting and is a very useful tool to use. Carbohydrates are divided in two main groups and the sugar group is further divided in 3 groups. Most foods have nutritional information on the packaging, so these are easy to read and determine.
Diabetic products are not usually encouraged as they are poorly marketed, costly and they only remove sucrose form the product but still have other glucose products in them, therefore they are not completely free ( Unless the total carbs on the nutritional label says 0 grams) and will still raise the blood glucose levels. Your child’s Diet needs to be individualised and you should see a dietician who understands children with diabetes to structure something for your child individually. Sugar is allowed in small to moderate amounts and will make up part of your carb value at meals.
Proteins get broken down into glucose very slowly in the blood stream and only 50-60% of protein gets converted to Glucose, making it an ideal food for your child to eat as a snack or as the main portion of a meal.
Testing your child’s blood glucose levels regularly, will help you to achieve daily blood glucose targets and it is your only tool to help you administer the correct dose of insulin or see what changes need to made to food or exercise etc. Before each meal and at bedtime, and at any other time you think you may be low or very high.
If you are having problems with higher or lower blood sugars email or fax through the last 3-4 days results and insulin doses being used and we can help you make adjustments. The risk of long term diabetes complications is related to overall blood glucose control that is above ranges for many years.
Push the plunger all the way down –if using pens, hold for 10 sec and if using syringes hold for 2 sec. Let go of your pinch before pulling out the needle, this will prevent the insulin from leaking out. If they are having lots of issues with injections or have a severe needle phobia we can use insulin ports to deliver insulin through.
Most often when you have a low blood glucose value your body will give you warning signs – here are some symptoms, it’s also best that you recognise your individual symptoms and treat a low blood glucose values as soon as possible. Don’t get into the habit of over treating low blood sugars and getting a high blood sugar thereafter by feeding them too much.
Give the above treatment and recheck blood glucose values again after 15-20 min if they still complain of feeling low. NB Insulin must be given before a meal if your child was low, you will fix the low blood glucose and then give the normal dose of insulin before that meal, you will need insulin to store that food eaten in the cells of the body otherwise the next blood sugar will be high – they will not go low again!
If your child is confused and unable to swallow – rub condensed milk, syrup, honey or glucose syrup onto the gums if that does not raise the blood glucose levels Glucagon needs to be used.
Blood glucose values need to be checked every 3 hour for next 6 hours after a severe episode.
High blood glucose values above target along with high HbA1c’s over many years can lead to complications associated with diabetes. When a diabetic child is ill, it is a very unstable time as blood glucose values may fluctuate erratically.
Diabetic children need there insulin when they are sick, sometimes even larger doses, even if they do not want to eat, insulin must NEVER be skipped and the types of foods or liquids may need to be adjusted along with the amount of insulin.
Encourage your child to eat their usual meal or something from the list below if there stomach is upset or they are having difficulty eating. If your child is vomiting and there are no Ketones they need to have small sips of fluid every 15 minutes to avoid dehydration. Medicines for fever, pain, decongestants, runny tummy or nausea, coughs and colds may contain small amounts of sugar.
In the absence of insulin your body cannot use your glucose for energy provided by the food you eat.
When Ketones are detected you should contact your Dr, Educator or the 24 hour emergency hot line, so they can advise you on clearing the Ketones. Diabetes camps are one of the best experiences that a child with diabetes can have and it is advisable that you allow your child to be involved in this experience, especially when they are newly diagnosed.
Camp is a place for your child to learn self-confidence, independence from mom and dad, to be with other kids with diabetes, and simply to have a great time as well as have the opportunity to make lifelong friends. We interact with each other, learn teamwork, make friends, survival skills and time to play, be creative and do some rhythm workshop and have lots of FUN, FUN, FUN!! The purpose of this note is to let you know the implications of diabetes and how it may affect me at school. If there are any questions please write them down and I will get my parents or my doctor to answer them for you.
