Physicians at TriStar Summit Medical Center are utilizing the Medtronic iPro™ CGM, a continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) system designed to help improve diabetes management. For more information about the iPro or diabetes management at TriStar Summit, please call (615) 316-3800.
Aaron and I were at a friend's post-wedding soiree (they got hitched in Vegas - photos looked beautiful!
I knew very well that it was possible - likely, even - I'd get questions about "that thing on my arm", and I felt prepared and okay with that.
So there I am, plate in hand and spooning up some watermelon, when I feel something nudging my Dexcom sensor. For the best web experience, upgrade to the latest version of Internet Explorer or try one of these alternatives: Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari.

These excursions can often go unnoticed with traditional A1C tests and standard glucose meters. If any medical professional out there wants to know what being involved with a community of fellow patients does for someone with diabetes, here's one thing: because I have read the experiences of others who have worn their CGMs out in the open, I felt confident in trying it myself. Insights provided by iPro can lead to therapy decisions that can result in better glucose control.
I was actually wearing the dress in the photo to the right there, so my Dexcom sensor was fully visible on the back of my arm. I didn't really feel ashamed or skittish either - in fact, I think I might have walked a little taller with that CGM sensor out in the open air.
But I do know that this situation didn't bother me nearly as much as it might have before I found the diabetes online community.

Good glucose control can reduce the risk of diabetes complications including blindness, kidney failure, amputation and heart disease.
Primarily because, even as it was happening, I knew that I'd have a story to share with people who could laugh at it right along with me.
A lady who was old enough to be my mother - and therefore, old enough to know better, I'd think. Having a support system of fellow patients helps me feel more confident in doing what I need to do in order to be healthy, and that's a great thing.

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