The amounts should also be put on a blood sugar levels chart were they can be compared with other days and are a record for your doctor.
Find out what your blood sugar levels after eating should be and talk to you doctor about improving your diet. Diabetes is caused due to lack of physical activity, obesity, a rich diet and it also runs in the family thus can be considered hereditary. Powder of amalaki, turmeric and fenugreek Make a mixture with equal amount of amalaki powder, turmeric powder and fenugreek powder. Seeing my mum now and seeing how she was 5 years ago is a sight to behold and she is proof that sufferers should fight the condition as best as they can. If the body produces too little the body doesn’t get the necessary energy and the high amount of sugar in the blood can permanently damage the body. Diabetes can affect your organs like eyes, kidneys, nerves, bones and blood vessels if the blood sugar level is not maintained. These useful herbs are easily available in your kitchen or you can procure them from the market.

You can consume it in various forms such as you can make fenugreek sprouts and chew it with warm water. Tale ? tea spoon of this mixture with your meals twice a day to maintain blood sugar level. Chew 5-6 mango leaves in morning for 10 minutes and spit the pulp out while swallowing the juice. It is advisable to consult an expert before using any of the above mentioned herbal remedies.
My mother suffers from it and so I have learnt all about the condition and the symptoms she suffers from. Diabetes, or as it is known as hyperglycemia, is where there is too much glucose (sugar) in the bloodstream. If too much insulin is added and not enough glucose was taken in, the body will run out of energy and begin to show bad symptoms that should be treated with immediate sugar intake.
It occurs when pancreas is unable to produce enough insulin in the body and there is an increase in blood sugar level in the body.

Take two tablespoon of wheat grass juice in the morning for at least 2 months to bring down your blood sugar level. Make a decoction with 5-6 leaves of neem and boil them in one glass of water till it is reduced to half. It has led me to spend countless hours of research & online discussion on how to reverse diabetes and relieve her symptoms. The normal level of blood sugar in the body varies between 80-140 per 100 ml in fasting state.
The levels that are given after testing with a blood glucose meter should be in this range or too much or not enough insulin has been taken.

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