The study found that participants active on social media platforms were generally more satisfied with life and had fewer depressive symptoms as well as chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and diabetes. Children born to women who have malaria during pregnancy are more predisposed to develop Burkitt's lymphoma, the researchers noted.
Switching on the fan sucks the dirty air from outside to inside the vehicle, resulting in an accumulation of pollutants in the car.
These chemicals are also being included in the obesogen category, which refers to molecules that inappropriately regulate fat and lipid metabolism to promote obesity. The study, published online in the journal Nature Communications, reports a new role for the protein, Perilipin 5, in the cell nucleus as a regulator of fat metabolism.
The study explored the effectiveness of metformin drug in counteracting weight gain associated with antipsychotics. More than 5.5 million people worldwide die prematurely every year due to air pollution, and India as well as China together account for 55 per cent of these deaths. The researchers analysed how the changes affected indicators of cardiovascular health, such as blood pressure, heart rate and cholesterol levels.
Researchers found that some people drink at least an extra cup of coffee every day because their genes contain a variation that breaks down caffeine quickly, leaving them wanting for more. Aquatic Treadmill allows for better performance without increasing perception of the exhaustion, leading to better a work-out than conventional treadmill, says research. People who are knowledgeable about a subject are more likely to remember events that never happened, says study. Sleep deprivation causes loss of connectivity between neurons in the hippocampus, thereby affecting memory, says study.
A childhood brain injury could have far reaching and long-term consequences including psychiatric illness, low education attainment and even premature death, says study. The role of obesity in the development of cancers is more extensive than it has been assumed, says research. The scientists warned that under-reporting of cases could be fuelling drug resistance — and have implications for patients across the globe. The study found that participants often didn't take their medication as a result of a change in daily routine or because they simply forgot. Insulin has been successfully encapsulated using Cholestosomes that can be administered orally with tiny vesicles that can deliver insulin where it needs to go without injecting.
With the Cabinet clearing the draft Surrogacy Bill, it's important to know what surrogacy exactly is and the implication of the Bill in India.
Melatonin, a hormone produced in the human brain at night to regulate sleep cycles, appears to suppress the growth of these tumours.

Without treatment, abdominal aortic aneurysms eventually rupture and lead to death 50 per cent of the time.
In less than 10 years, vape products have seen a dramatic increase in quality, efficacy and safety, while prices have fallen.
Eating foods high in added sugars throughout childhood is linked to the development of risk factors for heart disease. With these tips, you may be able to stop your bad hair days from turning into bad hair weeks or even longer. As children's exposure to microbe-killing antibiotics has increased in recent decades, the incidence of autoimmune diseases like Type 1 diabetes has more than doubled. Scientists at the Institute of Cancer Research (ICR) found menopausal women using the combined hormone replacement therapy (HRT) therapy were running a risk of 2.7 times greater than non-users.
Focusing on healthy, balanced lifestyle instead of dieting and weight-loss can prevent both obesity and eating disorders in teenagers says, research. Even without losing weight, citrus fruits can help become healthier with lower oxidative stress, less liver damage and reduce risks of other obesity-related diseases.
Older adults who reported being extremely close to their families had significantly lower mortality rate, says study. A new algorithm that checks photos on Instagram to diagnose depression was developed by researchers from Harvard University and University of Vermont. Concern has mounted since confirmation that Zika has expanded into a second region of the tourist hub of Miami-Dade County in Florida. The woman, a BTech student, was suffering from Wilson's disease, an autosomal recessive genetic disorder. The first evidence of a strong association between genes linked to eye colour and development of eye cancer was found in the study.
Regents Biology Endocrine System Endocrine system releases hormones glands which secrete (release) chemical signals into blood chemicals cause changes in other parts of body growth hormones sex hormones response hormones metabolism hormones and more…. Endocrine Endocrine hormones are released into the bloodstream and move throughout the body in a few seconds.
Second Messengers Transfers the signal from the first messengerthe hormoneto other molecules within the cell, often activating specific intracellular enzymes These activated enzymes initiate a chain of biochemical reactions that vary depending on the hormone, the second messenger, and the target cell Epinephrine stimulates the synthesis of cyclic AMP in both heart muscle and liver cells, but the result is different in the two cell types Cyclic AMP causes heart muscle cells to contract more strongly. Unlike with other well known sweeteners in the market, dangers of stevia are not certain and the results of studies aimed to provide evidence are not conclusive. Stevia is 300 times sweeter than sugar, with much less reported or known side effects or dangers than common sweeteners such as aspartame. It is commonly used in Japan since the mid 1970s and also used in Brazil, China, Israel, Germany and Malaysia but was classified as an unsafe food additive by FDA in United States for about 20 years while it is simply a safe herb according to many scientists around the world, but why?

Well, apparently some big companies convinced Food and Drug Administration that stevia should be banned. Please note that any reported risk of this additive come up in case of regular over consumption.
Know how the nervous system mediates communication between different parts of the body and the body’s interaction with the environment. However it does not contain any sugar and is a very refined product, just like other sweeteners. What would happen to all those harmful sweeteners in the market if stevia was to become a very popular sweetener? In large amounts, stevia may block the carb absorption and this leads to inadequate amount of energy being produced or converted in the body, and it shows in the form of weakness and fatigue.
Think about it, stevia is a substance 300 times sweeter than sugar and like sugar or sweeteners, it is not going to help you get rid of your sweet tooth or your habit of eating sweets. Female Reproductive System Consists of organs in the female body that are involved in producing offspring. Male Reproduction Puberty – the stage of growth and development when the body becomes capable of producing offspring – Males. It may be in the form of a white powder, green powder from dried stevia plants’ leaves and a clear liquid.
Later on it was allowed to enter the market as a food supplement only, without stating anything about its sweetening properties. If there are any potential dangers of stevia, you can possibly avoid them by moderate consumption.
However one of the studies claimed that extreme use of stevia can cause DNA mutation, which may be linked to cancer.
It may potentially boost your appetite and you will only crave for more sugar throughout the day.
But moderation is not what most people will understand and they will probably indulge on stevia in their very sweet drinks and foods. Genetic mutation was done with animals, and we don’t know if this will be the case with humans.

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