Various studies on health of a common many have revealed the fact that diabetes has become a common problem today. As we know that the consequences of diabetes can be fatal and can lead to the death of the patient, therefore it is very important to know the basic facts about diabetes.
How to control diabetes, what are the symptoms of diabetes, what should we eat during diabetes, what are the simple remedies for diabetes etc are some question, answer to which we should know to take appropriate steps as and when required. If you are able to keep these three basics in control, your diabetes will automatically get controlled. When it comes to maintaining stable blood sugar levels, there are quite a few folk remedies.
During pregnancy the blood sugar level in women goes high leading to a condition known as gestational diabetes.
Check your carbohydrate intake – Eating exactly the same amount of carbohydrates is essential for keeping glucose levels under control. A proper gestational diabetes diet plan consists of a wide range of food groups backed up by accurate servings of each of these food groups. A pregnant woman with gestational diabetes should consume pasta, grains, rice, cereal, bread, crackers, tortilla, beans, yams and vegetables such as corn and potatoes as sources of starch.
You should give preference to whole grain breads or cereals over fried starches such as tortilla.
Milk as well as yogurt offer constant source of energy, calcium, protein, fat, vitamin A and essential minerals.
The first thing you should avoid during gestational diabetes period is to eat double the normal amount since you have a baby inside you. Secondly, do not eat at the strike of every hour during pregnancy though it is a common myth. Gestational diabetes is common in 5% of all pregnant women and can be easily treated by following a consistent diet and exercise.
Gestational diabetes usually occurs only during pregnancy in a woman who has never had diabetes before. In case you are diabetic, either the production of the hormone insulin is less or  the cells are not utilizing the hormone the way it should be used.
It is a good idea to eat three to four moderate sized meals a day as well as around two to four healthy snacks not junk.
Take some equal parts of granulated white sugar in a bowl and mix it with any vegetable oil like olive oil or avocado oil.
Once you are ready with the ingredients, you can apply the mixture on the desired part of the body.

You can choose from the above mentioned steps and follow them at least twice a day for about week in order to get quick and effective results.
For a diabetic patient it is very important to monitor intake of carbohydrate per day because carbohydrates affect the blood sugar level to the largest extent. Although the pregnant woman gets relief from gestational diabetes after the child’s delivery, there is possibility that she suffers from diabetes at a later stage.
Also, you should keep a count on the daily carbohydrate intake as it has a direct impact on glucose levels. Complex carbohydrates also help a great deal in this process as they are digested over a longer duration. You can include different types of starchy foods per serving or up to three servings of any one particular starchy food.You should give preference to whole grain breads or cereals over fried starches such as tortilla. You can instead try baked potatoes, low-fat muffins, mustard against mayonnaise, fat-free yogurt or baked tortilla. You can include fruits such as apples, bananas, strawberries, oranges, mangoes, raisins, papaya and guava and juices of these fruits.
Thirdly, you should not give up on carbohydrates because they also provide fiber and other essential nutrients.
It is well known that diabetes is harmful to both the mother and the baby but if by taking the right nutrition the sugar levels are kept in control then the safety of both the mother and the baby is assured. It is important to closely monitor the sugar levels to ensure that complications are avoided during delivery.
In case the diabetes is at a very preliminary change, a change in diet alone would help otherwise you may need to take insulin to keep your sugar levels in control. It is very important never to skip any meals to ensure that the blood sugar levels remain consistent throughout the day.
Do not drink more than 2 glasses of milk a day and avoid fruit juices, colas or soft drink.
For getting additional soothing properties you can also make use of liquid Aloe Vera which is a panacea for skin problems. Mix both the ingredients well till the sugar gets dissolved in lemon juice and the mixture gets thicker. However monitoring consumption of protein and fat is also very important in case of diabetes. Some of the suggested vegetables for gestational diabetes diet are broccoli, lettuce, carrots, peppers, chilies, green beans, etc. If you want to mix and match then include more fruits in one serving or eat two servings of the same fruit.

As you may be aware, insulin is responsible for taking the glucose from the blood and supplying them to the body cells. Instead you can eat fresh fruits rich in fiber which will help keep the sugar levels in control. Allow the mixture to settle on your skin for about four to five minutes and then wipe it off using a clean cloth or paper towel. Thus you can derive many benefits from using sugar to get a radiant skin.It is highly suggested to opt for a natural home remedy rather than the costly, time-consuming and, harmful treatments. The three basic things which you should check on a regular basis are the cholesterol level of the body, blood pressure of the body and sugar level of the body. However, it is advisable to consult a doctor before drinking alcohol because alcohol provided many calories to the body. Pierce the surface of the egg gently with the needle and make small and long openings by scratching the surface gently.Now, put the egg in a place or a vessel in which vinegar is present. Besides, grilling, broiling, roasting, stewing, steaming and stir-frying of the meat decreases the fat content. Firstly  eat a wide variety of foods and concentrate more on carbohydrates and food rich in fiber. Walking is a great exercise and is really good for both your diabetes and your general health during pregnancy.
If you won’t let the mixture to be on skin for longer time, you may not notice any sort of changes. Roll it a few times to let the vinegar seep into the egg through the openings made with the needle.
It is good to have something at regular intervals rather than wait till you are very hungry.
Sugar can be one of the most effective ingredients which can be used in order to make your skin fair and glowing.  Sugar helps in exfoliating your skin, cleaning the open pores on skin and making the skin look much fairer by removing harmful particles present on the skin. You can have that fair complexioned skin, without opting for any cosmetic surgeries or any sort of treatments, just with the help of Sugar.
The vitamins, calcium and the protein content of the egg will be absorbed better by your system this way.

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