Diabetics have to monitor their blood sugar measurements on a daily basis, sometimes more than once a day in order to keep a good eye and monitor on their blood glucose readings.
Are you a diabetic and get frustrated keeping up with your blood sugar measurements every day? If you are out and about enjoying family time and its late, you have to stop and take your blood sugar, if it is first thing in the morning you have to take your blood sugar. Even though it may be frustrating taking your blood sugar measurements all the time it is important to keep proper diabetic readings and logs so that you know where your diabetes stands and how to maintain and manage them.
Without proper measurements and blood sugar readings it makes it difficult to maintain your diabetes because if something goes wrong or you need to talk to your doctor about it and have proof, if you don’t have it then you can’t show it to them which often times makes it hard for the doctor to help you proficiently.
Blood sugar measurements are a great way to keep records for health issues such as having to go to the hospital for surgery or a minor procedure, medical checkups or routine medical exams.
Your blood sugar is what maintains your health and diabetes so if you do not keep track of them then many other medical conditions can occur such as kidney failure or even worse such as death.
If the blood is allowed to clot the glucose in the sample gets metabolized by the blood cells unless the cells are separated.
To prevent such losses blood samples are collected in Fluoride tubes (ie, gray-top) since fluoride inhibits glycolysis. Blood sugar is measured at various points of time to give an idea about the body’s blood glucose regulation system. Other tests include oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) and intravenous glucose tolerance test (IVGTT) wherein a fixed amount of glucose is administered orally or intravenously respectively and repeated blood sugar tests are performed to check on the body’s glucose handling. Blood glucose can also be self-monitored by the patient using meters or hand help portable monitors.
Abnormalities of fasting blood glucose is indicative of problems in the multiple control mechanism of glucose regulation.
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Diabetes has an enormous impact on individuals and society, with over 230 million people affected worldwide. Lein Applied Diagnostics is a start-up SME that has developed, with support from a DTI SMART award, patented technology for non-invasively measuring blood glucose levels based on scanning a light beam through the anterior chamber of the eye. NPL's Peter Harris, who has many years experience in mathematical modelling, was seconded to the SME to develop a model of the glucose meter.
The results of the work have enabled a better understanding of the interactions between the instrument and the subject, critical to the correct operation of the instrument. With increased confidence in the operation of their instrument Lein are now looking to optimise the design of the glucose meter.

Measuring blood sugar levels is therefore a very important preventive measure because we can identify the disease at an early stage, which is also important for the treatment.
Make measurements of your blood sugar levels and compare blood sugar levels with a blood sugar levels chart.
Each individual should pay attention to the following symptoms that could be a sign of increased levels of sugar in blood.
Level of sugar in blood can fluctuate due to various factors, such as use of drugs, alcohol, diet, stress, high blood pressure, smoking.
Type 1 diabetes is characterized by a lack of insulin due to reduced formation of insulin in pancreas. The research results shows a large correlation of physical inactivity and the development of disease. I am trying to provide useful information on several topics regarding health, food, diet, weight loss and sport!If you like my articles, please do subscribe and share the content!
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Blood sugar measurements are an easy way for diabetics to keep a daily journal or log so that they can monitor their glucose levels on a daily basis. Keeping up with your blood sugar measurements can get time consuming and frustrating because it seems like every time you turn around you have to take your blood glucose level.
Diabetes indicates persistently high blood sugar that may cause damage to various organs like the kidney, heart, small arteries and the eyes (retina).
At refrigerator temperatures, glucose remains relatively stable for several hours in a blood sample. If there are higher numbers of red or white blood cells there is excessive glycolysis in the sample with substantial reduction of glucose level. Red-top serum separator tubes can also be used for samples after being centrifuged isolating the serum from cells. After a carbohydrate rich, full meal, two hours are allowed to elapse before blood is taken again for estimation of glucose. This test gives an idea about fluctuations of glucose in blood over a period of last three months. There are other blood compounds like urea that also have reducing properties, this technique may yield faulty results. In the UK almost 10% of our healthcare budget is spent on treating the effects of diabetes.
By combining his skills with those of Professor Tony Wilson of Oxford University, an expert in the confocal measurement process used by Lein, Peter was able to make rapid progress.

The aim is to build a portable instrument, about the same size and weight as a mobile phone, suitable for everyday personal use. Its concentration in the blood is one of the most important indicators that shows the overall health of our body. If you have a disease that impedes the formation of insulin (example pancreatic disease), this can lead to excessive levels of blood glucose. When we have slightly elevated sugar this causes almost no problems, problems do occur when blood glucose is significantly increased. This symptoms are frequent urination, thirst, weight loss, visual disturbances, fatigue, itchy skin or genitals, increased susceptibility to infections. Although there are several types of diabetes, the best known and most common are the following three types. This is the condition of the organism where the cells do not respond to the presence of insulin, and therefore do not use glucose. With age, the possibility of morbidity increases, although recently the disease can occurs with younger people too.
Blood sample needs to be collected from a different arm other than the one where there is the intravenous line to prevent confusion of the results with the intravenous fluids.
The method currently in use, utilizes enzymes specific to glucose and is less likely to yield errors of this kind. Key to the effective management of the condition is the measurement and control of the level of glucose in the blood. However, when tested on real patients it became clear that there were gaps in Lein's fundamental mathematical understanding of the measurement results. It is one of the most common diseases in the world and the number of people affected by diabetes is even growing. The most widely used method for measuring blood glucose level, which involves taking a blood sample from the finger, is inconvenient, painful and does not give results of a satisfactory accuracy. Red blood cells have higher concentration of protein than serum and serum has higher water content and more dissolved glucose than whole blood.
Blood glucose normally is lowest early in the morning after 6 to 8 hours of fasting overnight. Test strip shapes and their exact chemical composition vary between meter systems and cannot be interchanged.

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