The white rice, flour and bread are the foods diabetics should avoid at all time, because these foods release more amount of sugar in the blood.
Sweets are rich in fat and sugar, so it should be avoided by the diabetic to control the glucose level.
Diabetes, also known as hyperglycemia, is where the organ called the pancreas slows or fails to produce insulin. The diabetic patient should have clear idea about the diabetic type he suffers, because for each type the food habits are different. Processed foods are more dangerous for diabetic patients, because most of the processed food products contain salts, additives and sweeteners. The diabetic can replace the white foods with whole grains like barley, oatmeal, whole grain breads and brown rice. Insulin is a chemical that the body uses to transform the sugar in our blood stream into fuel that the body can use. When they reach a certain level they begin to damage the body’s main components begin to suffer damage. When you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes one of the first things to talk to your doctor about is your diet.

The diabetic patients should be more careful about their food, because food habit is directly related to blood sugar level and insulin production. The components in these foods are capable of increasing the blood sugar level, so the user needs to read the label while buying these types of foods. Diabetic numbers are constantly growing as more and more become diabetic due to high sugar diets. The damage that can be done includes heart damage, nerve damage, kidney damage, eye damage. Name Email WebsiteSubmit Comment Recent Posts One Size May Not Fit All on GI Foods Low GI Foods May Help You Sleep What Exactly Is the Glycemic Index Diet?
The foods diabetics should avoid are carbohydrates and fats, which boots up the blood sugar level. The diabetic patients should completely avoid drinking fruit juices and instead of juices they can prefer whole fruits. The apples, berries, orange and pears contain high quality fiber and this fiber slows down the absorption of sugar in the blood. Also talk to your doctor about exercise as it plays a key role in stabilizing your blood sugar levels.

The juices will not fill the stomach and the sugar content in the juices boosts up the sugar level. In the foods diabetics should avoid the salt usage by half in recipes and can alternate the salt with other spices. So now that you know what is a high blood sugar level, you can do more to prevent it reaching that level. The dried fruits contain fibers and nutrients, but the problem is the sugar is concentrated in the fruit during the de-hydration process. Whatever may be the food the fat content should be reduced and some of the fat content foods are burger, cheese, butter and bacon. Cut the dry fruit foods diabetics should avoid and try to stick with fresh natural fruits as much as possible.

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