The following shows blood test levels of a normal person, someone with Prediabetes and  someone with Diabetes Mellitus. Metaformin enhances glucose uptake and utilization, decreaeses hepatic glucose production and decreases intestinal absorption of glucose. The endpoint of these efforts is to prevent or delay the onset of Type II Diabetes Mellitus.
She spends the appropriate amount of time with patients – obtaining a thorough history, exam and evaluation. This popup will close in:Would you like your endocrinologist to coordinate your internal medicine care too?Click here to contact Dr. The Contour XT from diagnostic specialists Bayer is a cost-effective, durable and easy to use blood glucose meter. Document downloadsWe don't have any additional documentation available for this product at the moment.If we can help in any way, please call us on 01685 846666 or use our Ask Williams page and we'll be happy to advise you on this or any other product!
Product VideosWe don't have any videos available for this product a the moment.For many items we sell, we can arrange a demonstration either from our own team or the manufacturers.Please call us on 01685 846666 or use our Ask Williams page and we'll be happy to help if we can! People with diabetes are more prone to developing eye-related conditions and have a higher risk of developing blindness. Glaucoma involves pressure build-up in the eye, which typically causes slow drainage in the aqueous humor — a protective, fluid-filled anterior chamber through which light enters from the cornea.
Depending on the severity of cataracts, it may only be necessary to wear glasses with lenses that reduce glare. Probably the most common eye condition linked to diabetes is retinopathy, which concerns all eye disorders associated with the retina — the part of the eye that records and transmits images to the brain. Symptoms associated with diabetic retinopathy may include pressure in the eyes, difficulty with peripheral vision, double vision, blurring, dark spots and light flashes.
Retinopathy risk factors include genetics, blood pressure and blood sugar issues and length of time living with diabetes.

Join us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to keep up on our weekly contact deals, exam specials, and other news and updates. Complete Blood Count (CBC): Thyroid Profile, Lipid Profile, Liver Profile, Kidney Panel, Minerals and Bone, Fluids and Electrolytes, and fasting blood sugar. Pyroluria – Many mental health conditions diagnosed as schizophrenic are truly pyroluric cases that can be corrected with targeted nutritional adjustments in vitamin B6 and zinc. At Shangri La BioSpa & Resort we test every patient for how their HPA axis is functioning.
The slow drainage compromises blood vessels in the retina and optic nerve, causing damage to both and eventually, loss of vision.
However, cataracts can advance to a debilitating loss of vision, which often requires surgical removal of the lens. Non-proliferative retinopathy causes mild, moderate or severe blood vessel blockage in the back of the eye. Proliferative retinopathy is usually the result of severely progressed blood vessel damage, to such a degree that the vessels close off, causing the formation of weaker blood vessels and leading to hemorrhaging, scar tissue, and ultimately, vision loss and detached retina.
However, because of the propensity, diabetic patients should schedule regular eye exams to safeguard vision and health of the eyes.
It also provides concrete evidence about the availability of certain nutrients for sound mental health.
They can damage the liver and cause many of the mental health distresses diagnosed by psychiatry as everything from bipolar mental illness to attention deficit disorder. We check levels of serotonin, GABA, dopamine, norepinephrine, epinephrine, beta-endorphins, enkaphalins and the hormones DHEA and cortisol. For example, the hormone cortisol is naturally released by the adrenals to raise blood sugar and provide a chemical stress buffer when needed. Over time, high blood sugar levels can be harmful to the eyes, due to an increase in pressure and resulting damage to the blood vessels.

Macular edema is the most serious type of non-proliferative retinopathy and can cause blurred vision and vision loss if left untreated. Once the condition has progressed to the point of retinal detachment, proliferative retinopathy can be extremely difficult to treat.
To manage diabetic retinopathy, an annual eye exam is necessary to monitor and prevent the progression of the disease.
The Metabolic Analysis Profile is an excellent test to establish the functional biochemistry of the methylation and Krebs cycle. When they are provided the essentials they require, cells can repair and replicate themselves in a healthy way. We use the results to help us to prepare a sophisticated treatment strategy to bring you and your life in balance. Your adrenals may not be producing enough cortisol due to today’s processed, empty carb, chemically poisoned diets and over-stimulating lifestyles. Learn more about eye problems linked to diabetes and find out what you can do to prevent or manage these related conditions. In other cases, the process of lens removal can trigger retinopathy, which can also lead to glaucoma. Digesting them provides them direct access to the very delicate organs of the neuroendocrine system that are responsible for providing healthy states of mind and homeostasis experienced as peace of mind. The test is very effective in establishing exactly what you require to begin making your own natural feel-goods again.

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