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Although we do not know how much the FBG and PPG contribute to the total A1C, both are likely important to achieving glucose goals.
Lowering weight, eating a well-balanced diet and doing regular aerobic activity can also help reduce blood fat levels.
Since smoking can increase blood pressure, decrease the good cholesterol (HDL) and add other risks, quitting is essential for those with diabetes (as well as those without it). Learning the ABCs of diabetes management can help you avoid troubling and severe complications that can arise from diabetes. It helps to check blood glucose levels using a meter at home both before meals and two hours afterwards.

Several clinical trials have studied the effect of lowering A1C on the development of diabetes-related complications. Lifestyle changes to lower blood pressure include maintaining a healthy weight while limiting sodium and alcohol and quitting smoking. Your physician can prescribe various combinations of one or more medications to help you reach your target goal. If these lifestyle changes do not bring the desired results, your doctor will prescribe medication to lower cholesterol levels. This complication is taking a huge toll on those with diabetes, though many are unaware of it. Research shows even small decreases in blood glucose, blood pressure and cholesterol can lead to a longer life with fewer diabetes-related complications. In each study, lowering A1C by one to two percent significantly decreased kidney, eye and nerve damage. For people with both diabetes and high blood pressure, the risk of heart disease is doubled. Over time, high blood glucose can damage many organs, particularly the kidneys, eyes, nerves, heart and blood vessels. Effective diabetes treatment involves lowering blood glucose levels to as close to normal as possible. As well, while LDL may be at a normal level, it can stick to arteries and damage blood ves sels more easily. People with dia betes also often have higher trigylceride (another kind of blood fat) levels. A1C gives a measure of both fasting blood glucose (FBG) and postprandial glucose (PPG), the glucose level one to two hours after eating.

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