First off, no that isn’t some sort of deformed penis with the world’s tiniest testicles in the photo below. The glowing blue stick you see in the tweezers is a new sensor that the team has been working on that glows to show the mouse’s blood sugar. The sensor has shown to be accurate and durable enough to stay inside the body for up to 140 days in mice.
Eating a diet low in refined foods (white flour, juice, packaged foods) would be a great start. With regards to supplements, I always start with minerals, primarily Magnesium, Chromium and Vanadium.
Another supplement that is helpful with supporting healthy blood sugar levels is Alpha Lipoic Acid. The previous supplements are on my top list of nutritional supplements for blood sugar control.
If you are looking to take control of balancing your blood sugar, then you need to be aware that poping a pill or pills is not the answer. Breakthrough research from experts at the University of Cambridge has found that it's safe for women with type 1 diabetes to use an artificial pancreas while pregnant. The pioneering device monitors and adjusts insulin levels to ensure the right amount is delivered into the body automatically - just as the pancreas does in people who aren't diabetic. Researchers in Cambridge tested 16 British women with type 1 diabetes while they were pregnant. The women used the device for the duration of their pregnancy and all gave birth to healthy babies. Diabetes had been considered as particularly risky during pregnancy because blood sugar levels often surge because of fluctuating hormones.
As things stands, half of infants born to mothers with type 1 diabetes have complications, but it's hoped this development will dramatically cut that figure. Insulin is automatically pumped into the bloodstream via a machine worn on the patient's belt.

The machine will know exactly how much glucose to administer thanks to a small sensor on the stomach which constantly monitors blood sugar levels.
This information is sent to a mobile phone of tablet which then calculates the amount of insulin needed. The team is working on calibrating and testing the sensor further to improve the accuracy and duration of the sensor. Alpha Lipoic Acid could end up being the big winner in the future for those with blood sugar control issues. Even if you subject yourself to the pharmaceutical answers to blood sugar control, you are not going to “cure” yourself of the problem without other lifestyle modifications.
It’s a bald mouse that a team of researchers from Institute of Industrial Science at the University of Tokyo are using as a test rodent for a cool new sensor that may someday help make monitoring blood sugar less painful for diabetics.
It is designed to be easily injected under the skin and can be removed with tweezers like a splinter. Eventually the hope is that the sensor can be used in humans to allow blood sugar monitoring without having to prick the finger to draw blood for conventional testing. My belief, as with most health conditions, is that we bring this on with our lifestyle choices.
The fiber alone from these foods can also have a stabilizing effect on your blood sugar levels.
You don’t need to do hours of aerobics, but just 30 or so minutes a day of brisk walking, biking or weight lifting can assist your body in maintaining health blood sugar levels. Processing takes out the good in most cases and often times companies “fortify” the foods to put back what they just processed out. Gymnema has been shown to improve the ability of insulin to lower blood sugar levels in both Type I and Type II diabetes. Whether you have issues with Hypo- (low) or Hyper- (high) glycemia, proper diet, activity and supplementation can assist you in addressing this issue. Recent research has shown that people with blood sugar control usually have low blood levels of these three key minerals.

It protects not only against the dysfunction that causes diabetes, but also against the damage caused by the disease.
Cinnamon (yes, the spice) extract is known to improve blood sugar levels and lipid levels in those with Type II diabetes.
If you can get these two aspects under control, supplementing or taking prescribed medications will not be necessary in most cases. Research from the 1900s showed that Chromium-rich Brewer’s yeast was helpful in restoring blood sugar levels.
L-carnitine is a popular dietary supplement because it has been shown to produce many health benefits, one of which is control blood sugar. The extract of Maitake (Sx Fraction) has also been shown to be extremely helpful for those with interest in blood sugar control. The choice is yours, but in the meantime, you now have some tools to assist your body in overcoming your blood sugar issues.
Current research shows that chromium supplementation with doses as high as 1000mcg per day has been helpful at improving glucose tolerance in those with Type II diabetes. L-Carnitine improves insulin sensitivity, increases glucose storage, and optimizes carbohydrate metabolism. Magnesium consumption has shown to improve insulin production in those with Type II Diabetes.
Most people haven’t heard of this mineral yet research has shown that it helps improve glucose control in as little as 6 weeks.

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