Blood sugar imbalances are associated with a host of symptoms and health problems, including type II diabetes, unexplained fatigue, extra weight around the middle and mood disturbances. One of the reasons for the rampant rise in type-2 diabetes is that the range for normal blood sugar is too high (1). Start by checking your blood sugar with a glucometer for at least a few days and under different conditions. If you’re only going to do one thing, then make sure to eat some protein at breakfast every morning. Some other ideas for a protein breakfast include: eggs (poached, scrambled, fried or in an omelette), a nut milk smoothie with berries and hemp seeds, fish, sprouted bread with nut butter, grilled tempeh, and leafy greens - sauteed or in a smoothie.
If you’re eating well, but under a lot of emotional stress, it may cause high blood sugar. If your blood sugar is higher than the ideal numbers I mention above, there are supplements you can take that really help control blood sugar while you’re upgrading your diet.
When you are stressed, the excess cortisol produced by the body is designed to help you run away from the threat! If you’re going to eat sugar, just be sure to eat some protein and add lots of salad, green vegetables, beans, and other low glycemic foods to the mix.
Hungry For Change Mastery features the remarkable transformational stories of those that know what it's like to be overweight and sick and have been able to turn their life around. The information provided herein should not be used during any medical emergency or for the diagnosis or treatment of any medical condition.
Nuts have been promoted as heart healthy because eating them can lower triglycerides and cholesterol but many of us tend to avoid them because we don’t want to gain weight due to the high fat content in nuts.
Knowing how often you should have your triglycerides checked is an important step in monitoring your overall health and wellness.
Getting abnormal results on your lipid panel should be a wake-up call that you are headed down the road to heart disease, diabetes, strokes and other dangerous health issues.
Triglycerides + MoreA triglyceride is an ester that is derived from glycerol and three fatty acids. Unlike previously available bioelectric sensors which were too big, too imprecise and consumed too much power, the new biosensor developed by researchers at the Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronic Circuits and Systems (Fraunhofer IMS) in Duisburg is much smaller and more durable. The principle of measurement involves an electrochemical reaction that is activated with the aid of an enzyme. The glucose sensor is engineered by the researchers at NovioSense BV, and it can be mass produced in a cost-effective way. The system also consumes less power than previously used systems (less than 100 microamperes instead about 500 microamperes at five volts), thus enabling the patient to wear the sensor for weeks, or even months.
Aside getting rid of needles in glucose monitoring, the researchers from Fraunhofer IMS envision that their system could be used to control an implanted miniature pump that can inject proper amounts of insulin according to the measured glucose levels. Their company is in Netherlands, and you can contact NovioSense BV by filling the form at this page.
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If you’re trying to lose weight, or just looking to eat less (to save money and give your digestive system a break), there are some excellent habits to pick up, and certain foods to eat that suppress hunger over a longer period of time than others.

