Many people face aliments and conditions brought on by the unhealthily food choices confronting them wherever they look.
I learned to decode the word for "refined sweetness" in every ingredient label: high fructose corn syrup, agave syrup, Splenda, Xylitol, brown rice syrup, "evaporated cane juice", maltodextrin, etc. After going through the ingredients of the food on our market shelves, it's not hard to see that most of them contain processed sugars and engineered sweeteners, even if it's a product that seems like the last thing it needs is more sweetness added to it.
You see, refined sugar and processed sweeteners are pretty much guilty for the wave of sugar diabetes sweeping across the human race. Together and with your support we can help local, sustainable, fair-trade, family-owned farms, and improve our lives and communities with better health and well being.
A University of Liverpool study showed that aspartame could be toxic to brain cells when mixed with yellow food coloring. Sugar (a product of photosynthesis) is a carbohydrate existing in all green plants, fruits and vegetables. Now over 200 countries grow sugarcane; Brazil being the largest producer followed by India. The best way to have sugarcane is to chew on its freshly cut long raw stalks, extracting its juices without swallowing the stalk. All dentists dissuade against the chewing of sweets but chewing sugarcane shoots is known to exercise the teeth and gums and make them strong. After sugarcane is processed to obtain table sugar, the black gooey mass which remains is highly nutritious blackstrap molasses, an inexpensive superfood for iron and magnesium.
Brown sugar from sugarcane is natural combination of sugar and molasses, refined without colourings, flavourings or coatings. In 2007 we set out to help people heal themselves with the best possible alternatives nature has already created.
In the summer of 2006, I had my first "guarapo" (sugarcane juice) at a Cuban festival here, in Echo Park (Los Angeles).
We’re re-introducing a healthy, non-fat, raw source of sweetness back into the diet, the way Nature intended. While this sweetener is cheap and readily available (maybe a little too available) , it does not have the potential to support health in the way that other natural sweeteners do, as it lacks the additional phytochemicals that are found in honey, molasses and maple syrup. Maple syrup, coconut sugar, and molasses are other popular natural sweeteners, but they don’t have the modern research or the traditional background that honey and stevia do. 1000BC onwards its cultivation spread along the human migration routes to Southeast Asia, India and the east of the Pacific. If you unfortunately dismiss this as an un-sophisticated rural practice, do at least chew on tiny de-skinned pieces of sugarcane which is definitely a far healthier practice than chewing gum.
Diabetics can therefore relish it without worrying about soaring blood sugar levels (those with type 2 diabetes should still have limited sugarcane juice). The steep fall in glucose levels during jaundice; may be replenished by having 3 to 4 glasses of sugarcane juice daily. Sugarcane juice gets easily contaminated, as its raw form and high sugar content attracts numerous flies. Cachaca, the most popular alcoholic beverage of Brazil is made by the distillation of sugarcane. It may be applied to the eyes for defective vision, cataracts, conjunctivitis, burning sensation of the eyes and eye stress.
Because of its high cellulose content; it serves as environmentally friendly raw material for paper, cardboard and utensils.

