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Actually, first-world problems are serious, involving things like elevated risk of death related to high blood pressure, tobacco, high blood sugar, obesity, and more.
Although low-income countries face so-called modern risks as well, wealthy countries are more at risk given greater opportunity for indolence and consumption of too much food, notably junk food, as well as cigarettes and alcohol. Modern risks, which are nearly as deadly as traditional risks used to be, include high blood pressure (responsible for 13% of deaths globally), tobacco use (9%), high blood glucose (6%), physical inactivity (6%), overweight and obesity (5%), and more. The following chart shows how high-income countries (15% of the global population at the time) face disproportionately high mortality rates associated with these risks.
The number of people suffering from lower back pain has nearly doubled since the 1990s, and recent studies have found that the rising obesity epidemic in the United States may be a contributing factor. To understand how obesity is quickly becoming a leading cause of lower back pain, it is important to educate yourself on how the spinal column works.
Over time, if a person does not lose weight, this pressure can cause problems far more severe than aches and pains. While chiropractic adjustments may help realign your spine and reduce your pain, it can not fully cure your condition if you remain overweight.
Bluestone Chiropractic Group has several doctors in our network who are Registered Dieticians in addition to working as licensed chiropractors. Workers may suffer back or neck pain in any type of workplace, from the warehouse to the corner office.
Chiropractic care is most commonly associated with neck and back care, but many patients experience relief for non-musculoskeletal issues as well.
Countless studies have outlined the effectiveness of chiropractic care when it comes to dealing with a variety of spine related issues.
If you have a personal injury that is preventing you from having an active life, pause any plans for surgery and stop popping pills. If you are involved in a car accident, emotions will surely be running high, which makes it easy to ignore the most common symptoms of injury sustained in collisions.
According to the Association for Safe International Road Travel (ASIRT), approximately 2.35 million Americans sustain some form of injury due to a road accident each year.
Bluestone Chiropractic Group specializes in dealing with patients who have been injured in auto or sports accidents and need healing and recovery. If you are looking for a chiropractor because of an injury caused by auto or sports accidents in the Scottsdale area, Bluestone Chiropractic Group should be your first call.
The latest National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) found that an increasing number of Americans are embracing so-called “mind and body” approaches to wellness, such as yoga and chiropractic care. It is estimated that one out of every three men and 40 percent of women born in the year 2000 will suffer from diabetes in their lifetime. The purpose of this website is to provide the explanations of what the Japanese are, in addition to how Japanese society and culture work, in an understandable manner from Japanese point of view. If you feel the articles on this site are interesting, you may want to follow me on google plus, twitter, facebook. Shut down for the night. Turn off your PC and TVs before going to bed, and try opting for a book instead. When it comes to proteins, the foods that come to mind are meats, fish, eggs, dairy like milk, cheese and poultry, all of which are animal based. Quinoa is one of the most protein rich foods containing all the nine essential amino acids.
Quinoa was first domestically harvested by the Incas of South America almost 5000 years ago. The Amazing health benefits of Quinoa are beyond measure and it is an all-round grain that not only helps reduce the risk of most widespread diseases heart attack, diabetes, high blood pressure and cancer but also promotes weight loss and maintenance of a fit and healthy body.
The high soluble fiber content of Quinoa helps in reducing cholesterol and plaque formation in the blood vessels thereby protecting the heart from various risks like blockage and stroke.
One of the most common reasons for high blood pressure is unbalanced sodium level in blood. Protein and fiber are the two key nutrients essential in controlling diabetes and quinoa is a rare seed that is rich in both. Research shows that a diet rich in soluble and insoluble fibers helps in lowering the risk of colon and breast cancer to a great extent. For those looking to shed the extra pounds and staying in shape, quinoa is a power-packed, fat free grain that will help you reach your health target with ease.
The high level of soluble and insoluble fibers present in quinoa helps in proper digestion and also relieves problems of constipation, hemorrhoids and irritable bowel syndrome. Protein is the key nutrient in cell development and muscle building and most of us depend on animal proteins as a quick and easy protein source. Quinoa works wonders in preventing gall stone formation mainly because of the high level of soluble and insoluble fibers present in the seeds.