The mint family has long been used in traditional medicine as calmative agents; inhaling mint quiets the mind and belly.
Spices have been undervalued in societies that promote (and so, crave), excessive sodium and sugar.
To the many health benefits of staying hydrated, add suppressing appetite.  If you drink an eight-ounce (or more) glass of water before a meal, your stomach will begin to feel full much faster, and send the satiation signal to your brain sooner. Similar to eggs, foods with lean protein (poultry, fish, lean meats) take a long time to digest, maintaining a feeling of satiety. And I know these changes require commitment and discipline, which isn’t too appealing. Get the full behind-the-scenes stories and find out what they did and let them show you how you can regain total freedom around food so you never have to battle mentally or physically with what you eat again.
Rennert, MD, Chief of Endocrinology & Diabetes, Norwalk Hospital, Associate Clinical Professor of Medicine, Yale University School of Medicine, New Haven, CT.
A licensed medical professional should be consulted for diagnosis and treatment of any and all medical conditions. Checking your triglycerides, cholesterol and blood sugar routinely can help to catch problems early on. Learn more about high triglycerides and high cholesterol and what you can do to correct the levels from our readers’ questions below.
There are various less invasive solutions under development which could be used to avoid this unpleasant task, and researchers from Fraunhofer Institute recently presented their solution in a form of a biosensor developed in cooperation with researchers from a Dutch medical technology firm NovioSense BV.
Glucose oxidase converts glucose into hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and other chemicals whose concentration can be measured with a potentiostat. It is a non-invasive, wireless sensor able to send and receive data packages to devices such as smart phones. After the stomach has been stretched from eating, it sends a signal to the brain, communicating that you’ve had enough.
Fiber digests very slowly, staying in the stomach longer than other carbohydrates, making you feel full for hours. They also contain pectin, which prevents the blood sugar spikes that trigger hunger attacks. As an appetite suppressant, consider this: a half-cup of rolled oats has five grams of fiber. Although an egg is higher in calories than a slice of toast, the protein in the egg sustains you much longer into the day than just carbohydrates, or fruits (their sugars burn off rather quickly). But besides adding delicate flavor to meals, spices help maintain the feeling of fullness longer after eating, and they speed up the metabolism.
Drinking water in between meals, instead of mindlessly snacking, works for many people; throw in a slice of lemon for a little flavor. It influences norepinephrine and dopamine, hormones that activate the sympathetic nervous system, decreasing the desire to eat (by increasing other pleasure centers). If you eat a few leaves of spinach before a meal, (in a salad or by themselves), you won’t eat as much of the dinner to follow. Now that I’ve shared this important information, I also want to offer ways for you to solve the puzzle.
If you’re in a rush, then a low-glycemic shake with protein, such as the Superfood Protein Blend is a good start.

Since stress releases cortisol, and cortisol spikes blood sugar, you will find that undue emotional stress will spike your blood sugar. As an added bonus, over time, those with the stable blood sugar are the ones who lose their excess belly fat, too! Links to other sites are provided for information only -- they do not constitute endorsements of those other sites.
Another benefit of its wireless property is the fact it can be supplied with power through radio frequency. But if a piece of chocolate cake is placed in front of you before that happens, the signal won’t get through.
A quarter cup of almonds contains four grams of fiber, and it’s good for whitening your teeth too. Beyond this, oatmeal increases the level of cholecystokinin—an appetite-regulating hormone—in the body, stabilizing hunger. To cut back on between meal snacking, suck on a low sugar mint (it seems to work even better after a cup of coffee—double the hunger killer). One study found that people consumed 60 fewer calories (and burned 10 extra ones) when they added cayenne pepper to a bowl of soup.
While it’s not practical to eat lean protein three times a day, it makes sense to include it in lunch or an early dinner—you’ll be unlikely to snack afterwards.
Chewing spinach or kale takes time (and it burns calories), giving your stomach space to contact your brain. And incorporating even half of these tips will help you set the stage for better health on many levels. It is possible for your blood sugar to go too low, however, especially with insulin or certain diabetes pills. Low blood sugar, known as hypoglycemia, can occur as a result of treating your diabetes with insulin or certain pilss (those that cause extra insulin to be released). Aside a nanopotentiostat, the chip developed by Fraunhofer researchers has a whole diagnostic system and its dimensions are just 0.5 x 2 millimetres.
Or, dab a few drops of peppermint essential oil on your hand, in the webbing next to your thumb (a nervous center hotspot). It is very important to avoid low blood sugar, if possible, and to know how to treat it if it occurs.
Eckman, MD, Division of Endocrinology and Metabolism, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Baltimore, MD. Besides the goodies in the spinach, blending mixes air in, which also tricks your stomach into feeling full.
You will be amazed at how effectively this quells the urge to reach for a candy bar or a donut. Chewing thoroughly makes food easier for the stomach to break down (decreasing stomachaches), and allowing more time for the signal of satiation to get through.
Eat one of the following sugar-containing foods, which will provide you with about 15 grams of carbohydrate: 3 glucose tablets Half cup (4 ounces) of fruit juice or regular soda 6 or 7 hard candies 1 tablespoon of sugarWait about 15 minutes for the sugar to get into your blood, then check your blood sugar.
Examples include either cheese and crackers or a glass of milk.This combination of steps will almost always bring your blood sugar into the safe range.

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