THIS PAST week, various news outlets have breathlessly reported that one third of the world is fat. The Middle East and North Africa have the distinction of having the highest rates — nearly 60 percent of men and 65 percent of women are heavy.
Often there’s an emotional or psychological issue that physically manifests as weight gain. A CNN report presents some sobering numbers: Over 100,000 cancer cases each year are due to excess body fat.
To read about the types of cancer and the percent caused by excess body fat, read Cancer and Obesity.
Causality would mean that being overweight caused, or contributed to, diabetes; whereas coincidence would mean that 90% of diabetics are overweight is chance.
Sleep apnea is a disorder where you actually stop breathing for an extended period of time during sleep.
Now, I’m not so nutty to think that I can string together a few words and concepts here that will magically install into your head the new software program that will reprogram how you feel about yourself, how you think about yourself, your knowledge about diet and exercise, your lifestyle… and all the habits that extend from all that.
What I can do, however, is outline a plan, sort of… or maybe simply a list.  A list of things for you to consider, and then do, step by step.
Perhaps such a list will demystify the process of losing fat, or give you goods idea to try. Yes, got to the bathroom first, but then – immediately after, before you’re day grabs you and pulls you in – sit down and write on a post-it, or some other little piece of paper just one reason why you’re fat. Make sure you examine reasons related to emotions, psychology, the people in your life, stress, care-taking, food, drink, sitting (the lack of exercise), etc.  In other words, make your list address all the dimensions of your life.
On the fourth morning, collect your bits of paper and rewrite them in one column on a piece of paper.  On the fifth morning, read them all again, and add anything new that occurs to you.
On the fifth morning, write in a column beside each reason why you’re fat, what you’re willing to do to expunge that reason.  Decimate it, reverse it, minimize it, wipe it out – that sorta thing.
If you get blocked, ask someone you trust to help you.  Give that person permission to be blunt.
On the sixth day, select one thing from the fat-annihilating part of your list that you’re confident you can do.  Now break it down into something so easy, so tiny that it would be simple to make it a habit. Stanford researcher, BJ Fogg has popularized this concept.  His studies show that getting started with one easy to implement habit can break down resistance to getting started on conquering something that seems big or difficult. The idea is that you choose a new behavior that’s so simple that there should be no resistance to doing it, AND it’s connected to another already entrenched behavior. If you’ve decided to give this list a try, or own of your own, and you haven’t done anything yet, recruit a buddy.
There’s no one single better thing you can do to help you succeed with your new challenge than to do it alongside someone you like, respect and trust.  You’ll keep each other honest and on track.
As you drink it, review in your mind how grateful you are for putting yourself on this path of finally doing something to lose your fat and become healthy.
Then drink a big glass of pure water, swishing it around you mouth so you ensure that none of the enamel-robbing acid of the lemon will affect your teeth. If you typically do not eat breakfast, fill a shaker with water, almond or hemp milk, and add a good quality pea, sprout, hemp or whey protein powder, cinnamon, and whatever else will shake up that’s good for you, and drink it down. The aim is about 30 grams of protein in the morning.  It helps repair your body, build muscle and makes you full, so you’ll eat less throughout the day. Before you leave the house, plan your snacks.  If wherever you’re going does not give you access to healthy snacks, bring them with you.
Drinking a very large glass of pure water before you eat dinner will help fill you up.  Extra credit – add a tablespoon of Psyllium Husk Powder to at least eight ounces of water, shake it up and drink it before dinner, or any other meal. Yes, this sounds crazy, but the studies show that people who eat slower and with more mindfulness eat less and are more satisfied. Before plowing into your meal, set your timer on your smart phone or whatever ticker you have to chime every three minutes. Yes, this is the Okinawan tradition of eating until you’re 80% full.  The Okinawans are among the healthiest, longest-lived people on the planet.

That’s up to you.  What I do – assuming I remember to be mindful when eating – is that I put the fork down I feel like I could eat more but am no longer hungry.
The key to leaving food on your plate, or not putting much on there to begin with is to consciously realize that there’s another meal right around the corner. In other words, you will not become uncomfortably hungry if you stop eating before you wind up waddling away from the table.
Tell yourself, “If I get hungry before the next meal, I’ll just have that snack I prepared”.
If the pre-bed noshing habit is too big to kick right now, do the protein thing.  Shake up some water and protein powder and drink it down. Your body is smart and it is forever adjusting to whatever is happening to it.  What it wants is to conserve. Part of the reason is that you’re body adjusts to the new calorie count by reducing your basal metabolic rate.  The net of it is that you now need fewer calories to maintain your metabolism and thus the lower calorie count is now longer causing you to lose fat. By the way, homeostasis disruption also applies to exercise.  If you’re able and willing to add some exercise to your fat-busting life, a good day to amp up your routine is on the day you overeat. Go back to #4 – tiny habits – and select something tiny that you’re willing to do that involves movement. Maybe you can spare five minutes.  If you know about exercise because you’ve done it before, put together a five minute program that you can do daily.
If exercise is remote to your reality as an eggplant sandwich, check out exercise Meg Hoffman’s five-minute routine.
Given your physical condition and mindset, you might only do a portion of the routine, but – in line with tiny habits – do something, consistently, every day.
If you do that, inevitably, and almost imperceptibly, you’ll begin to do more and more, until you’ll be showing Meg how it’s done!
Whatever level of exercise you’re consistently doing for most of your week, do more of it on your day of overeating, should you comply with the hormostasis disruption described in #16. I put an asterisk behind #18 because if your hormones are outta whack you’re swimming against a powerful tide.
Thyroid – about 20,000,000 million Americans have a thyroid problem; 50% for those over 50. Testosterone – About 39% of men over the age of 45 have low testosterone, and this is relative to what some experts, like the Life Extension Foundation, view as a low reference range.  Meaning that more that 39% would be low if a more appropriate, higher range was used. Meditation can do this, as I write in, How You Can Control Your Brainwave Frequencies, The Keys to Happiness.
Anyone who has become an experienced meditator will tell you that this discipline is transformational. If one or more thoughts that you do not want to deal with right now insist on hanging out, mentally tell each one that you’ll return to them later, and then pick each one up and put it in a box. Although you and others may have struggled with weight issues for a very long time, and it may seem hopeless, it’s not. Make these 19 Fat Busters fun by approaching them with a light heart, recruiting a buddy and finding inner strength and peace thru meditation.
The days, weeks, months and years will come and go.  Let time take your excess weight with it. I truly hope you got something out of this, and will share it with others who might benefit. That article will give you lots more info about the thyroid, and how I discovered that mine might be working inadequately. You're gonna get (1) the Newsletter, (2) the four-part guide, Transform Your Body and Mind, and (3) the 12 Ageproof Biohacks. Do you suffer from low blood sugar and need a blood glucose level chart just so that you can keep up with all of the numbers? Low blood sugar can occur when you do not have enough sugar in your body or your body doesn’t make enough glucose for your body and organs to remain equally functioning. A blood glucose level chart or blood glucose level graph comes in handy especially for new diabetics as it allows them to see normal ranges and where their levels should be to keep their organs and bodies working together and functioning smoothly.

