Leveraging technology to stay connected with your money is more than a luxury—it’s a necessity.
Your members entrust you with their money—now that’s a responsibility to keep you awake at night. Cubus One allows you to shape the member’s online experience to meet your operational and marketing goals. They need access to banking services any time, anywhere and on whatever device is convenient. Set rules and present offers and services online, in notifications, in statements or emails.  Use this powerful platform as an educational tool by driving messages and campaigns based on member data. You can customize the member dashboard and lock down core service windows such as Account Summary, Message Center, banner ad space and more.

The defenders struggle to keep control as two attackers take the competition to become the new ruler of Splatalot down to the wire.
Cubus One offers 24-hour connectivity with a comprehensive suite of services empowering them to manage and move their money at their convenience. Using a predefined list of service windows (or widgets), they can arrange and organize the dashboard to their liking.
To remain competitive, you need an online banking solution to seamlessly integrate with your core system while delivering real-time, and secure, banking services to your members. Powerful marketing analytics allow you to target individuals with credit card offers, rewards programs, special loan rates, etc. Members can also configure tiered access to their personal and business accounts, allowing other users to view or even perform transactions.

Cubus One features a helpful alert system to remind them of important tasks or transactions.
Our development process and meticulous product testing reflect our commitment to safeguarding your member’s money—and your reputation.

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