This glycated hemoglobin test is carried out on people to find out how an individual reacted to diabetes controlling measures in last six to twelve weeks. To learn more about Type I diabetes, and Type II diabetes, visit our Health articles and Pharmacy news section today! Glucose meters must be reliable because if diabetes is not well-controlled, complicatiosn such as kidney failure, amputations, and blindness can occur. Before and after mean averages: Some blood glucose meters can give you a before and after meal averages. Suitability for use by children under ten years old: Young kids may have a hard time opening foil-wrapped strips and often forget to write down the results. Suitability for use by children over ten years old: Older kids can take on the foil-wrapped strips and meters that require more blood. Regardless of the blood glucose meter that you decide to use, you should have to pay almost nothing for it. For a diabetic, a healthy blood sugar level is very easily maintained with the right diet and exercise and without the proper diet and exercise a diabetic can send their bodies into overdrive. For diabetics having a healthy blood sugar level is very important because without it their bodies can start having bad reactions and even start shutting down. A healthy blood sugar level is very important to a diabetic because by having a good healthy blood sugar level you can maintain your health and keep your body healthy and intact by having it all together and working together properly without any complications or problems. For a diabetic a healthy blood sugar level is considered between the range of 74-115 and anything above that or below that is considered bad for a diabetic.
A healthy blood sugar level is a hard thing for many to do but it is very important when it comes to being a diabetic and can be a life threatening event as well because without having a safe and healthy blood sugar level you can cause your body to be in more of a harm’s way than good.
An Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) may be done by your doctor to test for Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes or gestational diabetes. If you are a pregnant woman being tested for gestational diabetes, the liquid you must drink will have less sugar (glucose) dissolved in water. Diabetes is a disease where your body cannot control its blood sugar levels properly – either because your body doesn’t make enough (or any) insulin, or because your cells have become resistant to insulin. Insulin is produced in the pancreas, it is important because it helps your body process sugars. Diabetes can affect the body in many other ways, including eye disease, foot ulceration, kidney failure, amputation and a higher risk of heart disease. Keeping your blood sugar at a safe level means you’re less likely to experience other health problems. If diabetes is diagnosed and managed effectively, you can still live a long and happy life as long as you stay in control. There are also many people in Fiji living with diabetes who may not even know it because they don’t have the symptoms, it is important to get your blood sugar tested regularly to avoid Diabetes related complications further down the track. The 2002 STEPS survey identified that out of the 16% diabetics, 50% of them were previously unrecognised which is an alarmingly high number.
Given the fact that 30% of Fijians have Diabetes, you have a 1 in 3 chance of having or developing diabetes. Early detection and treatment of diabetes can decrease the risk of developing the complications of diabetes.

The best way to check if you have diabetes or are at risk is to visit your local health centre.
This chart shows the different levels of blood glucose, what are safe levels and what are dangerous levels depending on when you last ate. Even if you have no symptoms at all, it is important to get tested as you may still have diabetes.
You can prevent or delay the onset of Type 2 diabetes through adopting a healthy lifestyle. By changing your diet, increasing your level of physical activity and maintaining a healthy weight, you can stay healthier, live longer and reduce your risk of Type 2 Diabetes.
Type 2 diabetes occurs when your cells have become insulin resistant or your body doesn’t produce enough insulin to keep you healthy.
In some less frequent cases, children or even infants are diagnosed with this metabolic disorder. Those who find encouraging results of limiting their HbA1c values, thereby indicating controlled diabetes, can extend their time intervals of testing. Identify your HbA1c test score, mean blood and glucose level to know if your blood glucose is in the optimum level. Blood glucose meters measure the amount of glucose in the blood and serve as an aid in monitoring the effectiveness of diabetes management at home or in a clinical setting. Meters that require smaller blood volumes are more suitable for young kids than meters that require larger blood volumes.
Meters lacking a data port require the user to write everything down, which some people forget. Diabetics have to maintain a healthy blood sugar level or otherwise their organs don’t work together in sync and start working into overdrive which causes diabetics to get sick and their kidneys can start shutting down which for a diabetic can mean very bad things such as being placed on kidney dialysis 3-4 times a week so that they can function and live properly and safely.
In order to keep all of the organs properly working and everything running smoothly together and diabetic needs to keep a watchful eye on their diabetes and make sure that they are healthy and well maintained.
It should not be used as a substitute for any medical professional opinion, advice or prescribed medication nor should it serve as diagnosis or treatment of health problems. Currently almost 1 in every 3 Fijians is being diagnosed with diabetes, that’s 30% of the population. You can always visit your nearest diabetes hub to get your sugar checked ad learn how to stay in control of your diabetes. They can check your blood glucose (sugar) levels there and assess any symptoms you may have. This is one ailment where a person is found to have higher amounts of sugar in the blood stream. The main function of hemoglobin is to transport oxygen to all parts of the human body through the blood circulation cycle. However the tests must be carried out at least once in six months, even in such situations. Type 2 diabetes is more common than Type 1, it is also more easily avoided if the correct healthy lifestyle is adopted.
However, some people with Type 2 diabetes have symptoms so mild that they go unnoticed so it is always best to get your blood sugar levels tested by a medical professional.

Higher blood sugar results in increased frequency of urination and increased bouts of thirst or hunger. When the sugar in the diabetes affected person is not controlled and is present in higher proportions, the excess sugar tends to get attached to hemoglobin.
Studies have indicated that figures beyond 7.0 % indicate that the diabetic situation can lead to further complications. People who care about their health should follow the proper regimen of HbA1c testing to rid of complications.
Frequent testing and good recordkeeping give people the most accurate picture of diabetes control. Over the next few hours, your doctor will test the sugar in your blood again and check your numbers against standard numbers.
Diabetics have to know accurate measurements on their blood sugar levels or risk having to high blood sugar and damage their body. Making knowing what is the normal blood sugar level and absolute need for the survival of the diabetic. This is a small unit that measures the amount of glucose in a person’s blood and displays it. Status of anemia, the existence of a kidney or liver malfunction or presence or vitamin C or E supplements, higher cholesterol levels can adversely affect the results of this test.
The blood is placed in a small plastic strip that is then scanned and the results are displayed on a small window on the side. One of the group called as Type 1, refers to patients having absence of insulin producing mechanism in the body. In case of such situations, thorough body check up is recommended, before arriving at definite conclusions. Insulin is a chemical created by the pancreas; the job that does is in turning the glucose (sugar) in the body into fuel that the body can use.
Another group known as Type 2, refers to people, who have insufficient production of insulin or whose cells do not react to insulin.
Things that can be done to help lower the blood sugar levels include a normal blood sugar level chart this is where you write down all of your readings that you take and what you were doing prior to it to narrow down activities that should not be a part of your daily life. A third category called Gestational Diabetes is found in pregnant women, caused by complex reactions in their body.
Persons diagnosed with diabetes are required to undergo some regular and some occasional tests to determine the severity of their disorder and for deciding corrective medication or treatment.
HbA1c utilizes averages over longer periods and hence the results carry greater importance in medical terminology.

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