When I started I had heard people say that you can't control it, but I thought I was different. After a few years I was forced to move in with my father and it became very difficult to purge as I had been, but I still managed to purge at least once a day, twice if I was lucky. My eating disorder stayed the same for some time, managing to keep 'control' and only purge once or twice a day, but I started to gain weight. Finally I went to the doctor for another medical problem I had, only to find out that I had PCOS and Diabetes. If you are reading this, if you are considering becoming bulimic or harming yourself because you think that it will help, don't. I don't know who you are, but I do know that you are worth too much to do this to yourself. Hi Chelsea,I've been to a lot of self-injury websites but none that were written by a burner.
DID YOU KNOW THAT THE 3rd LEADING CAUSE OF DEATH FOR THOSE BETWEEN THE AGES OF 15 AND 24 IS SUICIDE? Mine started right at puberty, and the unexplainable weight gain and hirsutism and acne that came with it was probably one of the many factors that led to my becoming anorexic at 17.

I started as a restricting anorexic, and as I lost weight, all the symptoms of my PCOS improved.
I have tried to stop but I find myself loving the way I feel when I'm skinny, when I feel empty. The weight didn't come on until later, because I was still eating very little and purging whatever I did eat, but I started developing the acne and facial hair again.
I eat enough to ensure that I do not pass out during the day, but I eat a maximum of 600 calories, more often 450-500 a day. My weight was still very low, and obesity is one trigger for PCOS, so why was I having symptoms again?
Eventually, the weight went up and I watched with horror as my body betrayed me again in a new way.I am a medical student, and now realize that bulimia is a STRONG trigger for the development of insulin resistance, which leads to PCOS and weight gain. Whenever we sit down to eat, even if we just see or smell food, before the food even enters our stomach, our pancreas starts secreting insulin in anticipation--the cephalic phase of insulin secretion. I have burnt in the past, cut, punched myself, punch walls, I almost broke my hand on more than one occasion. When you binge multiple times a day, your pancreas keeps pumping out more and more insulin, and even though you are puking the food back up, you end up with high levels of insulin in your blood.

I know it's hard to break the cycle of binging and purging, but this realization was one of the things that helped me quit chewing and spitting and binging.
And while the logical part of me knows that I can't control it, I have to get help, the irrational part of me still believes I can gain control again.
When I started to read your blog, which I found through Google Images: tattoo quotes on strength, surprisingly enough, a cold wave washed over me and I felt sick to my stomach. Yet I know when I slip into that specific state of mind, when something triggers it and I have the urge to burn, everything I just stated becomes void.
I felt such a connection to a woman I had never met, who is years older than I am, but who feels as I do. But thank you for helping me realize I'm not the only one out there and I wish you luck on your road to recovery.

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