Not only for those who are looking for a safe diagnosis for diabetes but also those who are at a high risk should adhere to effective home treatments for the same.
Having the correct food items will not only give you visible outcomes in a couple of weeks but also prove to be safe and sound to the body. Also, it is a very rich source of carbohydrate and also has various other advantages like lowering cholesterol and weight loss.
Though most of the vegetables are considered good for a healthy body, there are some particular ones that help a long way in treating high blood sugar levels. Stop drinking soda and sweetened drinks that can worsen the levels of high blood sugar in the body. Fats are that category of nutrients that is not required by the body with high levels of sugar. The ideal blood sugar level is between 70 to 110 on fasting (before food) and 90 to 140 post paranadial (after food).
Oral medications are used to control blood sugar levels in type 2 diabetes and only in extreme cases insulin dosage is suggested. If you are prone to rising levels of blood glucose and are looking for a suitable diet, then you are at the right page. To lower elevated blood sugar levels you should include following types of foods in your regular diet. Low Carb Foods: A low carb diabetic diet not only helps control the diabetes but it also helps reverse prediabetes (diabetes detected at an early stage). Low Glycemic Foods: Most patients of type 2 diabetes suffer from obesity and high cholesterol levels. Oatmeal: Oatmeal, which is high in nutritional value, helps reduce cholesterol levels in the body. Complex High Fiber Carbohydrates: Consumption of complex carbohydrates like cereals, legumes, peas, lentils, dried beans, whole grain products, that are packed with fiber helps control blood sugar levels. You must have noticed that following a low carb, low sugar, low fat diet is not at all difficult.
The white rice, flour and bread are the foods diabetics should avoid at all time, because these foods release more amount of sugar in the blood.
Sweets are rich in fat and sugar, so it should be avoided by the diabetic to control the glucose level. Garlic contains an active substance called allicin that has been found to reduce blood pressure levels.
Apart from garlic, people with hypertension can also benefit from cucumbers and apple cider vinegar.
In addition to diet, your physical activity also has an effect on your blood pressure level.
Having the right kind of foods and keeping a balanced diet will help you a long way in maintaining the equilibrium. However, one thing that you need to keep in mind is to avoid having sweetened form of oatmeal. A regular intake of a bowl of oatmeal will reduce the glucose levels in the body thus helping you out with the diabetes.Along with oatmeal, you can also use substitutes like barley or any other kind of whole grains in case of high blood sugar.
Anyone of them if eaten in good amounts daily will give you desired results in a couple of days. Substitute the same by drinking good amounts of water each day that will not only manage the weight and help control diabetes but have other wonderful effects as well.

Even if you do have it, keep it at a minimum level or substitute the hydrogenated oils with healthier options like olive oil and nuts.
Ideally one should try to control the blood sugar through diet control and exercise; medication should be considered the last resort. Consume foods with low glycemic index so that the blood sugar level does not increase rapidly. Controlling blood sugar levels with proper diet is the most simple and natural way of fighting diabetes. The hormone insulin produced by the pancreas plays an important role in controlling blood glucose levels. After checking the calorie count and sugar count, two to four servings of fruits like blackberries, cantaloupes, strawberries, oranges, apples, bananas, peaches, pears, apricots, mango, raisins and grapes, are usually recommended. During the process of digestion, sugars (simple carbohydrates) and starches (complex carbohydrates) are converted into glucose. You can definitely control your diabetes naturally with the help of a balanced, fiber rich and healthy diet. The diabetic patient should have clear idea about the diabetic type he suffers, because for each type the food habits are different.
Processed foods are more dangerous for diabetic patients, because most of the processed food products contain salts, additives and sweeteners.
The diabetic can replace the white foods with whole grains like barley, oatmeal, whole grain breads and brown rice.
The high level of fiber in these will help you out.Try and stay away from vegetables like potatoes, corn, peas, lima beans and squash. Some other foods that are suggested to be included in the diet of people with high sugar are strawberries, cinnamon, sugar free sparkling water, lean meats and salmon.
Awareness about high sugar foods is necessary to control blood sugar through diet and maintain ideal sugar levels. A moderate amount of exercise like walking for 30 to 40 minutes daily has shown considerable changes in the sugar level. Consult your doctor if you have any other health complications before you start exercising. Except for type 1 diabetes, doctors advise managing the blood sugar levels through diet control and exercise alone and to start on medication as a last resort.
Insufficient production of insulin leads to type 1 diabetes while diminished response of the cells to insulin results in type 2 diabetes. Consumption of such food helps lower the risk of heart diseases or poly-cystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). It is necessary to include all such vegetables in your diet, if you want to control high blood sugar levels. Oatmeal diabetic diet can be a perfect diet for diabetics but it should be designed under the guidance of your physician or dietitian. Simple carbs get converted into sugar fast and hence are responsible for a quick rise in blood sugar.
The diabetic patients should be more careful about their food, because food habit is directly related to blood sugar level and insulin production. The components in these foods are capable of increasing the blood sugar level, so the user needs to read the label while buying these types of foods. If not controlled at the right time, high blood sugar can actually lead to hazardous health crisis that might leave permanent effects on the body. Never exercise on an empty stomach and always carry a short eat in case you feel giddy or experience fainting spells because of low sugars.

Taking into consideration your body mass index (BMI), the dietitian may suggest a 1500 - 1800 calorie diabetic diet, the major portion of which would be fiber rich green, leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. Small quantities of avocado oil, pure olive oil, sesame oil, soybean oil, etc., which provide healthy fats can be used for cooking. Complex carbs are not easily digested by the body and hence they do not cause severe blood glucose fluctuations. The foods diabetics should avoid are carbohydrates and fats, which boots up the blood sugar level. The diabetic patients should completely avoid drinking fruit juices and instead of juices they can prefer whole fruits.
The apples, berries, orange and pears contain high quality fiber and this fiber slows down the absorption of sugar in the blood.
Include foods like ragi, millets, and whole wheat foods that are a good source of dietary fibers. Since carbohydrates are converted into glucose, their quantity determines or affects the blood sugar levels to a great extent.
Low fat milk and yogurt can be consumed while you can replace meat with tofu, fish and poultry.
The main source of glucose is carbohydrates and hence you should be more careful while selecting the carbs. The juices will not fill the stomach and the sugar content in the juices boosts up the sugar level. In the foods diabetics should avoid the salt usage by half in recipes and can alternate the salt with other spices. The caffeine in the  coffee is said to block the hormone responsible for keeping arteries widened. It takes time to break down and digest such foods so they do not release sugars in to the blood stream rapidly. Diabetics need to follow a specially designed high blood sugar diet wherein they are expected to incorporate the foods that help lower the amount of sugar in blood. The dried fruits contain fibers and nutrients, but the problem is the sugar is concentrated in the fruit during the de-hydration process. Whatever may be the food the fat content should be reduced and some of the fat content foods are burger, cheese, butter and bacon. Caffeine also prompts the release of more adrenaline, which is also a known blood pressure raiser. Some fish like salmon and mackerel are high in omega 3 fatty acids which help lower triglycerides (type of fats) levels in blood. Cut the dry fruit foods diabetics should avoid and try to stick with fresh natural fruits as much as possible. Cut down on the intake of tea and coffee and try healthier substitutes like green tea and other herbal teas. Avoid alcohol at any cost. Even if you take moderate amounts of alcohol make sure it is an accompaniment to a meal as alcohol in empty stomach is detrimental to a diabetic.

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