There are other names which high blood sugar is known by, and these are hyperglycaemia and hyperglycemia. If a person goes to a doctor with what appears to be a high glucose level, then tests can be done. If the patient still has high levels even after fasting, then they will need treatment as this can result in diabetes if nothing is done. For those that are found to have very high glucose levels in their blood then this is considered a serious condition and has to be treated very quickly because of the amount of fluid lost. The main symptoms which are noticeable, can be from being excessively thirsty where one cannot drink enough water, a feeling of hunger where the need to eat all the time is excessive, and a feeling that one has to urinate all the time, while there is quite a large amount. There are other problems which cause these symptoms as well, and this can be a case of dehydration where the person is thirsty but there is no urine out put.

Symptoms that are also due to high blood sugar especially in the case of being chronic or acute may also be, feeling sleepy and constant tiredness, a blurring of vision, weight being lost, having a very dry mouth, and having a wound that does not want to heal or will heal badly, plus other symptoms.
For those who know someone who may have these symptoms or if you have them yourself, especially if you have the first three, then a visit to a doctor should be arranged as soon as you can see one. If the person already has diabetes then this can be a cause of further complications and it can also damage blood vessels and organs. The people this is most often seen in are those with diabetes and whose medication has not been kept accurate enough, or those who have not been serious enough about taking their treatment. Seeing a doctor will help decide if you have diabetes or are developing it, as there are tests which can be done to eliminate the possibility. When we eat our blood sugar level rises and before we eat it can be low, this represents a normal blood sugar condition.

As diabetes is a disease that needs to be carefully monitored then finding it early will improve your chances of a fairly normal life. When the glucose in our blood, gout remains high nearly all the time then this is considered to be a problem. There are cases of temporary elevated blood sugar levels but this is often due to something else.

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