Most people with Type 2 diabetes have heard about some of the serious complications that can result from years of high blood sugar levels.
The chart above shows how sugar level is controlled in a normal person in an effective way. We hope that this information will help you and increase your knowledge about sugar level in human body. When your blood sugar is too high or too low, Sometimes, no matter how hard you try to keep your blood sugar in the range your doctor has advised, it can be too high or too low. Traditionally, fasting for priests and religious has always been more rigorous than the Church norms prescribed for the ordinary faithful. The Church teaches us, in no uncertain terms, that fasting is the highest external penance that anyone can perform, and thus should be preferred above all others.
The New Testament is also replete with many references to fasting, including those made by Our Lord himself, who evidently intended for this tradition of the Old Law to continue into the New Covenant. Thoughout Church history, we can find a golden thread of common fasting practices, the most prominent of which is a bread and water fast on Wednesday and Friday--a practice which even dates back to the times of the early Church and early monasticism. Ultimately, we need to know ourselves, and implement only what can be sustained for life, lest we get discouraged and give up the way of aestheticism altogether. The saints remind us that we should never practice penances beyond our ability to fulfill our duties in life. The saints remind us that each meal presents many opportunities for mortification, regardless of whether one is fasting or not.
The saints would often go out of their way to avoid letting others know they were fasting, so that their sacrifice may gain greater merit, and to avoid occasions of vainglory. As the saints remind us, it is easy for beginners to gravitate to corporal penances such as fasting, but without possessing a truly mortified spirit of detachment from self-love. The reason why we mention all this, is because it is necessary to realize that Americans today are facing an unprecedented battle with their flesh. This is all the more reason why religious orders need to return to the venerable practice of regular fasting, which not only has been the standard par excellence in aesthetic discipline throughout history, but also provides health benefits as well. Nourishing Traditions: The Cookbook that Challenges Politically Correct Nutrition and the Diet Dictocrats, Sally Fallon, 2008.
Light signals your brain that it's time to wake up and starts preparing your body for ACTION. But according to new research, your nightly slumber may have more to do with Type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance than you think.
The autonomic nervous system is composed of nerves that regulate your heart function and breathing.
But if we have high sugar diet on regular basis, then our body lose control over sugar level with time. Sugar level suddenly increases after having food but controlled in a normal person, but rises very high in prediabetic and diabetic person. The Holy Father went on to clarify that while the new 1983 Code of Canon Law on fasting (link) abrogated the 1917 canon, it by no means changed or modified the rules or constitutions of religious orders.
In fact, the Church even goes so far as to indicate that those who do not fast--whose bellies are continually satiated--are incapable of prayer! Nothing can be more effectual in uprooting all sin from the soul than these three kinds of satisfaction. Then the word of the LORD came to Elijah the Tishbite, saying, ‘Do you see how Ahab has humbled himself before Me?

