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It is pretty much well known that diabetes affects the health of the humans in terms of their nervous system, heart, kidney, eyes as well as decrease infection tolerance in the body and also slows down the infection process. However, what you might be unaware of is the fact that diabetes can also affect the health of the oral cavity, teeth and the gums. While this might have been unknown, at times a sign of bad teeth and oral issues are indicative of diabetes issue and helps doctors to detect and diagnose the issue clearly and beforehand.

Leads to fungal infections High levels of blood sugar in the saliva increases the growth and proliferation of a fungus named as Candida in the mouth and can cause an issue called as oral thrush which can cause ulcers or red and white patches and bleed as well. Whilst this condition is pretty painful, it increases burning sensation, change in the sensation of taste as well. Dry mouth This issue is at times known as the trigger or the symptom showcasing an underlying diabetes woe which is still undetected.
Dry mouth usually happens due to the drying up of the mucus membranes due to high blood sugar and thereby decreases the secretion of saliva as a result.
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