Genetics experts announce the discovery of a regulatory master gene, that is involved in underlying the development of type II diabetes, and also in controlling and supervising the behavior of numerous other genes, that act within fat cells in the human body. This finding indicates a possible new target of treatment in addressing obesity, and the diseases that come with it. The gene the new research focused on controls type 2 diabetes and cholesterol levels, explain researchers from the University of Oxford and the King's College London, in the United Kingdom. Details of the new investigation appear in the May 15 online issue of the esteemed scientific publication Nature Genetics, Science Blog reports. Aside from the executive health screening offered by employers, every woman should undergo a series of screening tests that are especially designed for the health demands of women.
According to Singapore medical experts, more and more women die because of breast cancer each year.
Pap test, or also known as or a pap smear, is among the most important health screening tests for all women age 21 and above.
Though women are known to be overly-conscious to sun exposure, skin cancer screening is still required to ensure good health of the skin. Women are less active than men, making them prone to excessive storage of fats and cholesterol. Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) can harm a person’s body by rapidly destroying healthy blood cells that are responsible in fighting diseases. Previous studies have demonstrated that the disorder increases risks for the development of other afflictions.

This is why obesity is considered to be such a massive public health problem, especially in the United States. Under these circumstances, the costs associated with treating possible complications and associated disorders exceed several tens of billions of dollars annually.
Women have different health requirements from men; therefore, it is of great importance to not just settle for the generic type of health screening package when aiming to have a more comprehensive health assessment.
The causes of such disease have not yet fully understood, but are believed to be a result of hormonal imbalance and genetic makeup. Even those sexually active women below 21 years old need to undergo Pap test within three years from the first sexual intercourse.
Excessive amount of cholesterol in the body is certainly not good, as it can cause diabetes, heart disease, and stroke.
Some patients diagnosed with ailment may appear healthy for the first few years of the disease, but will eventually deteriorate as the virus eats up the remaining healthy cells of the body. However, keep in mind that health screenings cannot cure diseases, but is greatly helpful in creating ways on how to cure certain illnesses. If symptoms of breast cancer are detected and treated early, lesser chances for the infected cells to spread to other organs like lungs and brain, and patient would have higher chances of surviving from the ailment. In countries like Singapore, the excessive heat of the sun can discreetly develop a skin disease and dangerously affect the person’s health. Every woman should regularly go for a cholesterol level screening at least every four years.

By undergoing HIV health screening regularly, any signs of this disease will be treated and may give a diagnosed patient an opportunity to live a normal life again.
But sheer, as spy app for iphone distributing in and fabulous for eventually iphone spy software a. Here’s the list of the most recommended health screening tests that every Singapore women should regularly have.
If not treated immediately, the cancer cells will attack the normal cells and surrounding tissues in the cervix, and will eventually spread throughout the body. In order to prevent these circumstances from happening, regular health screening for skin cancer will help detect and treat symptoms of this skin malignancy. But for women with higher risk factors, like medical or family history of heart disease, it is strongly recommended to undergo cholesterol screening every two years.
Fortunately, FDA has already ratified a vaccine against cervical cancer that gives body immunity to HPV virus, the cervical cancer-causing virus.

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