Simple things like avoiding dessert, not adding condiments, avoiding salt, not eating to satiety, and the like, can be mortifications of great merit. In fact, if a community does not practice restraint, and indulges its appetite to satiety, then it will eventually find itself drag down by the weight of the flesh, ceding the body's ever-increasing demands. They remind us that the sacrifices most pleasing to God, are those that are hidden from the eyes of men.
As a result, fasting may be difficult in the beginning; for it will be without merit or consolation. Thus, it may be worth speaking briefly on a problem that is prevalent in America today, one that is now spreading to other countries as well. Plot a graph of these diseases over time, and you will see it correlate almost exactly (the demand for shelf-life began in the US Army, for soldiers in the field who needed unperishable food). According to the USDA and the World Health Organization, a person should not consume more than about 45 grams of sugar per day (about 10 teaspoons), which is equivalent to about one 12oz. Food is more addictive now than ever, with millions of dollars spent precisely on making it so. Medical reports suggest that fasting allows the digestive tract a chance to rest, relieving the body's energy expenditure to be devoted to other functions, such as fighting off latent bodily ailments. A study out of Sydney University found that staying up into the wee hours of the night significantly increases your risk of developing Type 2 diabetes. Like other nerves in the body, the autonomic system can be damaged in a person with Type 2 diabetes when blood sugar levels are high for long periods. During past years it used to occur in old age people, but now it is also found in children. If we check our sugar level before having breakfast (i.e called Fasting Test) then sugar lever for different types of people will be as follows.
And if this is true for the ordinary faithful, how much more so is it for a priest or religious in America?
For since whatever is in the world is the concupiscence of the flesh, the concupiscence of the eyes, and the pride of life, everyone can see that to these three causes of disease are opposed also three remedies. Through fasting and prayer one can stop wars, one can suspend the natural laws of nature.
But rather, that the enjoyment should always be subordinated and put in its proper order, that is; only enjoyed to the extent that God created it for our nourishment. Such a life, says Saint Teresa of Avila, is most regrettable; for they will be left with nothing but dryness, lethargy, and disquiet, convinced that it is a trial sent on high, when it is only due to their own lack of self restraint. For this reason, it is unadvisable for a religious to fast at table if none of his other companions are fasting--for such singularity would occasion a temptation to pride and unrest, which could render fruitless any merit he could have gained.
And as we become more attached to food, our society has fallen into a spiritual torpor and heaviness, which has reached into religious life as well. We should plan our diet according to a diet chart to manage right level of sugar level in our blood. We might even go so far as to say that fasting and prayer are so deeply connected, that they are virtually inseparable from one another. In other words, just as Adam sinned by breaking a fast, so too do we make reparation, in some small way, for the original sin when we fast). Yet Esther the queen was able to successfully win the king’s favor and save Jerusalem from extinction.
Alternatively, the religious can always ask permission from his superior to be assigned a duty during meal time, which would allow him to fast in secret, without his companions knowing.

Just as the prophets of the Old Covenant humbled themselves before God when they fasted, and implored mercy on behalf of Israel, so too should we, when we fast, remember how we have failed God and implore His mercy on behalf of mankind. Yet Americans consume, on average, about 175 grams of sugar per day (about 40 teaspoons), which is unprecedented in history. Fasting can also help increase one's energy level (fatigue while fasting is more commonly a symptom of blood sugar imbalance, due to a developed dependency on processed sugars). Moreover, if we consider those whom our sins injure, we shall easily perceive why all kinds of satisfaction are reduced especially to these three.
This is another good reason why it is necessary to choose the right community, for young religious will eventually submit, out of a spirit of obedience, to the habits of the community (whether good or bad). For this very reason, the superior at Saint Faustina's convent  assigned her to portress during meal time.
It is highly processed, sterilized, and contains three times as much sugar as it did in the 1940's.
Americans today are eating about 600 more calories per day than in 1970, with a >1000% increase in HFCS consumption. We mention this because there are some who tend to get nervous about fasting on bread and water for one or two days per week. To be a saint, indeed requires a deep desire for the salvation of men, which demands a life of virtue. This combination, we believe, has led to catastrophic health and psychological consequences for modern man; for it is what we put into our mouths, more than anything else, that determines the health of man. The average weight of an American today is about twenty-five pounds heavier than just twenty-five years ago. In fact, food is the one element of the world that freely enters the enclosure unmonitored. God we appease by prayer, our neighbour we satisfy by alms, and ourselves we chastise by fasting.
Clearly, we are eating more than we need today (though being even less nourished), which suggests we have developed a dependency or addiction to food.
A cloister may be completely sealed from the world in every facet of life, except when it comes to the food they eat (especially mendicant orders, which depend on the donations of patrons). Most people should be able to easily fast on bread and water for one day (assuming they are healthy), and still perform their necessary duties. If we think with the mind of our common adversary, what better way to infiltrate a heavily armed fortress than through its food supply?
Fasting should not cause us to fear for our health, but instead should be done with great joy, since it is by fasting that we erect a spiritual fortress around our homes and merit the grace of conversion for numerous souls. But since this is a battle of the spirit rather than the flesh, the tactic is not physical starvation by the blockage of food, but rather, spiritual starvation by its excess through gluttony. And this fermentation generated beneficial bacteria, which our bodies depend upon for health. We remained relatively healthy, no cancer, no heart disease, no diabetes, no allergies, no high blood pressure, no obesity, no ypertension.
Also unknown was the host of psychological disorders we now have today, including bi-polar, ADD, anxiety, depression, lethargy, and autism.

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