Now that you are familiar with the health benefiting aspects of this wonder seed, let’s take a look in to some easy to make and healthy recipes with quinoa that you can easily incorporate into your diet and the best thing is- it won’t take up much of your time. This is a typical South American salad dish that has an amazing tangy taste of tomatoes and avocados and is packed with the goodness of quinoa that is easy to prepare and one you can fix in a jiffy.
This is an extremely simple and easy to make quinoa recipe which is absolutely oil free and makes use of very less spices. This is an amazingly healthy recipe that combines the goodness of fresh leafy green vegetables with the health benefiting aspects of quinoa in to one yummy dish that you will love to eat.
Directions:In a sauce pan add 2 cups of water add the quinoa and bring to boil, let the water be absorbed completely and remove from flame. This is an easy and quick recipe that is open to innovations as you can add your favorite vegetables and nuts in order to give an edge. Directions:In a saucepan boil the chicken broth and add quinoa to it, let it simmer until the broth is absorbed and quinoa turns fluffy and soft. Enjoy the delicious taste of seafood with this healthy quinoa recipe that is prepared from a combination of fresh and colorful veggies and shrimps.
Directions: Boil the chicken broth in a pot and add quinoa to it, simmer until all the liquid is absorbed and quinoa turns soft and fluffy, remove from flame and set aside.
Enjoy these simple yet mouth watering recipes and bask in the awesome goodness of quinoa and don’t forget to share your quinoa recipes with us.

Hello, constantly i used to check webpage posts here early in the dawn, since i love to learn more and more. Electrical cardioversion is a procedure in which an electric shock is delivered to the chest wall, in order to restore a normal heart rhythm in a patient with atrial fibrillation (see figure below). Cardioversion involves first placing the patient in a light anesthesia-induced sleep for a few minutes, and then, while the patient is asleep, administering an electrical discharge to the patienta€™s chest. The most dreaded complication of cardioversion has more to do with the atrial fibrillation than with the cardioversion itself. Therefore, if the atrial fibrillation has been present for more than 48 hours, the blood must be thinned out before cardioversion. In some patients, medications to prevent a recurrence of atrial fibrillation may not be needed after cardioversion.
Electrical cardioversion terminates an episode of atrial fibrillation and restores a normal heart rhythm, but does nothing to prevent the atrial fibrillation from returning. Patients who cana€™t tell whether or not atrial fibrillation is present may need to continue taking a blood thinner indefinitely after cardioversion. Having a massage will certainly help you to relax and if you are visiting no trip to Thailand should be without one, but, do remember to tell the masseuse if you have any contra indications. Necesaria para los huesos, la piel, las membranas mucosas y un sistema inmunologico sanos, la vitamina C es soluble en agua, lo cual significa que no se almacena en el cuerpo y necesita ser reemplazada diariamente. Chronic lower back pain is the second most common disability in America, and more than 80% of all Americans will experience some form of lower back pain in their lifetime. Think of your spine as the anchor of your body, it holds the branches of nerves that allow the your limbs to feel and move and your vertebra provide support and mobility.
People with obesity are at higher risk of developing a herniated disc, where the spine’s outer fibers are worn away exposing the nerves housed in the spinal column. If your weight stays the same, so does the pressure on your lower back and chiropractic adjustments may only postpone inevitable complications that will later arise. Our doctors will assess your weight and help you learn to make healthier choices in regard to your diet.
This is because both heavy lifting and prolonged periods of sitting in front of a computer affect the musculoskeletal system. Additionally, patients seeking chiropractic care to treat musculoskeletal issues report secondary relief in a number of areas, including improved respiratory and digestive function, circulation, and vision. It is also known as a safe method of easing or even resolving neck and back pain, headaches, and many more maladies.
These injuries range from minor scratches to life-threatening trauma, perhaps leading to huge medical bills. Our doctors use the latest research and advances in chiropractic care to help patients get back on track and lead healthier, fuller lives.
New research suggests there is a link between your body’s vitamin D levels and spinal health.
However, it became popular all over Japan in the 90s as a healthy food. Natto is made from soybeans and has isoflavones, which are said to help female hormones. If you’re only sleeping for 4 or 5 hours a night, you may want to consider hitting the hay a couple hours earlier.