The main dangers that arise from diabetes at school are low blood glucose values or hypoglycemia. If I experience a low blood glucose value during class I will need to test my blood glucose values and I will need to eat foods that have glucose in them to raise my blood glucose values again.
If I am unconscious or have a seizure from a low blood glucose value I will need to be injected with the following injection called glucagon that will increase my blood glucose values.
When I wake up please give me sips of juice or coke and check my blood glucose every 5-10min. There may be some side effects 30 min after the injection such as: Nausea,vomiting, bloating and headache.
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Hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar, is a serious condition that can occur in young pup­pies, especially toy breeds. If a puppy is bright, alert and bouncing one minute, but is down, depressed and disoriented the next, it could be a sign of hypoglycemia. Clinical signs of hypoglycemia can vary according to how rapidly the blood glucose falls below normal.
This condition is typically caused by a puppy being unable to adapt to less frequent feeding during the post-weaning period. In order to prevent or limit hypoglycemia, be sure that the puppies have food available at all times and you monitore for adequate consumption.

The condition usually resolves in a short period of time with steady food intake, stress reduction and maturity.
About once a week or so I will write a pet related article or alerts about food recalls, new over the counter medication, proposed pet laws etc. Prevent diabetes-related complications such as blindness, nerve damage, kidney failure, heart disease and limb amputation. People with type 1 diabetes should eat about the same times each day and try to be consistent with the types of foods they select.
The American Diabetes Association (American Diabetes Association) and the American Dietetic Association (American Dietetic Association) provide information on planning a healthy, balanced diet. Regular exercise helps control the amount of glucose, as well as burn excess calories and fat to achieve a healthy weight. Regular self-monitoring of blood glucose tells you and your doctor how well are diet, exercise and diabetes medications. A doctor or diabetes educator will help you establish a schedule for you to review at home.
Testing will provide valuable information, so the doctor can suggest improvements in the care and treatment.
Keeping accurate records of test results will help you and your doctor plan the best way to control your diabetes. The American Diabetes Association (American Diabetes Association) recommends maintaining blood glucose levels in a range based on age. April 1, 2016 By Captain Maiel Leave a Comment It’s time again for another episode of Shagbottom Theater! If you like what you read, sign up for the newsletter to have my posts sent to you once a week in an email.
March 21, 2016 By Captain Maiel Leave a Comment Usually I allow Sadie to speak for herself, which generally works out well.
My response was to feed her dry food with yogurt for the cultures of good bacteria in the morning, and cottage cheese in the evening to keep her stool firm. Since switching to this new food, I have not had to give Sadie yogurt or cottage cheese to maintain her balance. The point of all of this is to hopefully make someone who might be struggling with a similar issue find an alternative for their pet that works.
If you’re dog is exhibiting these symptoms and not responding to antibiotics and probiotics, see if it might be an allergy. March 4, 2016 By Captain Maiel Leave a Comment It’s time again for another episode of Shagbottom Theater! February 12, 2016 By Captain Maiel 2 Comments There was no Marley and Me moment (book by John Grogan, Film 2008). When my hormones started going nuts, and my body started changing (I made it to 7 weeks with a blighted ovum), there was no alteration in Sadie’s behavior. First things, I want you to look long and hard at the image in this photo before you follow through on a knee jerk or even semi thought out adoption or buy of a pet this holiday season.
I don’t mean to be sarcastic (or maybe I do because of the persistence of the problem), but it always seems that people do not consider the full job that pets become when you accept them into your life. Did you know the #1 reason people give for returning an animal is that they didn’t realize the commitment necessary was so extensive?
Many pets that come into shelters are elderly, and the families no longer wan to give them time after the years the pets have given them, because it’s too hard or too expensive. The majority of shelters in the US euthanize animals after a week or two weeks of being in the facility. Films featuring specific animal breeds spur on the pet trade for that pet and result in a high rate of shelter animals.
