The placenta, the nutrient-rich organ shown in this model as the layer above the baby's feet, makes its own serotonin.
Researchers have found evidence that the placenta plays an important role in fetal brain development during the early stages of pregnancy.
The placenta itself is the source of a specific signal at a very particular period in development which is influencing the brain of the new child. They were looking at the chemical's effect on the frontmost part of the brain, called the forebrain.
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And it shows that the placenta does a lot more than simply transport nutrients from a mother to her unborn baby. He says experiments in mice showed that, at least early on, it wasn't coming from the fetus itself. What's more, the placenta only produced serotonin during a specific period of early fetal development.
He says there are hints that it can make dopamine, which is also involved in wiring up the brain a€” and in mental illness.

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