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This is the reason that people are often skeptic about vegetarian diets such as the vegetarian GM diet and doubt whether it can properly sustain the body for its proper functioning.
It is also high in fiber that helps with digestion and reduces high blood pressure and cholesterol. It is a powerful grain that was known as “the gold of the Incas” and consumed by Inca warriors for strength, stamina and muscle development.
The soluble fibers react with the bile acids and reduce the level of harmful LDL cholesterol while leaving healthy HDL cholesterol levels intact.
The high levels of potassium and magnesium present in quinoa helps in balancing the sodium content in blood thereby controlling blood pressure. Almost 60% of the quinoa seed consists of the germ which is a great source of protein and works wonders in controlling blood sugar levels. It keeps the digestive tract clear and healthy and flushes out traces of toxins and waste products thereby promoting optimum digestion and steady bowel movement. Being rich in antioxidants and riboflavin (vitamin B2), it helps relax and expand the blood vessels in the brain and improve energy metabolism with in brain and muscle cells thereby reducing the frequency of migraine attacks. The soluble fibers control bile secretion while the insoluble fibers prevent the collection of bile in the liver. Collagen is the structural protein that gives shape to the skin cells and lysine is one of the key amino acids that help in building collagen and muscles. Transfer the quinoa in to a large mixing bowl and add salt, black pepper, lemon juice and olive oil. Heat oil in a pot and saute the sweet potatoes and mushrooms for 5 minutes, add the garlic and cook for another minute, add the kale, salt, pepper and cook all the vegetables till they turn tender. The sumptuous taste of the chicken combined with the fresh crunchy vegetables it sure to be loved by the entire family.
Heat olive oil in a saucepan and add garlic, onions, bell pepper and mushrooms and saute for 5 minutes, now add the shrimps, sprinkle some salt and black pepper and fry till the shrimps turn pink, now add the lemon juice and quinoa and cook the entire mixture for a minute and serve hot. She has done her masters in English and has done her graduation from Banaras Hindu University. It is an effective and useful way to restore a normal rhythm, but the likelihood of success is higher if the atrial fibrillation has not been present for a long time. In the vast majority of cases, the electrical discharge a€?wipes outa€? the atrial fibrillation, and allows the normal heart rhythm to resume.
As we have noted, atria that have been fibrillating for more than 24 a€“ 48 hours tend to form blood clots.
This requires taking warfarin before cardioversion, with at least 2-3 weeks of an INR (a blood test that indicates how thinned out the blood is) between 2 and 3.
But in many patients, medications are needed to prevent an early recurrence of atrial fibrillation after cardioversion. The best chance for maintaining a normal rhythm after cardioversion is when the atrial fibrillation has been present for less than 3-4 months.

The goal of treatment is to maintain a normal heart rhythm for as long as possible, (hopefully for as long as 1 year), realizing that the atrial fibrillation will eventually come back. The definition of massage is the kneading and rubbing of the muscles with hands, although in Thailand you are likely to be kneaded with elbows and feet as well.
While having a massage can have huge benefits, and broadly speaking anybody can enjoy this treatment, who should be thinking twice about having a massage? People who fall in the healthy weight range have a spine with minimal pressure placed upon it, but people who are overweight or obese have extra weight around the middle pressing directly against the spine and limiting the range of motion of the vertebra.
A herniated disc can be extremely painful, and recovering from one can be very difficult if the pressure from being overweight is still pressing against the disc. Think of it as taking a step forward every time you visit your chiropractor for an adjustment and then taking two steps back as soon as you leave and the pressure continues to press against your spine, wearing down your vertebra and making you more prone to injury. They will help you develop an exercise plan to shed excess pounds and guide you into a healthier lifestyle in addition to making adjustments to help alleviate your pain.
A good night’s sleep is just as important as getting enough nutrients, water, and food.
It is packed with minerals like iron, magnesium, manganese, and vitamins like lysine and Riboflavin (B2) that helps in improvising metabolism.