And no matter how much nutritionists may point their fingers at white sugar, we can’t stop using it in the confectionary world.
While waiting in the long line, people explained how good it is for men's health and vitality. Earlier this week in our post Organic Cane Sugar vs Other Sweeteners: Part 1, we told you about the benefits of organic cane sugar and the.
Similarly to table sugar, molasses comes from sugar cane; however it does not go through the extensive processing that table sugar does and thus retains phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals. Excessive consumption of table sugar or sucrose; however causes diabetes, obesity and tooth decay. Sugar is richly stored in the thick fibrous stalks of sugarcane measuring from two metres to six metres in height. Fructose, a cheap sweetener usually derived from corn, is used in thousands of food products and soft drinks.
No, sugar isn’t going to spike up your blood glucose levels (unless you happen to pour the entire contents of the sugar bowl into your mouth). If you split the extract from a sugar beet or sugar cane into two a€“ sugar and molasses a€“ then either both or neither are a€?naturala€?, surely?
Paradoxically the consumption of sugarcane (from which table sugar is manufactured) has myriad health benefits and doesn’t induce diabetes, weight gain and tooth decay. The plant’s roots reach till 15 feet below the ground thereby absorbing nutritious minerals from an unsullied bottom soil. In the study, over the course of 10 weeks, 16 volunteers on a controlled diet including high levels of fructose produced new fat cells around their heart, liver, and other digestive organs. In fact, if you ever run out of brown sugar, you can make your own by adding 1 tablespoon of molasses to 1 cup of sugar. Agave nectar may substituted for part or all of the sugars or liquid sweeteners in many recipes. It has great health benefits (loaded with chlorophyll, enzymes, minerals and proteins), a super low Glycemic Index, and contains only 15% natural sugars!
Without getting into the very complex biochemistry of carbohydrate metabolism, it is important to understand some differences about how your body handles glucose versus fructose.
Evaporated cane juice and other less refined sugars have a warmer, richer flavor profile that a lot of people enjoy. Cane sugar is also preferred to beet sugar as it melts easily, tastes better and is the only source of naturally brown sugar.
In other words, use of artificial sweeteners can make you shun healthy, filling, and highly nutritious foods while consuming more artificially flavored foods with less nutritional value. Though pure cane sugar is often recommended over pure beet or blended sugar (which is usually labeled simply as a€?sugara€?) based on the perception that it tastes better to the birds, it takes sophisticated testing for food scientists to distinguish between them. Rey, who was born on a cane island, Taiwan and had spent time in Cuba, says the Cubans are crazy for the stuff and that "guarapo" (fresh cane juice) is a lifestyle, a daily ritual there. In part 2 of Sugars Best to Worst I share a list of the sweeteners I recommend and where you can buy natural sweeteners online. In this part 1 conclusion, I recommend any of the natural or organic sweeteners on the good list and none of those on the bad list.
Unfortunately for those of us who try to shop green, organic sugar is typically not fully refined to pure sucrose, so it’s not safe. Sugar-containing foods in their natural form, whole fruit, for example, tend to be highly nutritiousa€”nutrient-dense, high in fiber, and low in glycemic load.

Turbinado, organic regular cane sugar (this one is a little better because organic has no GMOs from the sugar beets) , evaporated cane juice. We have learned that red meat is an important part of Paleo because of the nutritional contents it has. Sweeteners derived from cane sugar can overly stress the pancreas as the glycemic index of these sweeteners is high compared with coconut sugar. Coconut sugar is much more versatile and is easily substituted for cane sugar in baking recipes 1: 1 which is why I find it a practical as well as a healthy choice. And yet coconuts are NOT only found in the Philippines, but in nine other major producing countries as well. The natural sweetener is valued as a vegan alternative to honey and touted for its low glycemic index.
Foods with a higher glycemic index (GI) tend to trigger a greater surge in blood sugar and insulina€”the hormone that helps the sugar get into cellsa€”just after eating. Currently no studies compare how, relative to other sugars, agave may affect blood-sugar control. There are several other types of sugars and sweeteners out there, but they are not at all recommended for kombucha making. Pure coconut palm sugar is a natural product made from the nectar of the coconut palm tree. Honey, Sugar, Molasses, Agave, Stevia & Other Natural Sweeteners: Which Are Actually Good for You?
Most of the a€?palm sugara€? commonly sold in Asian markets is not pure coconut palm sugar but is blended with other fillers such as white cane sugar. Substitute coconut palm sugar for traditional sugar at a 1: 1 ratio in normal cooking and baking. Coca Cola, part of the group trying to suppress stevia at that time ironically has now asked the FDA to approve it for use in their Diet Coke.
Sucrose from sugar cane or sugar beets has been a part of the human diet for centuries; sucrose from fruit or honey has been a part of the human diet for millennia. Cane sugar, xylitol, aspartame, sucralose, Stevia, HFCS, coconut sugar, and maple syrup oh my!
In Part 1 you will find info on sugar and caloric sugar alternatives, but first some background and terminology. A recent study found that rats being fed water sweetened with HFCS gained more weight and exhibited negative metabolic outcomes versus rats fed water sweetened with sucrose and given the exact same number of calories. To substitute in baking with date syrup, use it in equal parts to honey, brown rice syrup, maple syrup, agave nectar, or molasses. A glut of new sugar substitutes and artificial sweeteners can cause confusion for the health-conscious coffee drinker.
Finally, bottom line, for sweetening coffee, what do you recommend: cane sugar or alternative sweeteners?
What’s the nutrition in unrefined, dehydrated whole cane sugars like sucanat and rapadura? To produce Wholesome Sweeteners Fair Trade Organic Sucanat (SUgar CAne NATural) , cane syrup is poured into a vat and hand-paddled to add air.

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