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Heredity, sedentary habit, bad eating habits, etc are some of the risk factors for hemorrhoids.
Hemorrhoids called ‘piles’ in layman’s terminology are one of the growing problems faced mainly by the people of middle and old age.
Though the genetic disposition is the prime factor; certain risk factors (mostly modifiable) have been identified for development, aggravation, and chronicity of hemorrhoids. Heredity- Our genetic make up is one of the major factors for development and aggravation of hemorrhoids. Untreated conditions- Certain conditions like colitis, diarrheas, dysenteries, etc can be the pre-disposing factors for hemorrhoids if left untreated for long. Chronic constipation- Chronic constipation has myriad of causes ranging from unhealthy eating habits to sedentary work-style. Sedentary habits- People working in sitting postures for long time have higher risk of developing hemorrhoids.
Some serious illnesses- Systemic or portal hypertension, inferior vena-caval congestion, rectal cancer, cardiac or pulmonary diseases, etc also may lead to hemorrhoids. Complications like strangulation of piles, profuse hemorrhage, thrombosis, ulceration, and rarely gangrene may occur if hemorrhoids are left untreated for long. As per this approach, any disease including hemorrhoids is treated individually after carefully considering the physical, mental, and emotional symptomatology of the person.

The homeopathic medicines like Aloe soc, Collinsonia, Hamamelis, Muriatic acid, Thuja, Aesculus, Ratanhia, Nux vomica, Kali carb, Ammonium carb, Kali carb, Phosphorus, etc work marvelously when indicated homeopathically in a particular case of hemorrhoids. Ans- Yes, the aptly selected homeopathic medicines can help one get rid of hemorrhoids completely. Ans- The duration of treatment depends upon the stage of hemorrhoids and the existing signs and symptoms.
We are the healthiest we’ve ever been and have reduced the time taken to recover from viruses and other illnesses.
People across the globe can seek her guidance here for the treatment of their intractable health problems and live a healthy life they always wished for! Early intervention with milder therapies like homeopathy is possible, so that the surgery can be avoided. Enhanced pressure within the rectum and anus is the prime reason for protrusion of hemorrhoids and even per rectal bleeding. Even conventionally, medicinal treatment is commenced first and later interventional therapies are sought after if the medicinal therapies fail to achieve desired results. The homeopathic medicines work on the principle of “like cures like” and many different medicinal substances are used in varied potencies to help cure hemorrhoids (or any other disease for that matter). Certain miasmatic dispositions are described in homeopathy and every individual has predominance of some miasm. The pain, inflammation, itching, bleeding per rectum, etc can be effectively tackled with accurate simillimum chosen homeopathically.
Especially the people with sedentary working habits have to get moving, as lack of physical movement is one of the chief factors contributing to increased incidence of hemorrhoids these days. However, the treatment must be sought from an expert and one should not try to self-medicate. However, one must make sure to undergo all the depicted investigations and follow all the guidelines laid by the expert homeopathic physician.

We have utilised a range of services including Bowen, UltraLite, homeopathy and naturopathy.
The incidence of hemorrhoids is increasing day by day, thanks to our modern lifestyles and irregular and junk eating habits. Large supply of arterial blood to hemorrhoidal plexus is also found in certain families. However, if the hemorrhoids are associated with one or more symptoms like pain in abdomen, strangulation, excessive hemorrhage, etc, some other investigations like sigmoidoscopy, rectoscopy, or colonoscopy may be required to rule out other potential dangers. They can also be called as pre-dispositions or susceptibilities of an individual suffering from certain disease traits. Expert homeopathic intervention is must, as deriving the constitutional prescription is more of an art that needs to be mastered and without the constitutional approach, it is hard to find perfect cure from hemorrhoids. Exercise also helps to get rid of hemorrhoids faster by reducing the tendency to constipation and pressure on hemorrhoidal veins. However, tentatively, one should follow the homeopathic regime at least for 2 consecutive months to be able to find relief from the existing symptoms.
In emergencies like strangulation and gangrene however, one should weight the pros and cons of medicinal treatment and the expert will decide whether surgery will be needed. The initial signs of the hemorrhoids should be recognized so that the disease can be brought under control at an early stage with mild medicinal treatments like homeopathy and thus surgery can be averted. With aptly chosen constitutional homeopathic medicines, these traits can be modified positively to obtain cure from the existing problem and an overall health is achieved. The internal hemorrhoids however located in the inner lining of the rectum and cannot be felt.

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