0 PRINT Use this content 97-year-old Norm Wyatt has been receiving tasty hot meals for almost seven years and that's all thanks to the team down at the Rosella Street Store led by part owner Carmel Ward.
Unlike type 1 diabetes, which is an unpredictable, unstoppable auto-immune condition that requires daily injections of insulin to sustain life, type 2 can be halted.
In 60% of cases an active lifestyle and healthy eating are all that is required to slow its advance.
The realities of type 2 diabetes mean that every one of them is at increased risk of this serious chronic condition. Top Stories BIG MOVE: Pat O'Driscoll reveals expansion plans FOR THE past 23 year, Pat O'Driscoll Real Estate has called 171 Bolsover St home - but not for much longer.
Jupiter and Venus in closest encounter for 50 years most people will be able to see with the naked eye Going, going, gone.
Money raised for Mercy Care Respite Centre Rockhampton residents band together to raise money for Mercy Care. YOUR GUIDE: All you need to know about the Rocky Home Show The Rockhampton Home Show Expo is rolling into town. This property offers spacious bedrooms, open plan living, large rumpus room and ample storage space throughout.
Fantastic property, awesome 4000m2 block, with amazing views, perfectly positioned in The Olive Estate.

This renovated home offers charming character and generous spaces for low maintenance comfortable family living on a 750m2 block.
Perfectly positioned in the enviable Rockhampton suburb of The Range you will find this immaculately presented 3 bedroom family home on an impressive 516m2. 271 Frenchville Rd is one a few tightly held grand homes on acre size parcels of land in Rockhampton.
1. In 1912, why did Titanic radio operator Jack Phillips send the Morse code message “CQD”?
Cirrus Media is Australia’s premier business to business publisher, delivering the country’s most recognised industry magazines and websites. Broadbeach Amcal Compounding Chemist has experienced Compounding Chemists that provide this amazing service of customised medications. We also stock an extensive range of practitioner only medications including Metagenics, Bioceuticals, Nutrition care, Dr Veras, Orthoplex and much more.
We are also a NDSS Diabetes sub-agent that supplies Blood Glucose meters, test strips and more.
Come and view our compounding from the front Viewing window and see us make your medications in front of your eyes.
Already it consumes more than 16% of the capacity of our major hospitals, but that workload is set to increase.

In fact, 200,000 Queenslanders are diagnosed with diabetes, but another 93,000 have type 2 and don't know it yet. But that means 40% can't escape the condition, no matter how quickly type 2 is diagnosed, or how determined their response may be.
NewsComment What's on the small screen this week THE Block's $65,000 bathroom is revealed and strangers marry. Thanks for all the get well wishes!a?¤i???Y?? Kristen Levine: Pet Lifestyle ExpertAll Four Paws 1 month ago We just want to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for you life saving product!Our post op Beagle, Scout was using the traditional hard cone as weapon to reopen his surgery site. It worked like charm and the dog from hell (as we were calling him by then) finally started to heal.We deliberately bought the medium extra long, since the issue was on his back paw and leg. The vet provided a standard hard plastic e-collar but Scout could actually reach the wound. He tore out the stiches and the even used the edge to scrap the scabs making it worse and worse, we need the extra long cone to stop him getting to his hind leg and the soft edge meant he could not pin his foot under the edge to get leverage to reach it.

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