Get a print subscription to Reader's Digest and instantly enjoy free digital access on any device. The autoimmune disorder MS is called "the great masquerader" because its symptoms are so easy to brush off as something else. While this might seem like a handy talent, drinking a lot and yet hardly peeing is not a good thing. We're all familiar with that prickly pins-and-needles feeling when we stand up after we've leaned on an arm or leg for too long, temporarily cutting off blood flow. Who hasn't "lost" their sunglasses only to have a friend laughingly point out they are on your head?
We will use your email address to send you the newsletter each week, and we may also send you occasional special offers from Reader's Digest. Some people like to travel by train because ?it combines the slowness of a car with the cramped public exposure of ?an airplane. Your child is unique and you will learn in time how diet, exercise and different life situations affect your child’s blood sugar levels. There is a “genetic predisposition” (inherited factor) that needs to be present for the process to start and a viral infection can be the external trigger required to start the immune attack. The food your child eats’, especially carbohydrates are broken down into glucose and stored in their cells for energy now or later so that your child can perform their daily activities like, learning, running, swimming and playing and more importantly having fun. This is usually achieved by using 2 or 3 kinds of insulin, usually a long acting (background insulin) and a rapid acting insulin (meal time insulin).
Half of the protein we eat gets converted to glucose over a long period of time so it has a gradual rise on the blood glucose levels. Fats are needed for cell growth and protection for organs and are a very important part in children’s growth and development.
The following pictures are a few examples of the main carbohydrates consumed and they are all measured in 1 carbohydrate value. Below are a few typical foods that have been measured in 1 carbohydrate value they may not necessarily have nutritional information on them and they may need to be learned with time. Complications are obviously one of your concerns as a parent, but if you and your child work hard at getting the blood glucose values as close to target as often as possible so complications can be prevented. Injecting in the same area too often will cause scar tissue and lumps in the area and the insulin absorption is then unpredictable and poor. Areas that can be damaged from high blood glucose levels are the: eyes, kidneys, heart and feet. Anti-nausea suppositories can be given every 6 hours, if your child needs a second suppository call your Dr. I know this may make you feel scared or worried to have me in your class as there are a lot of misconceptions about my condition. I would like to explain my diabetes and I am sure you will see that I can lead a normal life jut like any other child in your class. It's essential that a new puppy owner be able to recognize, prevent and treat this hazardous condition. Early recognition and proper treatment is the key to preventing potentially serious health consequences. The maintenance of proper bloodsugar levels is vital, as the puppy's brain is entirely dependent on blood sugar as a source of energy.
A rapid fall results in dilated (enlarged) pupils, increased heart rate, nervous­ness, tremors, vocalizing and irritability. The veterinarian may start an intravenous line or subcutaneous fluids if the condition warrants it. If you think your puppy may be suffering from hypo­glycemia, be sure to reach out to a vet­erinarian immediately. The alerts and news items will be in the E-mail, most lengthy articles will be linked back to my web-site.
Due to the sudden onset and severity of symptoms in type 1 diabetes, it is possible for people newly diagnosed with diabetes need to stay in the hospital.
The doctor will check blood glucose levels to determine the appropriate type of insulin you should use.
Your doctor will help you set a goal for the level of sugar that should have during the day.
But, in real life, Miss Sue can’t and understanding her needs can sometimes become difficult. Of course, I took her to the vet and they put her on probiotics and antiobiotics and all sorts of things to get her tummy straightened.
I wrote the dog food company about what was happening, and bless them they checked the batch and sent me vouchers for free bags. It’s only been a year since I switched her food, but the change in her coat and stools is dramatic.
Your veterinarian can do a test, and switching their foods and avoiding grain-based table scraps is not a bad idea to start with.
Did she not change because she had no fear that she might harm a baby, because there wasn’t anything there but an empty sac? It does cause cramping, which is what has to happen to loosen the tissue and help it exit the body. Getting a pet should never be a whim, and you can’t gift an animal to another person as a surprise because you need to be sure their personalities mesh.
They have lived among animals for years and see their eccentricities and have put in a lot of hours caring for them. But if you frequently have a hard time telling colors apart, especially when it used to be easy for you, that is a red flag. This painful symptom, a hallmark of MS, is often one of the first that drives people to see a doctor.
