Other than their distinctive colour, one of the other notable aspects of bananas is that they come ready-packed in an easy-peel wrapper and has endured no human intervention on the inside. Bananas are known to be the most carby fruit, but apples and pears are not far behind so it’s no great crime. You are unlikely to lose weight on a banana diet, but fibre boosts satiety and helps with digestive health.
Vitamin B6 helps the body produce haemoglobin, a component of blood, and helps with your body’s immune system and antibody production.
Edible bananas evolved from a plant in the Indo-Malaysian region and have been mentioned in literature as far back as the 6th century BC. Other than just peeling and eating them, you can slip them into smoothies, slice up and scatter on your morning muesli, or bake and serve with cream, pan-fry and pop on a pancake, bake banana bread or mush into a muffin for extra oomph, wrap in bacon and slap them on the barbie. If you want to make a healthy thing (a banana) less healthy, then you can bake in the oven.
Our tried and tested recipes give you healthy options for breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as snacks and treats. This makes the Healthy Living Recipe Book ideal for coeliacs, those with type 2 diabetes and anyone with elevated cholesterol as well as being a great aide to weight loss. For those in training for a sporting event, all the recipes are ideal, and you can add some more starchy carbohydrates to support your fitness programme. Jasmine tea benefits the health especially intestines by breaking down fats and toxins and flush them out from the body in the form of stool and urine. Muddle the fruit with the sugar in a punch bowl or pitcher using a wooden spoon to release some of the fruit juices and dissolve the sugar.
We have to apply good diet, these natural remedies in lowering blood sugar level, and of course exercise which is proven to be one of the main factors that can lower blood sugar level.

This guide will tell you how I manage to lower my blood sugar level in 3 weeks by doing 4 main things.
In addition, bananas are ‘complex carbohydrates’, which means that they have a low GI of 55 (they release what sugars they do contain slowly, thereby avoiding blood sugar spikes. They are packed full of some goodies – one banana contains 10% of your daily potassium needs, 10% of your dietary fibre and 14% of the RDA of Vitamin C as well as a whopping 20% of your Vitamin B6 needs. Bananas are a heart-healthy food when included in a diet low in saturated fat and cholesterol. It is also involved in the mechanisms that converts carbohydrates to glucose and therefore is a factor in blood glucose control. Most bananas are now grown in tropical regions, like South America, Central America and the Caribbean so they do undertake quite a journey to get into your hands. Just slit open the banana skin to save it from bursting open and put in a baking tray for 15-20mins at 180 degrees C (350F), then serve with  some cream and a grind of nutmeg. Use a ripe banana to ‘bring on’ other unripe fruits – put a ripe banana in a paper bag with the fruit, such as an unripe avocado) and leave a few days. It includes a range of vegetarian options and there is something for those who enjoy a bit of spice in their life too.
If your child is affected by neural tube defects, you should include okra in their dietary routine!
It is a nutritional food item that comprises of the minerals and vitamins your body needs for a better tomorrow! Harmful fatty acids, triglycerides, bad cholesterol and lipoprotiens are reduced by drinking jasmine tea.
Jasmine tea regulates the blood sugar and glucose levels in the body which prevents the chances of suffering from diabetes.

When intestines are healthy, you will not suffer from indigestion, bloating or irritable bowel movements. The fragrance of jasmine tea has a tranquilizing effect which calms down your nerves and fights stress. In fact, a diabetic on insulin needs to be aware that their insulin dose might absorb and get to work before the carbs in the banana are digested. Bananas are also a good source of manganese, which is an antioxidant that is involved in regulating blood sugar levels. Our recipes have designed for those who want to lift their health to the next level; who want to feel more invigorated and want to bounce out of bed in the morning. The recipes are guaranteed to help you reduce bloating and keep you full for longer as well as filling you with energy. Soluble fiber from ladies finger blends with the intestine and absorbs unhealthy cholesterol. Above all, it protects the intestinal membrane and saves the body from different types of cancer.
In fact, women who consume okra during pregnancy will save their babies from neural tube defects.
Anyone on a pump might consider a bolus type that covers a long period of time to match the slow release of the carbs contained in the banana. If you are concerned about your wellness and health, okra should be a part of your weekly diet.

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