You might have heard this mentioned on commercials but weren’t sure how it correlated to diabetes. When you are first learning to live with diabetes, it can be both frightening and confusing.
The A1C number gives a broader picture of your diabetes management for a few months at a glance.
Keep monitoring your blood sugar using your glucose meter, but do follow up with your doctor on a routine basis for this other very important test.
Keeping blood sugar close to normal reduces your chances of having heart, eye, kidney and nerve problems that can be caused by diabetes. You don’t realize how important the relationship is between glucose and insulin until your body can’t perform the job properly anymore. The percentage of glycated (bound) hemoglobin lets the doctor know the average blood sugar over that period of time. The more information you gather regarding your diabetes, the more likely you will maintain control and avoid complications. When your blood sugar stays at manageable levels, then complications are are less of an issue.
To control your diabetes, you need to know your blood glucose numbers and your target goals. A glucose meter is used to determine your blood glucose level at any point throughout your day. If you have been diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, the body never developed the process to do what it is supposed to do to the glucose.
You can test your blood sugar at any given moment and get a number that shows compliance but that may not have been the case all the time. Glucose that has been circulating for a while unused will bind to hemoglobin in the red blood cells.
This is not to catch you off guard but to help you better keep your diabetes under control so you don’t run into trouble in the rest of your body systems. But, it takes time, as well as carefully following your doctor’s instructions to find the balance.

This is important for treatment because these numbers can teach you where your diet is lacking when it comes to eating too many carbohydrates.
Since red blood cells live for about three months before they die, that sugar can stay bound for a good amount of time. Today’s Friday’s Five focuses on what steps one can take to become more proficient in operating under California’s complex employment legal structure.
A percentage of eight or nine means your blood sugar has, at some point, been out of control. California employers are required to provide non- exempt employees with certain information upon hire as required by the Wage Theft Protection Act. Employee Handbook California Restaurant Supply   Gary made his career using social media, and continues to do so in running his digital media company, Vayner Media. I’ve been fielding a lot of questions from clients about California’s paid sick leave at the beginning of 2.
An absolute necessity in today’s business world, an employee handbook allows employers to clearly and professionally convey company policies to workers with regard. Protect your business from lawsuits with our attorney-drafted California Employee Handbook.
The Employee Handbook is not an employment contract for any specific period of employment or for continuing. Restaurant employee is expected to be polite to.В  I’m often asked where should the process start? Employers that utilize interns, or who provide training to individuals that may lead to employment run the risk of having these individuals qualify as an employee, which would require the employer to comply with Labor Code requirements such as minimum wage, meal and rest breaks, and overtime pay. It may not be a topic on the minds of many business owners, human resource managers, or in- house counsel, but developing an effective relationship and engaging employment law counsel is essential in saving the company money and avoiding litigation. This Friday’s Five is a video in which I discuss five ways companies should be engaging… Continue Reading. With more employers moving to digital personnel files, there is some concern about whether certain documents can be stored electronically or if the original document is necessary.В  Generally, with the passage of the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (ESIGN) and the Uniform Electronic Transactions Act (UETA) by most states, e- signatures are given… Continue Reading. 5, Governor Brown signed legislation designed to overturn the decision in Rope v.Auto- Chlor System of Washington Inc.

This Friday’s Five discusses five issues California employers should remember about whether they may require credit checks from applicants or employees. Speaking with some clients, I sense their overwhelming confusion in setting up employment policies in California. While it can be a daunting task, I remind them that the key is to approach it in a systematic process, and once the system is in place, compliance can be very easy.
Even though employers allow employees to watch TV, surf the Internet, or even sleep, depending on the circumstances such on- call time, even if the employee is not doing any work, still may be required to be paid by the employer.В  It has been clear since the 1.
For the next job offer, instead of relying on the old job offer letter you have a lawyer review in the 1. While some of the items discussed below are not necessarily new aspect… Continue Reading.Are you tired of employment lawyers’ obnoxious headlines asking if you are sick over California’s paid sick leave law yet? I’ll be posting some short clips of a recent presentation I conducted on complying with California’s paid sick leave law.
Your Employee Manual is your simple recipe for the way you want your employees to perform their jobs. Besides outlining specific rules, your Manual is a Training Tool that explains how you want your restaurant to run. The restaurant business is very fast pace –В writing- out policies and procedures may not fit your schedule. It was written with a clear understanding of the restaurant business, food handling procedures, cash control, employee behavior and customer service.
Policies are drafted by an attorney, compliant with your state and federal laws to help protect you from employee liabilities. Speak with one of our HR Specialists – We’ll prepare a manual that is custom made for your specific needs.Policies are designed for your unique restaurant, and if you already have some important policies you want to keep, you can send them to us. I definitely recommend this employee handbook, it saved me hours of research and manual input.

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