People may just think they have bad balance but having weakness in one or both of your legs—which often first manifests as tripping, stumbling, unsteadiness, and falling—could be a sign that something is wrong with your motor nerves, Dr. But if you get numbness, burning, or a tingly sensation in your extremities for no apparent reason, that's something you need to get checked out. Segil explains, adding that it usually means there is an MS lesion in the back region of the brain. While it is certainly possible to get an MS diagnosis earlier or later in life, one of the greatest tragedies of the autoimmune disease is that it often strikes people in their physical prime.

But if you're not just having a forgetful moment—if you really can't feel that you're holding or touching an object—then you need to see a doctor, stat.
We were sitting on the runway, and he said, “OK, folks, we’re gonna be taking off in a just few—whoa!
Sometimes a viral infection can trigger diabetes in some children, but you could not have stopped diabetes from happening.
Insulin directs the uptake of glucose into the cells either to meet immediate energy needs or to store it for later use.
These foods make excellent snacks between meals and will not require extra insulin, further more it can be eaten when blood glucose values are high in order to prevent them from raising further. They raise the blood glucose values and are the foods groups that need to be kept under control in order to manage diabetes. Unless you are sick, then it necessary for you to test more often, especially when you have ketones, then you will need to test hourly. The HbA1c is a way to measure this; it looks at the amount of glucose attached to your red blood cells.
The high blood glucose levels damage all the small nerves and arteries to the organs mentioned above, however if you and your child manage your diabetes effectively you will not develop diabetes complications. Cortisone and or steroid containing medications cannot be taken, they increase Blood glucose levels aggressively the list is below. HOWEVER once your child has the above symptoms but starts to vomit and have difficulty breathing it can no longer be managed at home - the Dr needs to be contacted and your child will need to be admitted. A gradual fall in blood glucose can result in visual disturbances (apparent blindness), mental dullness, confusion, seizures, decreased heart rate and coma. Follow his or her advice and, in most cases, treat­ment of this condition will be 100 per­cent successful. If you would like to get an E-mail notification, I would appreciated very much if you would sign up and give me permission to E-mail you. You can mix more than one type of insulin in one injection to achieve better control of blood glucose. People with type 1 diabetes must take special precautions before, during and after any exercise or strenuous physical activity. The results can be used to adjust diet, exercise or medication to keep blood glucose levels within an appropriate range. Usually, you prick your finger with a small needle called a lancet to get a tiny drop of blood. The poor dear suffered but swabs and other indignities to figure out what was wrong with her. I was so glad because, even though it was low and fat free stuff, it was extra calories my dog did not need.
It was only a matter of time that she came out with her endorsement as a parade of celebrities already have before her.
I watched her to see if there was any change in her behavior from the moment I had found out I was pregnant straight through the loss of that pregnancy. Sadie loves me very much, and is far more empathetic than Pepper under normal circumstances. I wish I could take her, but I know my home is not the right home for her right now, because I have a dog and my roommate has two cats; there is a baby downstairs that has to be considered as well.
Imagine, if you will, that the cute puppy you have just got to have is really a toddler—for the next 15 years at least. You’ve no business being a backyard breeder as this only exacerbates the issues of pet overpopulation and abuse. Becoming partially blind, color blind, or blind in one eye is one of the primary symptoms of multiple sclerosis, says Clifford Segil, DO, a neurologist at Providence Saint John's Health Center in Santa Monica, California.
The nerve damage from the illness primarily affects your motor, sensory, and coordination abilities, which can lead to feelings of disorientation and dizziness. The inability to feel temperature changes with your hands is another sign you may have MS-induced nerve damage, Dr.
