High blood pressure, along with tiredness, diarrhea, fluid retention and other temporary changes to the body, is a side effect of licorice. Licorice root contains glycyrrhizin, which can cause headaches, high blood pressure, upset stomach and other health aliments.
Any licorice product, including candies, beverages, supplements and extracts, that contains real licorice ingredients can give rise to licorice side effects. Some common licorice side effects include headaches, high blood pressure, hypertension, upset stomach, diarrhea, lethargy, facial puffiness, ankle swelling, fluid retention, muscle weakness, muscle pain, arrhythmia and grogginess.
The side effects of licorice can be similar to other diseases or disorders such as congestive heart failure, hormonal imbalances and allergic reactions.
People who have histories of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, edema, glaucoma, kidney or liver diseases, menstrual problems or strokes should not take licorice. To avoid suffering from licorice side effects, users should avoid taking it for more than a week. I've been taking DGL supplements to help with my stomach issues, and I've recently started breaking out in hives.
Needless to say, I got very excited about the candies and had way too many in the same day. If you’re battling high blood pressure, you might be worried that a daily medication is your only option for treatment.
Enjoying a glass of wine after a stressful day or a beer at happy hour seems harmless, but those drinks can add up and take a toll on your blood pressure levels.
Although a poor diet, lack of exercise, and other factors can all gradually affect your blood pressure, it’s smoking that causes one of the most immediate spikes in blood pressure levels.
If you’re a smoker, one of the best things you can do to keep your blood pressure in check is quit. Between a demanding career, a social life, and the demands of partners and children, it can be difficult to juggle priorities without getting overwhelmed. Set aside a half hour every day with friends or family to unwind, make time for yoga or meditation, or vow to read a book before bed every night. Smoking increase your blood pressure because of chemicals in cigarettes which lead to an increase in heart disease risk. If you’re a non smoker and not drinks often then you must check your daily diet because your daily lifestyle habits is somewhere causing this. Many people will have diarrhea once or twice each year and is cause by a virus that infects the gut. Diarrhea is bowel movements (stools) that are loose and watery, and usually  last 1 to 3 days. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
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If the person is still very sick and does not fell better within 6 hours after the re-hydration drink, seek for medical help.
They usually can be attributed to the licorice component glycyrrhizin, which is present in many licorice products but is not present in candy that is known as "red licorice." Licorice side effects can seem harmless, but they also can be similar to extreme health problems such as congestive heart failure.
The body's electrolyte balance also can be effected, because licorice can cause the body to deplete its storage of potassium but retain sodium. Users can experience symptoms that resemble congestive heart failure, such as water retention, weight gain, swelling of the hands or feet and shortness of breath.
Licorice should not be used during pregnancy, because it can increase blood pressure and levels of the hormone aldosterone. It's not uncommon for someone who ingests licorice candy to experience an increase in blood pressure. I took another medication and it dropped soon after that but I think it would have gone up higher if I hadn't taken an extra tablet.
If you must have some, have a little bit and then wait for a while to see how your BP will be affected. For many patients, this can mean unpleasant symptoms like dizziness, diarrhea and headaches. That’s the idea behind the well-known DASH diet, named for its approach to lowering blood pressure. In addition to following the DASH diet, anyone who is trying to lower their blood pressure should limit alcohol intake to no more than one serving of alcohol per day. For men, that means no more than two drinks per day and for women, no more than one drink per day. Research the availability of local smoking cessation classes and groups for other individuals who have quit to find a network of support.
You should still be mindful of secondhand smoke, which has also been shown to increase the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease.
And while a little stress is normal, too much stress can lead to elevated blood pressure levels.
In these cases, your doctor can help you determine what treatment is right for you, and recommend a cardiologist, if necessary. If you have medical concern or symptoms, or are considering use of herbs and supplements, please seek advice of qualified physician. Some links may be advertisements of products from witch this website owner may make commission on sale. When taking licorice, users should consider increasing their intakes of potassium, monitoring blood pressure and regularly checking electrolytes for imbalances. Hormonal symptoms such as skipped menstrual periods, low libido and impotence can be effects of licorice consumption.

All licorice side effects should be considered serious and should be reported to a health care professional if they are experienced. The best physicians to oversee licorice consumption are, arguably, those who have been trained in botanical medicine or natural remedies. My naturopath thinks that being allergic to DGL is highly improbable but I'm starting to think differently. One drink is equal to 12 ounces of beer, eight to nine ounces of malt liquor, five ounces of wine, or 1.5 ounces of other spirits, like gin or vodka. You can also take advantage of our blood pressure screening events, held at a variety of locations throughout the community. No actual recommendations or any claims to use herbs, or any guarantees of their efficiency. Rashes, itches, hives, wheezing, breathing difficulties and swelling of the mouth or throat might be suffered as well. Women who experience premenstrual syndrome (PMS) should avoid taking licorice root, because it can compound PMS symptoms such as fluid retention and bloating.
These physicians are more likely to be familiar with the medicinal uses of licorice and its side effects. I personally think that the headaches might be due to an electrolyte imbalance that licorice causes. I had mentioned it to him that I used to eat licorice candies a lot as a child but couldn't get a hold of them now. It's sad because I love the flavor and I believe that licorice has some benefits too, but sometimes the side effects outweigh the benefits. The websiteis is for general information, reportage, background research and entertainment purposes only.
Consumers who want to reduce their risk of experiencing side effects should seek to purchase licorice products that are deglycyrrhizinated, which means that they have had the glycyrrhizin removed from them.
Or it might be affecting my hormones, I don't know. There are other great herbal teas with less side effects you can drink for your stomach.
This website owner specifically disclaims responsibility for any consequence of using this website and its contains.

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