A blood glucose level chart can be found in a wide variety of places ranging from your doctor or physician, the local library or online.
What nerdy person who also happens to chronicle their running adventures doesn't like playing with numbers? NOTE: I am pretty sure I am surrendering some of my HIPAA rights by posting my numbers, but obviously because I feel pretty confident that I am healthy by all normal standards. Dabiiciyan marka ilmuhu abuurmayo wuxuu aabihiis bixiyaa 23 koromosoom ama hidde-side oo shahwada la socda, halka hooyaduna dhiibto 23 koromosoom oo ugxanta la socda. Cuddurkaan Down syndrome wuxuu dhacaa marka si aan caadi ahayn koromosoomka ama hidde-sidaha 21aad uu saa’id noqdo oo meeshii uu lamaanaan lahaa uu saddexan noqdo.
Cuudurkaan carruurta ku dhalata waxaa ku dhaca dib-u-dhac koritaanka jirreed iyo maskaxeedba. Carruurta ku dhalata cuddurkaan waxay qabaan cillado kala duwan oo uu sababay kharibaada koromosoomka 21aad. Sidaan kor ku sheegnay cuddurkaan waa shiddo ka timaada ubuurtii hore ee marka hidde-sideyaasha waalidiintu isku bacrinmayeen uu samaysmay koromosoob saa’id oo uu yeeshay hidde-sidaha 21aad.
Carruurta ku dhalata cuddurkaan marka ay gaaraan da’da baaluqnimada wiilasha inta badan ma tafiirmaan halka gabdhaha laga yaabo inay carruur dhalaan. Carruurta ku dhasha cilladaan marka ay dhashaanba waa la ogaan karaa, maadaama ay leeyihiin calaamado markiiba la dareemi karo oo ku saabsan qaabka wajiga ilmuhu u samaysmay. Over time, that extra weight – if substantial – can lead to a long list of physiological health issues, particularly if the fat is in and on the belly.
Add what you’re willing to do to challenge each reason you’ve written about why you’re fat. I'm a big believer in sustainability, and am a bit nutty about optimizing my diet, supplements, hormones and exercise. I’ll check out that article and I’ll be sure to be careful of the bath ingredients!
People who are diabetic have many things that they need to monitor and keep up with such as medications, insulin and also their blood glucose levels. For many if they are new diabetics they will need to have a fasting blood sugar chart in which they can look at while taking their fasting blood sugar until they reach the point that they know what numbers are normal for them and what a normal range is for them. A blood glucose level chart is a great handy tool to have around if you need help remembering the numbers at first or you need help by other people on keeping your numbers regulated.
This chart will provide the diabetics and their family members with a better idea about normal blood sugar levels. Cuddurkaan waa cuddur lagu dhasho oo ka yimaada marka dhaxal-sidayaasha ama Koromosoomada waalidiinta u gudbiyaan tafiirtooda ay si khalad ah u qaybsamaan. Marka ay isku bacrimaan shahwada iyo ugxanta ayaa waxaa soo baxa unnug aadami ah oo ka samaysan 46 koromosoom ama hidde side ilaa ilmuhu uurka dhexdiisa uu koroyo oo uu noqonayo qof dhamaystiran oo bilaayiin unnug ka samaysan. Waxaa ugu badan cilladahaas kuwa ku dhaca wadnaha, habdhiska dheefshiidka, qanjirta Thyroid oo dheefsiga cuntada dhib ka yimaado iyo aragtida indhaha oo inta badan khariban. Dadka dersa cuddurada ka yimaada dhaxal-sideyaasha waxay tibaaxaan in marka da’da hooyadu korortaba ay korodho fursada uu ku dhalan karo ilmo qaba down syndrome. Qaar ka mid ah carruurtaan dhamaan waxay muujiyaan calaamadaha Down syndrome,  halka qaarkood aysan muujin.
Low blood sugar can simply be treated by making sure that you add more sugar to your daily intake so that you can keep your body regulated.
A blood glucose level chart or blood glucose level graph is also handy to have in case you are dealing with the elderly who is a new diabetic and has trouble with remembering things. The goal for the diabetic is to attain these levels while avoiding harmful complications and maintaining far better health.

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