From instruments and reagents to informatics and services — all you need to keep your lab productive. A couple who lost an infant daughter to a rare metabolic disease is working with PerkinElmer to introduce newborn screening technology to Pakistan. The GSP® is a high throughput batch analyzer intended for quantitative or qualitative measurement of neonatal screening samples on 96-well microplates. TQD (Tandem Quadrupole Detector) represents the latest MSMS instrumentation for newborn screening applications.
Certain genetic disorders in new born babies, while rare, can be harmful, or even deadly, if they go undetected.
When I was five, I underwent a number of blood tests and needles when doctors were trying to diagnose a knee problem. Years later, when I was pregnant with my son, I had to get over my fears and start going to the doctor.

Her no-bull-tooty attitude scared me more than the needle and so I got over it and took the needle.
We got through it together and then we went to McDonald’s so he could get a strawberry milkshake (for being such a good boy).
And mommy got a coffee (for being such a good girl) and to make sure she didn’t faint driving home. The Alberta Children’s Hospital Caring For Kids Radiothon 2014 is this week from Feb. Please upgrade to Internet Explorer version 10 or higher or install Google Chrome or Firefox to fully experience this site.
Linh Hoang, Vice President, Neonatal Screening, at PerkinElmer, talks about the challenges, opportunities, and company activities to address the need for newborn screening in India. Early detection of metabolic and other inherited disorders helps improve the lives of children and their families.We offer screening tests for over 50 disorders that are easily performed on a single heel prick blood sample taken at birth using our instruments or, in the US, by our service labs.

Which blood tube do you like the best?” my little guy asked me as we sat in our cubicle waiting for his blood to be taken.
You didn’t tell me which tube you liked best,” my son repeated, while looking at the shelf lined with tubes that had plastic lids in every colour of the rainbow. There were much scarier words like cancer bandied about before doctors settled on cyst.) I had surgery at SickKids in Toronto, followed by weeks of rehab. Instead of playing with my friends at school, I spent weeks at home, learning how to walk again.

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