Although there are hundreds of varieties of Quinoa, but the most popular are the white, red and black ones. It also contains a certain amount of heart healthy omega 3 fatty acids that helps in proper functioning of the cardiovascular system. In addition, magnesium also acts as a vasodilator that helps in relaxing and proper functioning of the blood vessels that keeps blood pressure under control. It is also a rich source of soluble fibers that slows down the process of carbohydrate breakdown to glucose and provides higher satiety than conventional food grains, thereby controlling obesity and weight gain, that is directly related to diabetes. The fibers in the seeds absorb water and add bulk to the stool and help in its movement through the GI tract, thereby keeping the colon clean, healthy and free from potential toxins and carcinogens. The fibers in quinoa absorbs water and keeps you fuller for longer and reduces cravings thereby controlling hunger and mindless eating that is also a major cause of weight gain. It also helps in reducing excessive triglyceride formation in blood which is also a major cause of gall stone formation. Our body is capable of producing collagen by itself, but in certain cases the production is lower than normal which leads to loss of elasticity, wrinkles and saggy looking skin.
In a pan add 2 tablespoons of olive oil add the garlic, onions and chicken strips and saute for 8 minutes and keep aside. If the atrial fibrillation has been present for more than a few months, there is a high probability that it will return shortly after cardioversion.
If fresh blood clots are present and then the atria begin contracting again (because atrial fibrillation has now been terminated), the action of the beating atria can dislodge the fresh clots from the heart, and a stroke can result. The blood still needs to be thinned out with warfarin for at least 2-3 weeks after cardioversion.
If necessary cardioversion can be repeated many times as the shock causes only minimal changes to the heart itself. Massage is not recommended for people who have problems with their blood circulation, conditions such as diabetes, pregnancy, high blood pressure, skin problems or arthritis or a bad back or neck. Obesity can also cause osteoarthritis of the spine, which wears away at the spine and decreases mobility.
Losing weight is one of the most important things you can do to preserve your lower back health.
If you are suffering from obesity and lower back pain, visit your local Bluestone Chiropractic Group office today and look forward to a healthier, pain-free tomorrow. It is one of the ancient grains like amaranth and barley that have remained almost unchanged for thousands of years. Although it is called a grain, but it is not a true member of the grass family, it is a chenopod and more closely related to species like spinach and beet root. The anti-inflammatory agents like phenolic acids (hydroxycinnamic and hydroxybenzoic acids) and vitamin E compounds like gamma-tocopherol controls inflammation that is yet another factor related to Type 2 diabetes. It is the richest source of plant protein that promotes muscle and bone growth and also helps in repairing the wear and tear of muscle tissues. Quinoa is a great source of lysine that helps in maintaining supple and vibrant skin and slows down the onset of aging.
Transfer the quinoa in a large mixing bowl and add the pine nuts, celery, onion, pepper, cumin powder and parsley, sprinkle the lemon juice from above and mix well, season with salt and black pepper powder as required.
Now add rest of the oil and saute the vegetables- celery, zucchini, tomatoes and mushrooms till they turn tender, return the chicken strips and cook with the vegetables, add salt, lemon juice and pepper and cook for another 2-3 minutes.
Having a specific medication in the body beforehand will make the likelihood of conversion and maintenance of a regular rhythm much more likely. The risk of this complication a€“ post-cardioversion stroke a€“ can be greatly diminished by placing the patient on anticoagulation with coumadin for 2 a€“ 3 weeks prior to cardioversion. If you have any of these conditions, called contra-indications, it does not mean that you cannot enjoy the benefits of a massage but it would be wise to take advice from your GP before you do so.
Carrying extra weight around your midsection can pull your pelvis forward, causing a condition known as Lordosis, or a curved lower back. Although its benefits were neglected for long, but it is making a comeback in the modern American diet because it is a complete source of plant based protein, a highly energizing food packed with health benefiting nutrients like fibers, essential amino acids, iron, lysine, magnesium, Riboflavin (B2) and manganese. Being rich in iron and magnesium, it also helps in increasing energy levels and regulating muscle tone. Lordosis causes strain in the lower back causing the muscles to contract and tighten, which leads to extreme chronic pain. If you are looking for a relaxing massage then it is probably advisable to elect for an oil massage rather than a traditional Thai massage that is based more on manipulation than kneading and rubbing.
People with a high BMI are also more prone to developing Diffuse Idiopathic Hyperostosis (DISH), a hardening of the ligaments in the spine.
When using essential oils, only a small amount of essential oil is needed and the amount used also depends on whether you wish to be relaxed or invigorated.

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