As we age, our brain cells can become inflamed and can struggle to communicate with each other.
There are many vegetables that can support your healthy brain; mainly the green leafy variety. Although it’s best not to overindulge, studies have shown that green tea and its array of antioxidants can help reduce the likelihood of developing Alzheimer’s by up to 65%.
Turmeric contains Curcumin, a compound that’s both an antioxidant and an anti-inflammatory. Cinnamon has also been used to inhibit some of the proteins which cause brain cells to die—a sprinkle on your morning apple wouldn’t go amiss or in that beautiful chocolate smoothie, makes a tasty combination.
You don’t have to take a mountain of vitamin pills to ensure your brain is functioning at its best. So, if you were wondering whether foods actually do have an effect on your brain function, the answer is yes. About Latest Posts skincandyvitaminsMy name is Nicole and I live in beautiful Vancouver, BC, Canada, where there’s an abundance of great tasting and healthy food. Previous article7 Traditional Cooling Foods & Drinks from Around the WorldNext articleFall in Love With Purple Kohlrabi Salad! Instead of using expensive artificially created water ionizers, use ? of fresh-squeezed lemon in two cups of lukewarm water.
Take this drink in the morning in order to clean your digestive system, balance the acids in the system and boost your metabolism.
Leafy greens, vegetables, wheat grass, seeds, nuts and certain fruits can be used for creation of tasty and highly effective organic green juices and green smoothies. Their ingredients like minerals, vitamins, phytonutrients, oxygen and chlorophyll, alkalize the body and even prevent occurrence of damaged, unhealthy cells, bacteria and other potentially dangerous microorganisms.
On the other hand, consuming processed food stimulates the appearance of these harmful organisms. Engage in physical activity, control your stress, sleep better and get rid of your nasty habits.
Although many people consider stress to be a myth when it comes to developing diseases, the truth is that emotional stress triggers release of acid-forming hormones like adrenaline and cortisol, which disturb the normal functioning of the system. Some claim that certain type of food is more acidic while others say that food is less acidic. The good news is that you can reignite the spark and keep those old cells chatting happily for years to come, by changing your diet to one that is low in cholesterol and by eating foods that encourage oxygen and blood flow to the brain. Polyphenols, antioxidants, nutrients—all are wonderful re-energizers that will help keep your brain fresh and will help to slow the oxidization process that comes with aging and can slow down neurological responses. Go for blackberries, cherries, and strawberries for a truly yummy brain fix.
Just half a cup of  spinach will give you a huge proportion of your daily vitamin K and folate requirements.
This helps metabolize the long chain fatty acids in your brain, keeping your neurons firing strongly.

Just sip a couple of cups a day and enjoy the benefits (not suitable for anyone that is caffeine sensitive).
It has been shown to help sufferers of Alzheimer’s—a good excuse for that a veggie curry or just add a teaspoon to your smoothie!
Studies have shown that Iron and Zinc can help.  Look for natural food sources first like spirulina or pumpkin seeds for iron and chickpeas or tahini for zinc.
Start to change your lifestyle a wee bit—just for fun, and you will start to notice a difference.
I’ve spent over 10 years on a predominantly raw vegan regime and I’m more than willing to share my experiences and opinions with you. What most people don’t know is that lemons have acidic properties in their natural form, but when they are mixed with water they have alkaline properties. It is very important to take care of our diet, but it is also very important to pay attention to the physical activity we have during the day. There are many ways to avoid this situation – meditation, pilates, yoga, exercising in a gym or at home, breathing exercises, developing stress management strategy etc. We have to apply good diet, these natural remedies in lowering blood sugar level, and of course exercise which is proven to be one of the main factors that can lower blood sugar level. This guide will tell you how I manage to lower my blood sugar level in 3 weeks by doing 4 main things. It’s been suggested that those actions boost our immune system, lower our blood sugar levels, and help us relax and sleep.
A search through online reports of scientific studies finds that our pets affect our health in many ways. In a study of more than 4,000 cat owners over 10 years, cat owners had a lower rate of dying from heart attacks and strokes compared to those who did not own cats. A study in the American Journal of Cardiology revealed that pet ownership was associated with increased survival in 424 patients with coronary artery disease. A report published in Psychosomatic Medicine revealed that people with pets had significantly lower heart rate and blood pressure levels during a study of psychological and physical stress. Children's risk for developing allergies and asthma is reduced when they are exposed in early infancy to a dog in the household. A study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology found that pets can serve as important sources of social support, providing many positive psychological and physical benefits for their owners. Researchers studying 48 hypertensive New York City stockbrokers found that while ACE inhibitors can keep high blood pressure under control if life is running smoothly, they don't prevent it from rising when things get tense.
You won’t actually turn into a cashew if you are a nut fan or into a piece of broccoli if you are a green food fanatic. If you don’t like it straight, try incorporating it into another dish or as a lettuce substitute. They’ll help your grey matter, being rich in protein and Omega-3 fatty acids—all essential for good brain function.

Reduced levels of Iron affect concentration and low a Zinc concentration means that you may not recall words as quick as you would like. I have to admit that I am also a skincare and super-food fanatic who believes that real, natural foods are the solution for longevity, anti-aging, health, and beauty.
In addition, stress, drugs and cigarettes increase the level of acids in the body and lead to inflammation. Scientists usually burn samples of food to ashes when they want to check the acidic or alkaline foods properties.
The study at the Minnesota Stroke Institute at the University of Minnesota found that while some effect was expected, the 30 percent reduction in heart attack risk discovered was surprising.
The Cardiac Arrhythmia Suppression Trial looked at factors involved in the one-year survival of those who had suffered a heart attack.
However, University of Buffalo researchers found that in 24 participants selected at random to add a dog or cat to their treatment regimen, the cardiovascular measures remained significantly more stable during stressful situations than in the non-pet-owning participants who served as controls. I think most of us probably realize just how much food impacts our lives, wellbeing, and our brains.
I’ve got loads of tips on beauty foods, herbs, and natural supplements for vibrant health and beauty, having spent years testing out what really works I share these on my free blog.
The pH in your system is affected by the unhealthy modern lifestyle which many people practice.
Since only a small number of people have access to scientific labs I have added some sources that can help you make the right choice. The data suggested that dog owners are significantly less likely to die within one year than those who did not own dogs. Pets contributed mostly to managing emotions and enhancing a sense of self identity in the 300 participants with diabetes or chronic heart disease. Certain foods are supportive for certain conditions and ailments, and foods that feed your brain are no exception. Taking a supplement with these two vitamins can help stop those, “It’s on the tip of my tongue!” moments. It is good to point out that people can find different sources arguing about certain foods and their alkalizing or acidic properties. The study in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests that the composition and function of microbes in the gut influence immune reactions. When I'm not in the kitchen whipping up a new beauty recipe, out trying some new cruelty-free skincare, or shopping for local superfoods at the farmers market or Whole Foods, I can be found belly-dancing, doing hot yoga, shopping, giving myself a home facial, reading, writing, exercising, or boxing!You can also find me on Facebook Latest posts by skincandyvitamins (see all)Keep Your Brain Healthy with this List of Brain Foods!

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