But the earlier MS is caught, the earlier you can start treatment and the better you can protect your nervous system. If undetected or untreated your child could develop DIABETIC KETOACIDOSIS (DKA), this is a medical emergency and they will need to be hospitalised. Both scenarios can also result in dehydration and hypothermia (decreased body temperature). If nutrition is not provided on a fre­quent schedule, body glucose stores may become depleted. We are not responsible from problems arising from the implementation of the information contained on this site. The rescue group that helped me save her had recommended a Canidae product, which I never put her on once I weened her over to the same diet I had my Jack Russell on, a Blue Buffalo formula.
Max, because he was often dehydrated from not drinking (he always had a giant bowl full of fresh water at paw twenty-four seven. She was already chunked up quite enough on the fresh meats, fruits and vegetables I share with her (and, yes, some junk too). Thankfully, I had the support of family and friends who helped me get her walked, and fed, while making sure I was fed and not having complications. I’m shooting straight here, because I am angry as hell about this continuing to be an issue year after year. As for protection, you had best be investing in a lot of expensive and time consuming training to control that dog, or you’re sentencing them to death. If you feel poorly and have strange sensory-motor symptoms, it's important to make sure you're tested. In between meals and during fasting low levels of insulin regulate the amount of glucose produced from the liver (your body’s main glucose store). Children, especially very young children have different targets to adults as they don’t always detect there low blood glucose values and very low HbA1c‘s are not suitable for them and they are individualized to the child. Tests may be needed more often when you are sick, under stress or adjusting the dose of insulin.
I figure that since dogs lives are so short and they give us so much in that time, the least I can do is return some fun and love the best way I know how. Doggy diets matter for a number of reasons: cost, allergies, weight, over all health—to name the main ones. In 2013, Max passed from lymphoma and I have this horrible fear it was the Blue Buffalo food I was giving him.
Thanks to a local chain of pet food stores, Benson’s, I was able to find Hollistic Select.
She still tore ass down the stairs, and dragged me up the alley, and over the ice with little to no care that her actions might hurt me. Most days I was alone, but they were just a call away—as is 9-1-1 if you are concerned things are not going as they should. I think being kind and gentle has had little to no effect on waking people up to this reality. To get a definitive diagnosis you'll need an MRI scan, which can show "lesions" or spots of demyelination, where the disease has eaten away at the protective coating over your nerves in your brain and spine, he says. Every year we are closer to a cure and the tools and knowledge we have to manage diabetes improve. Take food that contains a fast-acting carbohydrate in case blood sugar levels get too low during or after exercise. I have no proof to substantiate that whatsoever, just a weird feeling (gotta blame something, right). In the back of my head, I had an experience that my neighbor at the time was going through with his chocolate lab, Maggie. However, the animals that do this are trained to recognize a smell and signal the handler that they have detected it, in return for a treat. I was down for five days, uncomfortable for seven, and bleeding for more than 10 days (the link to the blighted ovum above, describes miscarriage symptoms as minor, and that just pisses me off. I don’t like wet food because it causes a lot of tartar build up on their back teeth.
Her shoulders and rib cage are still retaining weight, but I’m hopeful that this summer will see that shed. Of course they smell something, but they don’t know to let you know they smell this thing, or that it really matters.
Your body passes the tissues, letting every piece be felt for extra measure—and oh the blood. My gut cinches at the thought of her being abandoned and neglected by her first family and I will never allow that to happen to her again. As you change the intensity or duration of exercise, you may need to modify your diet or medication to keep blood glucose levels in an appropriate range. As we know with humans, grieving affects one’s well-being and can exacerbate illnesses that already exist. It wasn’t her gut, but it was infections caused by a bacteria build up due to the irritations by the allergy.
It’s unlike your period, and yet like your period, if your period were a craven terrorist stamping on your hopes and dreams and mocking you with a blackened grin of hate. You’ll want to introduce your baby to your new baby in a quiet way and supervise them (always). And, please, do not get a pet because you think it’s just the cutest thing ever, and will look great carried about in a purse. When the clerk at the pet store recommended Hollistic Select, for it’s pro and prebiotics, as well as grain free qualities, I was pretty sure that was the stuff my neighbor told me about.

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